Are corn porridge good to lose weight?

Despite the apparent efficacy of diets, many of them do more bad than the organism. In search engines you can find hundreds of express diets that promise to obtain a dream body in 10 days, 1 month or six months. Do not immediately believe everything they say.

It is important to first understand the system of diets and the reasons why our body gets rid of excess weight. It is important to remember some simple rules:

  • We lose weight from a caloric deficit: it is important to know the daily caloric intake and subtract between 10 and 15% to lose weight comfortably and effectively. Our body is constantly consuming calories, and the level of calorie consumption is always different. Therefore, it is necessary, first, to eat according to your feeling of hunger. You have to listen to the needs of the body. If there is no hunger, part of the ingested food will go to the reserves;
  • Our body does not accept the word “diet” – any diet warns us of a state of imminent stress, the need to make fat reserves in the body;
  • It is important to maintain a balance on the plate – for this we must have the dish into three parts, each of which will respectively represent proteins, carbohydrates and fiber.

Composition and caloric content of corn porridge

Normal corn porridge are prepared with butter, sugar and milk. When it comes to dietary porridge, you have to forget these ingredients for a while. So that the body does not stress, once a day, for breakfast, you can eat corn porridge cooked with milk and added sugar.

Proteins, G: 8,3
Fats, G: 1,2
Carbohydrates, G: 75. 0

Corn porridge are rich in vitamins such as A, B1, B2 and other vitamins of group B, C, E, K, pp. Its high silicon content maintains dental enamel. Magnesium and potassium help improve the functioning of the heart muscle.

Properties of corn cereals

The corn semolina is a warehouse of vitamins, oils and useful macronutrients.

There are many useful properties of corn semolina:

  • Fiber in the composition of corn semolina contributes to the effective purification of the body, the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, reduce cholesterol levels and stimulate the cardiovascular system, the normalization of metabolic processes in the body;
  • The immune system helps the human being fight viruses and pathogenic bacteria, so it is very important to maintain immunity with nutrition and a quality lifestyle. The corn semolina not only helps maintain immunity, but also increases the body’s resistance to diseases;
  • The blood sugar level is a very important indicator, especially for older people, corn semolina helps stabilize sugar level;
  • Regular corn semolina consumption improves and strengthens skin, hair and nails. It also helps to combat bleeding and inflammation of gums, strengthens teeth and reduces caries risk;
  • Cereals help strengthen the nervous system and activate the brain;
  • Cereals belong to the category of weak allergens, so they are suitable for feeding children from an early age and are an excellent substitute for the mijo semolina, which is allergic with relative more frequently.

Despite its numerous benefits, the corn semolina also presents certain inconveniences that should be known before consuming it regularly.

Are corn porridge good to lose weight?

The corn semolina is made with crushed corn grains. We all remember of our childhood the sweet taste of corn porridge. Perhaps it is one of the best mono-dieta options that will not affect your nervous system and maintain the balance of vitamins, microelements and macronutrients in your body. It is important to remember that the corn diet is, above all, stressful for your body due to the lack of other foods in your diet. But the competent fulfillment of all the rules and a coherent output and without diet problems will allow you to maintain the results obtained and not put the same kilos again.

The benefits of corn porridge have been demonstrated for a long time. In addition to the benefits, the porridge contains a large amount of carbohydrates, which allows it to satisfy its hunger for a long time. The fiber of corn porridge not only allows you to forget meals for 4-5 hours, but also helps eliminate toxins from the body. The high vitamin content reduces the negative effects of the mono-dieta, so you do not have to worry that anything happens to your skin, hair and nails.

If your objective is to lose weight quickly, it is advisable to replace all meals with corn porridge. To gradually lose weight, corn porridge can replace a meal. Since corn porridge do not contain many calories, they can eat them in relatively large quantities and do not have to worry about the damage they may cause to their figure.

Any diet must be accompanied by a drink regime. It is recommended to drink about 50 ml of water for every 1 kg of weight per day. You should not drink all the recommended amount of water on the first day, since it can cause swelling and malfunction of the organism. It is better to start with 1 or 2 glasses of water a day. It is important to remember that liquid means pure water, without sugar, jam or other aromatizers.

Do not forget that a mono-diet of this type leads to rapid results, which can cause sagging in the skin. Therefore, it is important to incorporate some exercise into your lifestyle to maintain a slender and attractive body. You have to take into account both cardiovascular and force training, whose combination will not only accelerate weight loss, but also transform your body and work specific areas.

Thus, slimming with the corn diet will not only allow you to get rid of the desired kilos, but will also benefit your body and compensate for the lack of vitamins it needs.

Possible damages and contraindications

Due to the low caloric content of prepared food, it is better to reject the corn semolina to people with low weight or inappropriate. In this case, it must be combined with sufficiently caloric foods or dishes, such as meat, fish or salads. People with stomach problems should consider reducing or even eliminating cereal consumption from their diet.

Despite the stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract, the corn semolina can be quite sharp for stomach walls in the presence of diseases such as ulcers. In case of peptic ulcer, experts strongly recommend excluding the corn semolina from the diet.

The presence of copper in the composition of cereals endangers their consumption by people suffering from renal pathologies. Special attention must be paid to cereals for women: it is not recommended to eat corn semolina during the critical period, especially if they are accompanied by strong pain. Some experts also advise against eating semolina if the person suffers epilepsy.

Adequate cooking

The recipe is quite simple. The corn semolina takes a long time to cook, so it is advisable to let it soak in water at room temperature throughout the night, rinsing it from the starch before cooking it. After this procure, the semolina, slightly swollen, can be boiled in 10 or 15 minutes. Otherwise, it will take between 40 and 50 minutes. Boils the corn semolina over low heat in a proportion of 1: 3.

If you decide to diversify your menu a bit and cook corn semoline with milk and sugar, the cooking scheme and the proportions remain the same. Sugar and swollen corn semolina are added to milk and boiled for 10-15 minutes.

Characteristics of the corn diet

A diet of this type is designed for an average of 3 – 5 days. The number of days will depend on your wel l-being and weight loss objectives. For the day, the rule of dry grands is 1 cup, the volume of cooked porridge is divided into 5 portions. During this diet, you get used to drinking only green tea and water. The fundamental principle of this diet is for a person to take up the minimum number of calories necessary for the exercise of their life, that is, 1200 – 1300 kcal, below which it is desirable not to fall. Of course, you must listen to your feeling of hunger and not eat in excess unless your body needs food.

The first three days you just have to eat porridge. The following days gradually add tomatoes and cucumbers in its purest form or with olive oil, without spices or salt. The output of the diet must be soft, each product must be added gradually so that it does not recover what it has lowered.

If you find it difficult to follow a mono-dieta, you can turn to a 7-day diet:

  • Breakfast – corn porridge with nuts, fruit;
  • Lunch – corn porridge, tomato/cucumber, green tea;
  • Snack – Salad with fresh vegetables;
  • Dinner – corn porridge, apple, sugarless tea.

This diet does not imply much withdrawal, but it is not recommended to overcome suddenly 2 – 3 times the minimum number of daily calories. Calculate your daily needs and look at 10-15%. Try at the beginning not to exceed this number much, so eat less calorie rich foods.

Testimonies and results

An analysis of the comments in popular forums shows that some people have achieved their results, while others have found this ineffective diet. However, if negative criticisms look more closely, it can be seen that many of them are based on the wrong approach and breach of the principles of the diet, namely, people drink tea or coffee instead of quantitiesWater prescribed, eat small portions, without realizing that the minimum daily requirement of the human body is 1200 kcal, and this can be gained if normal portions are cooked. People are not aware of the need for minimal physical activity.

In addition, many are convinced that the body and brain are not connected in any way when it comes to losing weight, which is the greatest error. As for positive criticism, many of them are based on good advice, confirming their results with photos. As a rule, people lose 4 – 5 kg in 5 days of such diet.

Some people also achieve greater results if their initial weight is higher than those who lose around 4 kg during this period. The greater the weight, the faster the body of the extra kilos is undone, and vice versa. So do not worry if you need to lose 5 kg and the weight takes a long time to disappear. Add physical activity, which will accelerate your weight loss process.

Thanks to a competent output of the diet, these kilos will not return, but for the first time it is necessary to maintain the result achieved. It all depends on the individual characteristics of your body and lifestyle. The optimal would be a gradual transition to adequate nutrition, reducing the diet of flour products, fried foods, salt and sugar.

If you start abruptly to eat well, the body can perceive it as stress and start gaining back. You don’t have to do the impossible in a week. Only an adequate approach to your feeding system will change your life once and for all. Start today so that tomorrow you can be better for yourself! Good luck!

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