Spicy Box Master – KFC JM

Spicy Box Master

If you’re really hungry and need a hearty, nutritious and tasty meal, head to your nearest KFC restaurant. They make some amazing spicy BoxMasters that are perfect for those who love savory food sensations.

The heart of the dish is a deliciously thin wheat flatbread, which is filled with a variety of ingredients that work perfectly together. In this case, the red potatoes are found next to the tender chicken fillet, toasted in a special breading until golden and crispy. A delicious slice of melted cheese joined this warm company, along with juicy slices of ripe tomato and iceberg lettuce leaves. The spicy BoxMaster was not made without a wonderful melt-in-your-mouth sauce, which gives the dish an unrivaled succulence.

Reduce your hunger to zero by combining BoxMaster with potato slices or thin fries. And don’t forget your favorite drink, hot or cold, because you’re still thirsty!

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