What is the usefulness of the Cornejo compote

The benefits of the cornejo or cornejo compote are indispensable for the human body. The fruit of this bush has a rich medicinal composition. Ecological products based on these berries are widely used in popular medicine for the recovery of the organism.

The boiled turba compote absorbs 70% of useful trace elements. The use of such beverage will help restore health and strengthen the immune system.

Chemical composition and caloric content of the Cornejo Compote

The composition of this drink contains a large number of useful substances, vitamins. Chemical components of the compote

  • Malic acid;
  • magnesium;
  • match;
  • iron;
  • sodium;
  • sulfur;
  • potassium;
  • zinc;
  • disaccharides;
  • Vitamins A, C and PP;
  • selenium;
  • pectins;
  • food fibers.

100 ml of this broth only contain 15 kcal if sugar is not added. However, berries contain a lot of vitamin C, so compote is very acidic. A cup of sugar is added for every 1. 5 liters of water. This increases caloric content. An average of 60-70 kilocalories per 100 ml.


Cornejo compote that is useful, this issue interests many people who have just discovered their properties.

The benefits of .

From ancient times, the properties of these berries were discovered by the healers. They prescribed it for the treatment of various diseases. The drink and its usefulness:

  1. Eliminates a diarrhea attack.
  2. Normalizes the work of the pancreas.
  3. Increase enzyme secretion.
  4. Increase appetite.
  5. Stabilizes the blood flow of the blood vessels of the brain.
  6. It favors the healing of inflammations.
  7. Reinforces the tone of the walls of the blood vessels.
  8. Dilute the blood, which prevents the formation of clots.
  9. Normalize digestive processes.
  10. It helps to get rid of diases and skin rashes.

The mob of peat improves the health of the organism as a whole. Decoction of these berries is widely used in medicine, cosmetology. A rich and diverse composition helps improve the functioning of all internal organs and systems.

The damages and contraindications of the Cornejo Compote

Despite the large number of positive effects on human health, Cornejo’s compote has some contraindications:

  1. Individual intolerance to its components.
  2. Allergic reaction.
  3. Increase in the excitability of neurons.
  4. Insomnia and various sleep disorders.
  5. Chronic constipation and digestive problems.
  6. Increased stomach acidity.
  7. Chronic and acute gastritis.
  8. Frequent hemorrhages and coagulation disorders.

Special uses

Cornflower compote and its beneficial properties are indispensable for the human body. It enriches with all the necessary minerals and helps to recover from diseases. Often acts as a prophylactic for many diseases.

in folk medicine

Cornelian compote is widespread in folk medicine. Many herbalists recommend drinking it, especially in the high season and the collection of these berries. The raw material can be collected for the winter and maintain health throughout the year.

for diarrhea

Stomach upset is a punctual and chronic condition. It occurs due to an increase in the secretion of enzymes by the walls of the stomach. It is the body’s way of protecting itself against infections, rotoviruses, and food poisoning.

Children and adults often suffer from this problem. A mild decoction is suitable for treatment. 30 g of berries are poured into boiled water and boiled for half an hour. The decoction is drunk during the day. The state of the organism improves considerably, since the herb has a binding effect.


Women after childbirth and people with a sedentary life often have hemorrhoids. The blood circulation in the walls of the sphincter of the anus is affected, and the knots come off. In advanced stages, sections of the intestine may fall out.

For treatment will need a concentrated compote. To do this, 100 g of berries with seeds are crushed in a blender. The resulting pulp pour 1 liter of boiling water. Insist in a thermos for 12 hours. Soak a cotton swab in the infusion and insert it into the anus at night. Also drink half a glass of the drink three times a day.

Its high vitamin C content strengthens the walls of the sphincter vessels. The number of hemorrhoidal attacks is reduced.

as a tonic

Grass berries have antioxidant properties. Its decoction or compote is excellent for toning the skin of the face and body. It becomes flexible, hydrated and purified. Its high vitamin content contributes to this effect.

The solution is used topically for skin care. A concentrated decoction is prepared, added to the bath and left to soak for 20 minutes. The infusion is also used to cleanse the face. Useful trace elements are quickly absorbed through the skin and penetrate inside.

for poisoning

Sugar-free dogwood compote helps improve the state of the body in case of poisoning. People experience dizziness, constant nausea, vomiting, body temperature may rise. The body becomes dehydrated and loses a lot of fluid. The lack of water must be replenished as soon as possible.

A soft solution is prepared to relieve the condition. 30 g of berries are boiled in 1 liter of water. It is allowed to cool and drinks the patient. The drink not only relieves vomiting, but also helps maintain liquid levels in the body.

Renal disease

Kidney disease is a very serious condition. The person feels acute pain in the lower back and has difficulty urinating. When an inflammation occurs, blood appears in the urine, the white blood cell clots begin to obstruct renal filters, the urine output is altered and an edema is formed.

Aciano’s compote has a diuretic effect. It helps restore renal function, reduces swelling and stimulates urine excretion.

Antiviral and ant i-inflammatory effect

Its high content of useful minerals and vitamins contributes to reinforce the immune system. If you drink such a compote during a cold, the recovery comes much earlier.

The high vitamin C content makes the drink very tasty. It is recommended to add some sugar to make the drink more appealing. This is especially true if it is a child. You can drink mob of peat in any amount while the treatment lasts. The state of the organism will improve, it will replace it with extra liquid, stimulate appetite and reduce the inflammation of the internal organs.

The mob of peat also helps in cases of cholecystitis, angina, tonsillitis, pneumonia and inflammation of the joints.

In the kitchen

Cornejo berries are similar to blueberries in their properties. They are also used a lot in the kitchen. They are excellent for meat dishes, pilaf and rice. You can throw a couple of berries in a soup to give it an acidic touch.

Above all, cornejos are used to make winter preserves, such as:

  • compote;
  • jam;
  • infusions;
  • decoctions;
  • frozen mixtures;
  • Fruit mixtures.

In combination with sweet berries, the cornejo is added to yogurts, ice cream and fruit ice. Some fruits are also added to a vegetable salad to produce a slight sour taste. Some agricultural housewives and add cornejo to be better.

The dry bone cornejo can be grinding to make a kind for various dishes. The dust is mixed with dry herbs to make a delicate spice suitable for many culinary delicacies.

In cosmetology

Many cosmetics manufacturers add peat decoction to their products for the manufacture of cosmetics. The properties of the remedy have been known for a long time. The skin of the face is tone, its structure improves.

Hair mask

You can strengthen the structure of the hair and its roots with cornaline berries pulp. It is a popular recipe used by grandmothers for years. At that time, the variety of shampoos and hair balm was not so large.

For a mask, 100-200 grams of berries are taken, they are crushed together with the seeds. The resulting pulp applies to dry hair roots. Put a cellophane case on top and wrap with a towel. Leave the mask for 30 minutes. Then remove the mask and clarify well with warm water, but not hot.

You can also find cornejo masks for already prepared hair. They are sold in stores and are not very expensive. Some herbalists recommend simply rinseing hair with a cornejo decoction to strengthen hair structure.

Facial mask

We have already talked about the tonic properties of cornaline decoction. This remedy helps preserve the youth of the skin, clarifies its color, fights the aging process. It is excellent for oily skin and acne.

To get its effect, limit your face with the decoction of Cornalina twice a day, in the morning and at night. Do not save the liquid for more than three days. Little by little, the solution loses its properties. The fresher the remedy, the better help.

You can also prepare a facial mask with berry pulp. 20 g of berries are ground, mix with 1 teaspoon of olive oil and add 1 teaspoon of milk. The mixture is applied in the face for 20 minutes.

After using a mask of this type, the completion significantly improves, the skin is clarified and acquires a healthy and fresh appearance.

How to consume the cornejo compote

The cornejo compote is rich in useful minerals, but its uncontrolled consumption can cause a supersaturation of the organism. To avoid problems, it must be consumed in moderation.

For children

Aciano’s compote can be given to children from the year of age. However, the introduction to the baby should be done with caution, since it can be prone to allergies. To do this, a teaspoon of the drink is tested. If after one day reactions are not detected, the dose will be increased. After the introduction of the compote in the complementary feed, it is allowed to give 70 ml per day.

Children from two to three years increase the portion of 100-150 ml, and from 6 years they can drink 250-300 ml a day. A glass of this drink contains the daily ration of vitamin C. will help improve the health of children and prevent colds.

For the women

If there are no contraindications, women can drink a liter a day to prevent diseases. However, the sugar without sugar is much healthier. It favors weight loss, improves the state of the organism and reduces blood sugar levels.


Pregnant women should limit the consumption of nougat compote. It can cause the development of gastritis, stomach pain and other problems. It is convenient to consult a gynecologist on this matter in advance, he will be able to dissipate all doubts and give good advice.


In addition to all healing properties, Cornejo’s compote improves male force. Many men, after learning about this property, begin to drink without carrying the dose account. But the healers recommend not drinking more than 1 liter a day, so as not to cause avitaminosis. The high ascorbic acid content can develop scurvy.

For the elderly

The recommendation for older people is the same as for adults: no more than 1 liter per day. The greater the person, the more diseases suffer. Before drinking it, make sure you have no gastrointestinal problems or kidney calculations.

Cornejo’s compote is excellent to deal with the inflammation of the joints, reinforce the immune system and improve the health of the organism as a whole.

How to collect and conserve

The berries of the cornejo ripen at the end of summer. That is when the collection begins. The berries cannot be kept fresh all winter, so they are used to make a compote and canned. The cooking process:

  1. Several thre e-liter jars are sterilized in the water bath.
  2. The berries are washed with running water and cleaned of remains and leaves.
  3. At the bottom of the jar 200 g of cornejo are placed.
  4. Syrup is prepared at a rate of 1 liter of water 1 cup of sugar.
  5. Pour the syrup on the berries and close with a lid.
  6. Turn the compote and leave infusion for a few days.

You can modify the recipe to your liking. For example, add a couple of orange slices or sweet berries.

Compota jars must be kept away from direct sunlight. Once preserved, the compote will remain for several years.

The Cornejo compote has many health benefits due to the diverse composition of these berries. Cornejo properties are known since ancient times. A shrub of this plant in the garden will be indispensable. A drink made with its fruits will help improve the health of the whole family.

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