Pepsi/Mirinda/7Up Small 0.4 l – KFC MY

pepsi 05

A small 0.4 liter portion of any soft drink of your choice.Grab the familiar Pepsi from childhood, enjoy the fresh orange flavor of a Mirinda, or try the refreshing 7Up. Either drink will easily quench your thirst, even after KFC’s spicier meals, be it spicy wings or mouthwatering legs.

Pepsi/Mirinda/7Up Small 0.4 l

The weight is 400g.

Per 100g.

On the plate

caloric value46 calories184 calories
Protein0 g.0 g.
fats0 g.0 g.
carbohydrates11.3 g.45.2 g

*Weights and energy and nutritional information may vary from one restaurant chain to another and occasional changes in product composition and formulation are permitted without notice.

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