Pesto burger – KFC JM

Pesto burger

Did you know that KFC restaurants have a piece of Italy? If you want to try it, ask for the pesto burger. This appetizing dish will give you a lot of pleasure, and will also satisfy your hunger.

On the soft bun that is the base of the sandwich, you’ll find the signature fried chicken fillet with a golden crust and crispy breading. The chicken, as always, is tender and juicy. There’s also a slice of soft melted cheese along with slices of juicy ripe tomatoes and sliced ​​iceberg lettuce. Pickled onion pieces add a special flavor nuance.

The combination of ingredients makes the burger incredibly tasty, but it’s the pesto sauce that makes it all the more important. It’s what makes it incredibly succulent, as well as tying this composition into a whole with exquisite flavor notes.

Enjoy the pesto burger at KFC restaurants and remember that any meal tastes better with a side of golden fries and your favorite hot or cold beverage.

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