Spicy twister – KFC JM

Spicy twister

Would you like to try a tasty KFC twist sandwich?Would you like to feel that burst of pleasure from a delicious and nutritious snack?And feel the subtle salty notes of the star dish?Then be sure to grab a Spicy Twister at one of Colonel Sanders’ restaurants.

The thin and very tender wheat flatbread wraps like a blanket around a delicious chicken fillet breaded in crispy breadcrumbs and fried to a golden crust. Ripe red tomato slices and curly sliced iceberg lettuce accompany the juicy chicken. The composition is completed with a very delicate sauce that makes the dish not only juicy, but also provides a special flavor.

The Spicy Twister can be served with french fries or country fries and any hot or cold beverage from the KFC menu.

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