5 supposedly unhealthy foods and their real benefits

In his kitchen he has many foods whose health benefits we simply have no idea. Discounted by popular myths, we refuse to eat healthy foods, which is a mistake. Almost no one realizes that among these apparently normal foods are true heroes. His contribution to health is difficult to overestimate.

Nutritionists have been trying to determine the causes of the diseases that people face. Like judges, sometimes they make the mistake of blaming innocent foods for terrible crimes against the body. Consumers study hundreds of reports on the alleged notice of the foods that are discussed below and, acting in their own damage, eliminate them from the diet. You must be a defender of your favorite foods and disassemble the myths about some of them presenting their benefits so you can eat them without regrets.

Tuna: harmful or healthy?

Many people are advisable to eat this fish because it can supposedly contain heavy metals and toxins.

And indeed, cultivated tuna, for example, in Vietnam is harmful. Leave much to be desired because there the rules are much less strict. The breeders, hoping to obtain a rapid benefit, fill the poor fish of antibiotics and hormones and keep them in dense, dirty and little oxygenated reservoirs. When the fish are exhausted or die, they produce a meat that at first glance seems tasty and healthy. Buyers then open a can of sweets, without knowing the danger that stalks in that meat.

Indeed, each person is different, so that someone of small complexion can make 3 meals of 6 eggs, while someone bigger and corpulent would prefer to eat them all at once. It is nonsense to establish a maximum universal consumption of eggs a week. Scientists have carried out several studies and the results do not show any increase in cholesterol levels after a diet based on eggs and, nevertheless, many people are still convinced that they are harmful. The yolk, meanwhile, has a high lecithin content. It is an antioxidant with wide activity in the body. First, it reduces cholesterol, which we fear so much in eggs. Secondly, the lecithin intervenes in metabolism, is a component of brain neurons and a stomach protective barrier.

Eggs are also a source of vitamins A, E, D and K, as well as B2 and B12. In addition, they contain potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, iron and zinc. Another “magical” compound of the yolk is lutein, a compound that protects the eyes of radiation and improves vision. Diet girls also love eggs because they are easy to digest and contain few calories. A medium egg only has 75 kcal.


25% of adults do not tolerate milk lactose. However, if you don’t tolerate lactose, it is not clear why you should leave milk. It is possible that you have heard that casein, milk protein, is not necessary for humans because it is used to create horns and hooves on calves. It is a fun rumor spread a long time ago by an incompetent scientist.

Human milk has a composition similar to cow’s milk and also contains casein protein, although in lower quantity.

About amino acids

Proteins break down in amino acids during digestion. There are 20 basic amino acids, which are essential for human regeneration and growth. Casein is an animal protein that contains a set of them, so during digestion the organism acquires the necessary “bricks” from which any human cell can build. The milk protein has different digestion times, which allows you to continuously supply nutrients to your body.

Another weak argument to give up milk is the fact that only humans take it after childhood. Even so, the opinion that milk is harmful is unnatural, since we are the only animals that we do not reject milk after the end of childhood. However, it should be noted that humans, unlike animals, use soap, wipes or toothbrushes, which no one considers unnatural and unhealthy. We are a superior species and, therefore, we behave differently from animals. The last wrong reason why milk should be bad is the opinion that it causes swelling and constipation. But it is a substitution of concepts, because only people diagnosed with lactose intolerance react badly to milk consumption. The stomach of most of us is adapted to digest milk and does not feel any discomfort after taking it. Stomach ulcer patients base their diet on dairy products because they relieve pain. Doesn’t this talk about the benefits of milk? It is best to drink milk with two percent fat, because vitamins A, D, E and K. dissolved. In addition, dairy products are one of the best calcium sources, so they prevent osteoporosis and ensure growthChildren’s bone.

Red meat

Hundreds, if not thousands, de Odoptes have hooked on the vegetarian diet after reading about the inconveniences of red meat. First, it is believed that it causes an increase in cholesterol levels. This is true, although it must be taken into account that it is not the meat in itself responsible for the fastest intake of this harmful compound, but the trans fats that are also found in prepared foods, margarine or sweets.

The meat is not to blame for the overweight because, like the three foods mentioned, it is an excellent source of protein.

You may have been surprised to find such respectable and innocent food group on this list. Who in their right mind would not recommend eating fruit? Well, those voices are heard more and more frequently. And they usually go to people who want to lose weight.

Fruits contain a lot of sugar and that is why many argue that they must be removed from the diet. After watching foreign films where a housewife puts a couple of oranges in the blender in the morning and drinking such shake in a jiffy, we do the same, but we immediately realize that it is a very aggressive substrate forThe stomach, and all we have to do is remember to add a lot of water to such a shake. Therefore, some doctors suggest passing vegetables. But do not the nutritionists know, who recommend eating only vegetables, that fruit contains many other compounds that are not found in any other vegetables? Do you know that most fruits have a lower glycemic index than bread, beer or pasta?

The glycemic index is a measure of the speed at which food energy is absorbed. The lower the value of the IG, the better, because it means liberation of glucose. Few fruits have a high IG and, therefore, can contribute to obesity due to rapid insulin increases.

In addition, all fruits contain a series of specialized antioxidants that prevent cancer, rejuvenate and revitalize the body.

What is the result of our defense?

There is no reason to put any food with the words “not recommended.”Each is different, so it is important to eat varied foods to obtain from them all the nutrients that the body needs. A varied diet is the key to health. Only then do you make sure to obtain the vitamins and micronutrients you need to live.

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