Pita Sanders – KFC JM

Pita Sanders

At KFC you will not only find tasty hamburgers, but also appetizing sandwiches. They are also sandwiches, but they have wheat tortillas instead of puffed buns. When you’re at your favorite KFC restaurant, be sure to try one of these dishes called Sanders Pita. Surely it will not leave you indifferent and you will have a lot of fun.

The soft flatbread is like a warm, fluffy blanket wrapped in a rich filling of perfectly blended ingredients. Between them are two juicy strips in a crispy breading, which are fried to a nice golden crust. In addition, fresh ripe tomato slices, chopped onion and green salad leaves are added to the sandwich. All the ingredients come together with a perfect dressing, which is a Caesar sauce.

The Sanders Pita is ideal to accompany fries or chicken appetizers such as Bites or wings. Also, don’t forget to order your favorite drink to go with the sandwich and help quench your thirst.

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