Original BoxMaster – KFC JM

Original BoxMaster

If hunger has completely taken over you, hurry to your nearest KFC restaurant to get the original BoxMaster. Why pick it up? Because it perfectly copes with even the strongest hunger, gives a huge boost of energy and good mood.

Inside the appetizing wheat flatbread is a tender fried chicken fillet in a crispy golden breading, along with a hashbrown potato fritter. However, the composition of the dish is not limited to this, because how can you do without succulent fresh vegetables. There are chunks of ripe tomato, complemented by curly green iceberg lettuce leaves. But that is not all. Between the chicken and the fries comes a delicious slice of melted cheese, and you can also taste the delicate sauce that combines all the components in a gastronomic whole.

If you opt for the BoxMaster with a side of French fries or potato wedges, hunger won’t stand a chance of giving you the slightest bit of discomfort. But don’t forget to be thirsty either. Order your favorite drink from the restaurant’s menu so that your desire for something tasty doesn’t ruin your snack.

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