Pepsi/Mirinda/7up Baby 0.3 l – KFC MY

pepsi 05

Choose one of the three known flavors: the classic carbonated drink of Pepsi, Mirinda orange acid or the recognizable refreshing flavor of 7up.A ration of 0.3 L for your child or as part of a combined game will help you face thirst after spices and spicy aromas that marin and cook the appetizing Saunders chicken.

Pepsi/Mirinda/7up Baby 0.3 l

The weight is 300g.

Per 100g.

On the plate

Calories46 kcal138 kcal
Protein0 г0 г
Fats0 г0 г
Carbohydrates11.3 g.33.9 g.

*Weights and energy and nutritional information can vary from a restaurant chain to another and occasional changes in the composition and formulation of products without prior notice are allowed.

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