The deluxe spicy burger – KFC JM

The deluxe spicy burger

KFC burgers are a treat in their own right. For example, the De Luxe Spicy Chefburger, which will not leave any lover of salty food indifferent. It is made with the best ingredients that work perfectly together. This makes it an incomparable gastronomic delight.

The black and white sesame seed bun is topped with a delicious chicken fillet, toasted in our special spicy breading until golden brown and crispy. A delicate slice of cheese adds a special dairy flavor to the burger, while the aromatic bacon makes it even more nutritious and satisfying. Pickled cucumbers, sliced ​​onions, and curly iceberg lettuce leaves are also part of the mix. As a final touch, the burger is covered with burger sauce, which gives it extra juiciness.

Complete this burger with a side of fries and your favorite drink for an even more satisfying experience.

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