Twister Junior – KFC JM

Twister Junior

Do you need a good option for a hearty and tasty snack?Then head to your nearest KFC restaurant for a Twister Junior. It brings together the best ingredients that complement each other perfectly and form a unique gastronomic ensemble.

An appetizing cheesy wheat tortilla, gently wrapped with two tender chicken strips, breaded in crispy breadcrumbs and fried to a nice golden crust. The chicken is complemented by spicy pickles, sliced onions and fresh green salad leaves, as well as a slice of melted soft cheese. Ketchup and hot mustard are used as a condiment for Twister Junior, giving the dish a very special and rich flavor.

The Twister Junior is even tastier when accompanied by a side of fries, and don’t forget to order your favorite drink from the KFC menu to quench your thirst.

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