Adequate nutrition to be fit

Nutrition for sport and fitness should be adjusted as much as possible to the energy spent during exercise. For this reason, the caloric intake of all foods must be strictly controlled.

If more calories are ingested than energy is spent, the person will increase weight and begin to gradually gain weight, but he eats less, he will lose weight. This rule is the basis of all diets, which are used in all kinds of physical activities.

Nutrition for weight training

It is advisable at least three hours before physical training to refuse to eat, and immediately after class, it is also desirable not to eat, it is better to wait a bit. But training with an empty stomach will not do any good either, because the physical work of the class will cause a strong decrease in energy reserves and, of course, a decrease in performance. To avoid a fainting, which is sure to be a possibility, you can take some chocolate or green tea with honey before training.

If you exercise, you must take care of your diet, otherwise you will do a lot of damage to your body. In addition, you should think of a good and healthy diet not only at home, but also on vacation, business trips, etc., in addition, many places can offer you a special dietary menu, so you will not have to worry about losingYour usual diet.

What to drink during the fitness

You can drink everything you want during physical training, but it is better to drink green tea without sugar and mineral water to compensate for all mineral losses in your body.

Choose what to drink during your fitness routine

  • Mineral water with salts.
  • Green Tea.
  • Use a BCAA supplement.

If you want to obtain positive results as quickly as possible, then sweets, cookies, fatty and fried foods should be excluded from your diet, and if this is not possible, it is better to eat such foods in the first half, a few hours before training.

A complete fitness diet necessary for the body during adequate training must include all the substances necessary for a person: fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, salts and water. Without at least one of these elements it is simply impossible to work well. This must always be taken into account, otherwise serious health problems may arise.

If you cannot control your food for yourself, you need the help of qualified professionals: physical trainers who can tell you what, how and when to eat to achieve positive results without harming your health.

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