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Teriyaki salad

Many people believe that in fast food restaurants there are no healthy snacks. But this belief is wrong. In KFC, for example, you can ask for an appetizing Teriyaki salad. How can you benefit from this dish? Let’s find out below.

The main ingredient of the salad is the appetizing mouths of polls, prepared according to the secret recipe of Colonel Sanders of “11 herbs and spices”. Probably everyone knows that white bird meat is a valuable source of protein, which are essential to keep our muscles in shape. And on this dish there is a lot of that. In addition, the salad is full of vegetables: pieces of mature red tomatoes and newly cut iceberg lettuce leaves, vitamins, minerals and fiber that help the body clean from harmful substances.

The dressing is a delicious thick teriyaki sauce, which comes to us from Asian cuisine. It gives the salad a special, sweet and salty flavor, which is enhanced 100% when combined with white sesame seeds.

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