Are no-cook rolled oats useful?

Oatmeal is one of the most popular breakfasts in the world. It is eaten in royal palaces and on the floors of high-rise blocks. Nutritionists recommend it for both adults and children. It is perfect for those who take care of their figure or for those who follow special diets for health reasons. For those who don’t have time to cook in the morning, instant rolled oats are ideal.

Many people ask: what is the difference? Porridge is often said to be whole grain, plastic bag instant, and non-quick cook.

Traditional porridge made with whole oats have the following characteristics:

  • It retains its healthy properties only when it is boiled without salt or sugar.
  • It is cooked for about an hour.
  • The finished product has a coarse texture.
  • Long digestion in the stomach.
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Oats made with flakes have the following differences:

  • It retains almost all of its healthy properties and most of its vitamins.
  • Cooks in 3 to 15 minutes.
  • It can be poured over cold milk or kefir and left to infuse.
  • It may contain various additives.
  • Delicate and tasty consistency.
  • Suitable for diets and baby food.

porridge bag technology

A tasty, nutritious and almost instant breakfast has been made available to everyone thanks to instant oatmeal. Porridge is usually produced in individual portions and each portion is packed in a ziplock bag.

These porridge are processed by a special method. The technological process is as follows: the grain is crushed using a special press. The secret is that the finer the flaked grain, the less time is spent on the final heat treatment before serving.

The flakes are then thoroughly dried in an oven or steamed under high pressure. Sometimes infrared light is used for this, or notches or incisions are made in the flakes.

When packed in sachets, various ingredients are added to the oats:

  • flavorings
  • Sugar Salt.
  • Pieces of dried fruit.
  • Sometimes ground medicinal plants.
  • Bran from other cereals.

Instant porridge properties

There are many myths and erroneous concepts about “fast” oatmeal. To understand the issue well, you have to know its advantages and disadvantages. After all, instant oat flakes can do as much as bad.

First, it is a great source of “slow carbohydrates”. They are necessary for the body to recharge energy for a long time. Thanks to them, a person maintains a positive emotional fund and a greater capacity for work.

Due to their fine consistency, these porridge have an enveloping property. Create a protective environment inside the stomach, reducing acidity. The high oat fiber content normalizes the entire gastrointestinal tract. This helps clean the entire body of toxic substances.

Benefits and damages of oats in envelopes

Oats of oats are a healthy and valuable food for the body. Its regular consumption helps to tone the body, improve health and appearance. However, this product has its own inconveniences. It is worth understanding in more detail the pros and cons of oats in bags.


Oatmeal is famous for its high vitamins of group B, essential for brain function. In addition, the cereal perfectly retains the following beneficial substances:

  • Iodine – necessary for normal thyroid functioning.
  • Iron – its lack causes the development of anemia.
  • Zinc – It is important for immunity.
  • Vitamin E – Delaying aging.
  • Magnesium – reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Manganese – is used for the normal functioning of the central nervous system.
  • Phosphorus – Responsible for the strength of the bones.

Is it harmful?

However, despite all their undoubted benefits, instant gachas also have a series of inconveniences. For example, the processing in several phases of cereals practically destroys their thick fibers. This, in turn, increases considerably the glycemic index. That is, cereal pumps can affect blood sugar levels and cause the development or aggravation of diabetes.

Aromatizing additives that manufacturers usually add to “snapshot” cereal packages not only contain sugar and starch, but also harmful chemical substances for the body. Frequent consumption of this type of food can cause weight gain, metabolic disorders, development of various diseases, including diabetes.

How much instant oats can be consumed

Nutritionists say that it is not necessary to become addicted to instant oats. The best option is to take it 1-2 times a week at breakfast. To reduce the possible risks associated with its consumption, you have to choose cereals without sugar or aromas. It is also worth consuming them with skim milk, yogurt or kefir.

Can quick oats help lose weight?

There are many oa t-based diets. First, they are based on the fact that the soluble fiber contained in the cereal reduces hunger. Their fibers swell in the stomach and give a prolonged feeling of satiety, which reduces the number of meals. The less comma, the faster you will lose weight. Fast cooking oatmeals retain all fiber.

In addition, these porridge eliminate excess liquid from the organism, which also contributes to weight loss. Another indispensable property of oats to lose weight is that it is an excellent source of protein. And this, in turn, helps to keep blood sugar levels stable, which prevents fat formation.

Oatmeal is the lowest calorie among cereals, and also contains a minimum of carbohydrates. If sugar is not added and all kinds of sweeteners and fats of no n-natural flavor, instant oats can also be used as a basic food in the diet. Although processed cereals may not provide a lasting satiating effect. To be as healthy as possible, you can add raw nuts, berries and fruits, seeds, spices, ginger and even natural cocoa.

An example of the oat diet menu to lose weight

  • For breakfast, steamed oat flakes in hot water with a tablespoon of honey and a handful of nuts.
  • For lunch – Falls with hot skim milk and salad with seasonal vegetables.
  • Snack – “Hercules” cereals with lo w-calorie cottage cheese.
  • Dinner – A glass of yogurt and 2 green apples.

It will also be useful to know the caloric content of the finished product.

Product Caloric content in 100 g
Oatmeal 300
Gachas with water 90

How to choose and cook the oat flakes

There are some rules to choose raw oatmeal flakes of better quality on supermarket shelves. The benefits and damages of buying them are evident.

  1. Look well on the container. The composition, manufacturing date and the manufacturer must indicate in detail. Ideally, the container includes information on how the porridge are prepared.
  2. The container must be well closed and in conditions of sale: it should not be wrinkled, cracked or discolored.
  3. At home, look at the color of the flakes. They must be clear, whitish and with a creamy tone. There should be no smell of rancio or chemical aromas too aggressive.
  4. Cooked porridge must have a marked oat flavor. Flavors should not dominate, obstructing the basic taste sensation.
  5. It is best to give preference to known and well established producers.

There is the most common and comfortable way to prepare “rapid” porridge. It is prepared in the following proportion: 100 g of the product for 500 g of liquid.

  • Mix the water in half with the milk.
  • Take it to a boil.
  • Incorporate cereals.
  • Add salt and sugar.
  • Bring to boiling, stirring continuously.
  • Remove from heat and cover.
  • Let cook over low heat for 10 minutes.
  • Add the ingredients (nuts, nuts, vegetables, seeds, mushrooms).

This preparation of oats will take a minimum time, while allowing you to keep all the useful and nutritious properties of the product. Nutritionists also recommend not boiling cereals, but soaking them in yogurt, kefir or water at night. In the morning you will only have to spray the porridge with honey or other additives. Ausa porridge have a wide variety of flavor nuances. It will never get bored and become one of the family’s favorite breakfasts.

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