Original Twister Deluxe – KFC JM

Original Twister Deluxe

KFC restaurants make great sandwiches on delicious wheat tortillas. One of them is the Twister De Luxe Original. It copes with hunger, tastes good and causes a lot of positive emotions.

Tender chicken strips breaded in an original way, fried to a delicious golden crust, comfortably encased in a thin wheat tortilla. Next to the chicken are aromatic slices of bacon, a slice of melted cheese, sliced onions and spicy pickles. To add freshness and wholesomeness to the dish, curly green iceberg lettuce leaves are added. There’s also a tomato ketchup and mustard topping, which makes the Twister De Luxe juicier and more satisfying.

The Twister De Luxe is great as a stand-alone dish, but it also goes well with chips or a decoupage. Buy a hot or cold beverage to go with the sandwich and quench your thirst after snack time.

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