S-baskets – KFC JM


Do you like to munch on delicious KFC chicken wings?Would you like to eat them to taste and enjoy them to the fullest?Then just order the Cestas S. It comes with 12 wings at a time, and they can all be yours at a very attractive price.

The small pieces of tender, single-phalanx chicken are breaded in a special mixture, prepared according to a secret recipe with 11 herbs and spices. The breading of the wings is spicy, that’s why they come out so spicy and even spicy. The dish is then fried, taking on an attractive golden hue and a satisfying crunch in the mouth. The wings are then wrapped in the basket’s special wrapper and rushed to the table for the restaurant’s diners.

The dish pairs perfectly with French fries, as well as almost every sauce on the KFC menu. These additions will make your snack even more delicious, filling and nutritious.

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