Twister Combo – KFC MY

kombo twister

Order the Combo and pay less! Get a set, which in addition to the Twister with a juicy spicy Sanders chicken also includes a standard portion of chips and a 0.3 liter tea or a 0.5 liter carbonated drink. You can drink black or green tea, as well as Pepsi, 7Up or Mirinda.

Twister Combo

Per 100g.

Per portion

caloric content124 calories1009 calories
Protein3 g.24 g.
fats4.6 g37 g.
carbohydrates17.4 g141 g.

*The weights and energy and nutritional information have been calculated for the Combo with 0.5l of carbonated drink and may vary depending on the restaurant chain, occasional changes in the composition and formulation of the product are also allowed without prior notice.

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