Strawberry donut – KFC JM

Strawberry donut

Do you like to eat the delicious delicacies of a KFC restaurant?Then don’t miss the Strawberry Donut. This dessert is designed to give joy and gastronomic pleasure.

Its incredibly delicate and fluffy dough will win you over from the first bite, while the strawberry filling will give it a bright sweet and sour note. You will be able to feel the taste of a sunny summer even in the middle of winter. The appearance of the dessert deserves special attention. The donut is generously coated with fancy pink icing and festively decorated with glittery sprinkles. It is a very attractive gift.

The donut is packaged in a very neat bag that makes it easy to carry, put it in your bag or pocket and not have to worry about dirtying your personal belongings. Enjoy a KFC Strawberry Donut with your favorite beverage.

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