Alycha, beneficial properties and contraindications

The Alycha is mostly in the Caucasus, Crimea and Asia. But recently the popularity of the berry has grown throughout the country. This is because Cererza plum has unique properties that help improve and rejuvenate the body.

What is Cererza plum

The Cererza Ciruelo belongs to the family of plums. It grows as a shrub or deciduous tree. Its trunk is up to 0. 5 m thick and can reach 13 m in length. The minimal height of the tree is 2 m. The glass of a tree can adopt various forms: from a narrow pyramidal form to a wide and extended.

The branches are not very thick and, in some species, they are covered with acute and short shoots. The flowers are white or roses. They grow from two by two or one in one. The flowers open simultaneously with the appearance of the first foliar slices, in some species the capulls open before the yolks. In most of Russia, the flowering period begins in the first half of May and lasts between 7 and 10 days.

The fruits of the cerezo plum are knuckles in various shapes and colors. Its color varies from light yellow to intense purple, almost black. The fruits do not usually exceed 15 g, but there are varieties with fruits of up to 80 g and 4 cm in diameter.

It should be noted that the tree fears severe frosts and can be sterile in some cases.

Chemical Composition of Cererza

The utility of the fruit is due to its rich chemical composition. Contains the following elements

  • Potassium – responsible for the functioning of the heart and muscle growth;
  • Calcium – It helps form strong bones, it is an excellent prevention of rickets in babies;
  • Phosphorus – Strengthens teeth and bones;
  • Magnesium – strengthens the nervous system;
  • Iron – Favor normal cellular respiration;
  • Pectin – beneficial for the digestive system, eliminates toxins from the organism;
  • Vitamin A – Improves view;
  • Vitamin C – Strengthens blood vessels, increases the body’s defenses;
  • Vitamin PP – Responsible for blood circulation in the brain;
  • V vitamins – its lack is full of a list of disorders, including failures in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats;
  • Betacarotene – Protects against the formation of cancer cells.

Alycha is considered a dietary plant, because 100 g of the product contain only 34 kcal. This can be explained by the fact that the berry contains a lot of water and dietary fibers and organic acids. However, it practically does not contain sugar. There are also small amounts of starch and cellulose.

Benefits of the Alycha

The product is rich in vitamins and minerals. That is why this berry is usually consumed to prevent and treat cough, colds or vitamin deficiencies. Nutritionists always say that cherry plums should be included in the diet of pregnant women and the elderly to replace vitamin and mineral balance.

Alicha activates the gastrointestinal tract, so it is recommended to combat constipation. The berry also helps clean the accumulated radionucleid agency. Regular Alycha consumption protects against arrhythmias development.

Its low sugar content allows diabetics and people prone to overwhelm.

Many also highlight the soothing effect on the central nervous system. His juice removes thirst and his compotes stimulate appetite and digestive system.

For man

The most important benefit of the Alycha for the strongest half of humanity is the increase in power. It can be taken in tinctures or purely. The tincture is prepared from Alycha flowers, pouring them with a little water. It is also good for liver and renal dysfunctions.

For the women

Let us point out that for the fight against gynecological problems, Alycha does not have the necessary elements. However, it is difficult to overestimate the global benefit for the entire organism. By consuming berries regularly, women will improve their health by enriching their body with minerals and vitamins.

The plant improves intestinal peristalsism.

For pregnant women and children

Alycha is not used in traditional medicine, but doctors strongly recommend consuming it as frequently as possible. Not only should the pregnant women eat it, but also infant mothers. The vitamins and minerals contained in the berry are especially necessary for women during this period.

Important: Do not abuse the product so as not to damage the baby.

Children under 10 months are not given the plant at all. After this period, you can pure Alycha and start complementary feeding with half a teaspoon. Be sure to observe the baby’s reaction to the new product. For the first complementary foods, only yellow fruits are used. From the age of two, the child can be given regularly to replenish vitamins and minerals.

Useful green cherries properties

The immature fruit also has useful properties. Green Alycha is a cheap way to produce citric and malic acid. The berries are often used in the kitchen for meat dishes: sauces and garrisons are usually prepared. They add a touch of spicy and taste to the entire plate. It should be noted that these sauces and garrisons contribute to a rapid digestion of food.

Green fruits are an excellent antioxidant.

Use in cosmetology

The antioxidant properties of fruit are also used in cosmetology, to rejuvenate and clean the entire body of environmental influences.

The mask can remove the fatty brightness from the skin and make it mate.

A few mature berries are crushed and half a glass of purified water is poured on them, then it is left in infusion for 12 hours. It is applied to the skin and left for a third of an hour, then clarified with warm water. Do not use more than three times a week.

To get rid of skin eruptions, it is enough to rub the skin with half cherry plum and let the eruption dry.

V vitamins and help combat the aging and sagging of the skin. To do this, a mask of pepitas and ground berries is applied on the face, neck and area of the neckline. It remains for half an hour.

Alicha has a beneficial effect on hair state. To strengthen the roots, prepare the following decoction: pour 0. 5 l of water over a glass of fruit and boil for 3 minutes. Rinse your hair with the decoction after each wash. Such treatment will strengthen the roots, give shine and silkness to your hair.

Therapeutic use of cherry plums

To improve digestion and stimulate appetite, you have to take decoctions and compotes of cherry plums. These products are also recommended for little acid gastritis.

And to treat respiratory diseases, tinctures are used to make gargiles in the throat.

TiTura for cough recipe

A glass of dry cherry plums is needed. A glass of boiling water is poured. Insist the liquid for 5 hours, then strain through gauze. Take the preparation three times a day with a soup tablespoon.

Alycha flower recipe. Take a tablespoon of flowers and pour a glass of water, put in the fire, boil for a few minutes. Leave infusion for 2-3 hours. Strain with gauze. Take the drug three times a day before meals, 100 ml. Such tincture improves the work of all organs and increases immunity.

Benefits of seeds and flowers of Cerezo

The grains produce a fatty oil with a 42%plant content. Its properties are similar to those of almond oil. The oil contains tonsil. Under the influence of water and emulsions, the substance decomposes into lucosa, cyanhydric acid and benzoic aldehyde.

Note. Seed oil is often used in cosmetology for the preparation of soaps and perfumes.

The oil production process leaves an oil flour containing 70% protein. This component is often used in the production of vegetable casein.

Alicha shells are used to produce activated carbon.

The flowers are used in infusion to treat the kidney and liver, as well as to improve the urogenital system in men.

Useful properties of Alycha leaves

The leaves have unique medicinal properties. They are used dried. The leaves contain PP, vitamins A, E and B, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium and potassium. They are also used as seasoning and spice for meat dishes. These condiments favor better food digestion.

At the end of the summer the leaves are collected, they are dry and used in the form of decoction to treat the following ailments

  • colds and cough;
  • anemia and avitaminosis
  • impotence;
  • liver and renal diseases;
  • gastrointestinal diseases and the cardiovascular system.

Contraindications and possible damages of the Alycha

Despite the enormous list of useful properties of Alycha, it also has its own contraindications of use:

  • Allergic reaction to the product;
  • gout and rheumatism;
  • Digestive system diseases accompanied by increased gastric juice secretion;
  • stomach ulcers;
  • Gastritis with increased gastric acidity.

INDICATIONS It is not recommended that children under 12 years of age eat Alycha dry in large quantities.

It should be noted that, at any age, product abuse can lead to negative consequences. Stomach burning, diarrhea and poisoning are the most common.

It is quite difficult to overestimate the benefits of the Alycha. That is why it has become so popular. In addition, they are easy to cultivate and care. This has contributed to the active breeding of the plant in domestic conditions. It should be noted that, thanks to the generalized cultivation of the Alycha, its cost is going down and all lovers of healthy sweets are affordable.

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