Alcohol without beer: benefits and losses

Alcohol without alcohol is a great choice for all those who like flavor but cannot tolerate the state of alcoholic intoxication. Alcoho l-free beer can easily replace normal beer, keeping your head sober. It has a low alcohol content, of 0. 2-1. 5%, which is practically harmless to health.

As everyone knows, alcohol is even present in drinks such as kefir or kvas. The drink is made with the same technology. The method is based on minimizing alcohol content through double fermentation. Alcoho l-free beer elaboration technology implies many complicated processes, unlike alcoholic beverage, so its price in the store is much higher.

Alcoho l-free beer gains more and more popularity. The number of fans does not stop growing. His recipe was created by the brewers in the seventies and is still in force today. For beer lovers, it is worth considering the benefits and damages of alcohol without beer.

Chemical composition and caloric content of alcohol beer

Alcohol without alcohol is considered less caloric (25 kcal per 100 grams), unlike its alcoholic counterpart, which has 43 kcal per 100 grams. Among its ingredients are:

  • Water;
  • Malt;
  • Molasses;
  • Hop.

Beer has a high vitamin B content and is rich in iron and minerals. Vitamins have beneficial effects on the nervous system, skin and hair. Alcohol without alcohol is healthy if its consumption does not exceed a bottle in several days. If beer is abused daily, the benefits are out of any doubt.

Alcoho l-free beer properties

Alcoho l-free beer has numerous followers that follow a healthy diet. It is able to relax the body a bit thanks to its low alcohol content and return energy. For its content in Xantohumol (substance that is in the cone of the hops) has ant i-inflammatory properties.

Hops fights the development of liver cancer. Scientists have shown that alcohol without 75% the risk of breast cancer in women. These properties work when consumed in moderation and without harming.

The increase in beer consumption in women affects hormones and increases testosterone. It can affect changes in the voice and accelerate aging processes. Drinking can also lead to a terrible diagnosis for women, such as infertility.

High doses of alcohol without alcohol, like normal beer, threaten men with a decrease in testosterone levels. This is manifested in a female silhouette around the hips and in the presence of obesity. Its excessive consumption can cause erectile dysfunction, kidney problems and infertility.

The benefits of

By not poisoning, beer is legal in small doses and without harming those who suffer from alcohol incompatible conditions. Japan scientists have shown that beer is useful in the fight against malignant cell formation.

Due to its low caloric content, it does not affect so much weight gain and an alcoholic beverage. Respecting the rules and recommendations, and avoiding contraindications, beer is a safe drink.

Damages and contraindications

The excessive consumption of even foamy drinking alcohol entails negative consequences, alters the hormonal background.

  • Kidney and liver diseases;
  • Children and adolescents;
  • Infant or pregnant women;
  • Stomach and intestinal diseases;
  • Heart diseases;
  • C o-dependent;
  • Take certain medications.

In addition, some antibiotics and antidepressants are incompatible with the consumption of Zeropharm, as can be read in the product instructions. Due to its great foamure, high drinking consumption can cause negative effects on heart muscle and damage other organs.

How to choose right without adequate alcohol

When choosing a beer, it is important to look for a thick foam and a concentrated beer flavor without alcoholic aftertaste. It must be light color (not the unique variant). The taste is an individual issue, some people prefer a classic beer, others with variations of additives (spices, fruit).

Can you drink beer without alcohol or not?

Alcohol without alcohol can be consumed by adults without serious diseases, for which ethyl alcohol is a contraindication. It is convenient to limit consumption to a bottle every several days so as not to harm health.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding

Refreshies are strictly prohibited for pregnant women and in breastfeeding period. They are not healthy during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Even small amounts of ethyl alcohol can have adverse effects and cause the development of diseases in such a vulnerable period of life. In such a situation, it is better not to risk the health of the mother and the baby.


According to scientists, even a slightly alcoholic beverage is harmful to a coded person. Due to the desire for alcohol, once an alcohol beer has drunk and tested, it will be difficult to stop in a bottle and not move on to the usual version of alcohol. Therefore, it is better to refrain and tempt receptors and memories.

Peculiarities of drinking with certain diseases

There is a list of diseases in which beer must be consumed with caution:

  1. PancreatitisExcess alcohol can trigger pancreatic inflammation.
  2. Prostatitis. When antibiotics are taken it is better to avoid drinking. If not, maintain consumption to a minimum.
  3. Hemorrhoids. Ethyl alcohol irritates the posterior wall of the anus and causes mucus, worsening the situation.
  4. Epilepsy. Due to its diuretic property, the drink can cause arterial hypertension and the appearance of an attack.
  5. Cystitis. Doctors recommend restricting intake. If the bladder deflates, the disease can be exacerbated.
  6. Gastritis. In such a disease, doctors recommend refraining from “Nulvka” due to the irritation of stomach walls.
  7. Drop. Such ailment excludes no n-alcoholic beverage. Processed substances release uric acid, which is very harmful to the joints.

It is best to consult a specialist before drinking without alcohol beer in the presence of such conditions.

The correct way to consume it

Most beer drinkers wonder if drinking alcohol without alcohol every day is bad for them. Since it contains a percentage of alcohol, it can be said that drinking it every day is harmful.

Not to fall into addiction and move on to the alcoholic version, it is best not to drink more than one bottle every few days. With such a ration, you can get everything good for the organism and not cause negative consequences.

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