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My baskets with strips

If you need a fast, tasty and nutritious snack during the pause to eat, pass by KFC. They offer some great selections that will help you fight hunger and keep you with energy for more. My baskets and stripes, for example, will surely delight your palate and put it in a good mood.

This set comes with three tender chicken strips. It is a fried white bird dish in a characteristic empanado, made according to the secret recipe of Colonel Sanders. The 11 herbs and secret spices give the strips a unique flavor profile that can lead to a gastronomic paradise. Together with the strips, Baskett serves a standard batch of fried potatoes, which everyone worships for their satisfactory crunch, its attractive appearance and its unforgettable flavor.

Both dishes can be even more beautiful if they complement each other with an adequate sauce, which can be chosen from the KFC menu.

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