Benefits of tangerines for the female body

Despite all the variety of tangerines, there is no more beneficial for women. The juicy fruit is tastier and sweet. But mandarin goodness is not the juice of the fruit.

This fruit contains many nutrients. Therefore, its benefits for the female organism are invaluable in times of necessity.

Composition and calories of mandarins

Mandarins are the favorite treat of many. Some people associate them with the main party of the year, the New Year.

Today, these orange fruits eat fresh, dry or simply drink mandarin juice in many ways. Let’s know a little more about each of these varieties.

Fresh without peel

Few people know it, but mandarins are low in calories. The average fruit has about 38-45 kilocalories. There are also proteins: 0. 81 g, fats: 0. 31 g, and carbohydrates: 11. 54 g per 100 grams of product.

As for the composition of the orange fruit, everything is simple: 80% is water, the remaining sugar and a variety of acids, salts and other ingredients. It is mandarins can prevent avitaminosis after winter, and replace the use of synthetic vitamins.

In the orange, as in any other citrus, vitamin C. predominates also to highlight the content of other equally useful vitamins:

  • Vitamin C: 37 mg.
  • Vitamin A: 0. 02 mg.
  • Vitamin E: 0. 3 mg.
  • Vitamin B1: 0. 07 mg.
  • Vitamin B6: 0. 08 mg.
  • Vitamin B3: 0. 3 mg.
  • Vitamin B2: 0. 02 mg.

The mineral composition of mandarin is as follows:

  • Potassium: 156 mg.
  • Calcium: 36 mg.
  • Phosphorus: 18 mg.
  • Sodium: 11 mg.
  • Magnesium: 12 mg.
  • Iron: 0. 12 mg.


The season of this citrus is not so long. In most countries, tangerines are on the shelves a few days. Luckily, it is possible to stock up on this healthy fruit and keep it. One of the most common conserves is drying.

The good thing about drying is that dehydrated mandarins not only retain their properties, but also introduce new flavors. The caloric value of dried fruit is already a little higher than that of fresh fruit: it is about 200 calories per 100 grams of product.

Mandarin juice

The caloric content of the juice is slightly lower than that of fresh tangerine: it amounts to 36 calories per 100 grams. All substances that are so rich in orange fruit also enter the mandarin juice. Mandin juice contains vitamins of group B, vitamins C, E, Pp and A, as well as various minerals.

This drink is therapeutic and dietary due to its low caloric content.

Mandarin benefits for women

Orange fruit is indispensable for the woman’s body. They can strengthen the body in difficult times providing vitamins and beneficial substances. These fruits also solve several problems related to the reproductive system.

Reduces the risk of all types of cancers

Mandarins contain optimal amounts of substances that help prevent all types of cancer. Mandarin consumption reduces the risk of liver cancer, as well as other varieties of this dreaded disease, due to the substances that contain:

The substance containing
Betacarotene Improves cardiovascular function and prevents the formation of cancer cells
Tangretin Prevents breast cancer
Nobiletina Prevents breast cancer
Limonene Prevents the appearance of tumors
Flavona Reduces the risk of leukemia

Reduces the risk of arterial diseases

A substance present in citrus fruits, nobiletin, is able to reduce the hardening of arteries.

For ocular health

Vitamin A, present in mandarins, protects the retina and improves night vision. Therefore, drinking only 1 glass a day of mandarin juice can keep your eyes healthy.

Increases the feeling of satiety

Mandarins mitigate hunger, so when you eat them you will have less desire to chop something. Everything is due to the fiber that contains the orange fruit.

The fiber reaches the thin intestine through the stomach and begins to drag all liquids, forming what is known as slow mud. Digestion slows down at this time and the person feels satiated at this time.

Maintains a normal heart rate

A tangerine contains 155 mg of potassium. It is known that it maintains the balance of water in the body. Potassium intervenes in the processes that help the functioning of the heart.

Bone health

The main components of the teeth and bones are phosphorus and calcium, which are found in the tangerine.

Dietary fiber

The fiber contained in the mandarins can be divided into broad strokes into 2 groups: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber – Prevents gastrointestinal problems.

Soluble fiber – reduces cholesterol and maintains sugar levels.

Consumption and dose

Mandarins can be used naturally, pearing them previously. The fruit also works well in salads, sauces and desserts. The only warning: tangerines should not be eaten with legumes.

You can eat 2 to 3 tangerines a day. This is because this is the amount of fruit that contains the adequate amount of vitamin C. An excess of this vitamin in the human body will not lead to anything good.

Important: It is not recommended to eat citrus fruits with an empty stomach. This leads to the formation of acid and gas in the stomach, and this causes discomfort and reduces the feeling of wel l-being. Therefore, it is better to eat them after eating!

Instead, mandarin juice is very beneficial. It is a cure for lung diseases (such as bronchitis, cough, colds, etc.).

Attention. The concentration of vitamin C in this juice is greater than in fresh fruit. Therefore, it is recommended not to take more than 200 g a day.

The mandarin peel also has beneficial properties. They can be dried up or consumed fresh. With the shells become delicious and, what is more important, healthy concoctions, confitted fruits, tea additives and much more.

Important: Use the shell of a tangerine as soon as you are sure that it has not been treated with chemicals.

You can even use the seeds of such a useful fruit. Mandarin pepitas contain exactly the same vitamins and minerals as the fruit itself.

Mandarin seeds contain a substance such as tonsilin glucóside, which, when entering the stomach, can cause ulcers. So the consumption of the seeds must be in strictly limited amounts.

Nor are the leaves of the fruit of the orange. But, due to their shortage in the market, they are not subject to regular demand. They contain the same vitamins, essential oils and trace elements. The leaves are good for colds and are adequate as antiseptic.

During pregnancy

During this period, when a woman becomes a mother, her body needs help to maintain its useful components. Because the body of a pregnant woman has a double burden.

During pregnancy, specialists prescribe special vitamin complex women of synthetic origin. All these medications can be replaced by the consumption of tangerines. From 1 to 2 tangerines a day they will sufficiently enrich the organism with numerous vitamins.

Also the high concentration of ascorbic acid activates the body’s defenses. It will help to get rid of toxicosis and prevent depression, especially postpartum.

If we continue talking about the benefits of these citrus during pregnancy, we can highlight another series of properties:

  • Mandarins will help prevent stretch marks.
  • Normalize renal function.
  • They help prevent swelling.
  • Regularize the depositions.

Prevent breastfeeding.

Citrus fruits are the main allergenic fruits, despite its usefulness. Mandarins should be consumed with caution, preferably after the baby has three months.

If the baby is prone to allergic reactions, it is better to exclude the orange fruit from the young mother’s diet for a while.

Important: If tangerine is taken orally, all vitamins, minerals and other nutrients will pass to breast milk in small doses. But do not forget the allergies. It is best to weigh the pros and cons in controversial situations.

In cosmetology

Essential oils derived from mandarin are very popular. These oils are added to cosmetics, both industrial and homemade.

The fruit of orange has many health benefits, so it is so popular in cosmetology. Essential mandarin oils:

  • Close the pores.
  • Eliminates skin rashes.
  • They treat inflammation.
  • Tray the skin tone.
  • They normalize the Sebaceous function.
  • It relieves itching and irritation.

Women from the age of 40 should pay special attention to cosmetics with tangerine oils. They improve the elasticity of the skin, allow to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Cosmetic products that contain citrus are equal to skin tone and hide age stains. The orange trees are also good for hair: they reduce the fat of the scalp and the hair becomes soft, bright and manageable.

A data. Homemade mandarin oil has less health benefits. Consequently, the effects of homemade essential oil may be less pronounced.


Despite the rich composition of useful substances of mandarins, it is necessary to use them in food in reasonable quantities. Otherwise, eating excessive tangerines can have negative consequences, even for a healthy person.

It is no secret that tangerines have a high content of ascorbic acid. And an excess of vitamin C can cause stomach burning and sleep disorders. People suffering from obesity, diabetes and kidney diseases have contraindicated the use of these red fruits in food.

How to choose sweet mandarins

Sweet mandarins, with all their variety, are not easy to find. The following tips are recommended. Thus, healthy fruit will remain aromatic and sweet.

  • Avoid fruit with stained skin and mohosa.
  • The mature tangerine peels more easily.
  • The crushed sides indicate that the fruit has been frosted or began to rot.
  • Varieties too large or crushed are more likely to be sour.
  • Sweet mandarins have bright or yellowish orange skin.

How to keep them at home

Mandarins are usually kept in the refrigerator in a humid place. The ideal is to buy mandarins in branch to increase their conservation time.

Caution. Do not keep mature tangerines for too long.

Mandarin is rich in vitamins and substances. It is a very healthy fruit, which has a positive effect on our health, mood and vitality.

Therefore, orange fruit is low in kilocalories, which makes it appropriate to diet. But it should be remembered that if precautions are abandoned or ignored to eat this fruit, it can be very harmful to the body.

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