Avocado benefits for male health

Avocado is a pea r-shaped fruit with a rich vitamin content. It is commonly known as one of the types of fruit that grow in trees with a similar name, avocado.

This exotic fruit has several names at the same time: pear caimán and agaquat. An interesting fact is that avocado is known from the third millennium before Christ.

Since ancient times, people have realized that the fruit collected from the giant tree is a product with a unique flavor and unlimited health benefits.

Cayman pear reaches a length of 5 to 20 centimeters. The fruit weight ranges between 50 grams and 1. 8 kg. The skin of the crocodile pear goes from green to dark green.

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The peculiarity of avocado, is the presence of a large dro p-shaped bone, which is wrapped by a dense. The fruit pulp is quite soft, but in terms of consistency, it is similar to butter. As such, avocado is easy to peel and cut.

Today, avocado are grown, in various parts of the world, in subtropical climates. In a season, a tree produces about 200 kg of fruit. The product is exported all year to countries where this fruit is not cultivated.

Therefore, avocado is available in stores in all countries. The availability of the product is also due to its low cost.

A data. The avocado belongs to the avocados family.

The chemical composition of avocado

This exotic fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and oligoelements essential for the human body. 100 grams of the product contain

  • 0. 1 mg of vitamin A.
  • 0. 7 mg of vitamin
  • 0. 13 mg of vitamin B2.
  • 10. 00 mg of vitamin C.
  • 0. 6 mg of carotene.
  • 1. 73 mg of vitamin pp.

In addition to the mentioned vitamins, avocado contains:

  • Sodium – 7 mg.
  • Potassium – 485 mg.
  • Calcium – 12. 00 mg.
  • Magnesium – 29. 00 mg.
  • Phosphorus – 52. 00 mg.
  • Iron – 0. 50 – 0. 60 mg.
  • Fluoride – 7. 00 mg.
  • Zinc – 0. 64 mg.
  • Selenium – 0. 4 ug.
  • Copper – 190 UG.
  • Manganese – 0. 142 mg.

The chemical composition of the product depends directly on the location of the fruit and its maturity. The daily consumption of 100 grams of the product can replace any vitamin medication.

Every avocado lover must be as careful as possible, because the leaves, the bone and skin of the fruit contain a toxic substance called Persina. This poison is dangerous not only for humans, but also for animals.

Toxin contained in avocado skin is dangerous for all living organisms.

Avocado calories

Avocado can hardly be considered a dietary food, since its pulp has a relatively high fat content. That’s why people. People overweight do not abuse this fruit and introduce it into their daily diet.

This exotic fruit contains

  • 40% oil.
  • 70 to 76% of beta-sithol.
  • 60% diverse fatty acids.
  • 2% protein.
  • 6 – 9% carbohydrates and sugar.

100 grams of the product contain 160 – 250 kcal.

Despite their high caloric content, most scientists have concluded that eating avocados in small quantities cannot cause any damage to the human body.

It is a fact. A person can consume 100 grams of avocado, to obtain the daily dose of all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

What is avocado for men?

In some western countries, eating avocados has become a kind of tradition. It is a product that has a positive effect on male health. The high potassium content in the pulp strengthens the cardiovascular system and prevents the development of diseases such as atherosclerosis. Eatted fruit, in a few minutes the blood pressure will be normalized and the palpitations are stopped.

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Avocado is a product that should be present in the diet of every man. Avocado, when eaten, helps restore water balance in the body in the minimum amount of time, to get rid of depression and nerve attacks, and improve mood.

This is due to high levels of fruit folic acid, which helps the body accelerate the decomposition of proteins.

Crocodile pear is an essential dietary supplement to men who follow a healthy diet. Despite its caloric value, eating a small amount of avocado will not contribute to gaining in excess. The chemical composition of exotic fruit is similar to that of meat products. Therefore, eating avocado has an active effect on the growth of muscle mass.

The ingested product will have a beneficial effect on hair growth and nails, as well as on the bone system. The product will reinforce the immune system by providing the body with a large number of vitamins and trace elements, which contributes to prevent the formation of malignant tumors.

It is especially important to consume the product in winter, when the body needs constant protection against viruses and germs.

Crocodile pear also helps avoid diseases related to the dysfunction of the genital apparatus and the appearance of inflammatory processes in it.

Important! According to statistics, men who eat avocades do not suffer prostatitis.

How does avocado affect power?

Numerous studies have shown that avocado is a natural aphrodisiac that increases power. Due to this fact, pharmacists use fruit pulp and its oils to create medications prescribed by the patient during impotence and infertility treatment.

Fruit consumption improves male activity and increases power. Doctors strongly recommend eating the product, men who want to get rid of sexual system dysfunction, increase their libido and feel full of strength and energy. Especially the fruit will be useful for men who have reached the age of thirty years.

A surprising characteristic of the product is that the use of avocados, helps clean the blood vessels and to ensure a complete flow of blood to all organs and body parts. It is this property of fruit that has an active effect on increasing power.

It is a fact. For thousands of years, men have used avocados as an effective means to improve power and combat infertility.

How to choose the right fruit

There are about 400 avocado varieties, but still, all varieties of this exotic fruit have a very similar appearance once mature. Regardless of the variety in question, choosing a mature avocado is easy. To do this, certain rules must be followed:

  • The fruit must have moderately soft skin. The hardness of the fruit is an indication that it is not mature.
  • The fruit bark should not have abolish or spots.
  • The black skin color indicates that avocado is too mature and is not suitable for consumption.

Keep the crocodile pear at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

Note: Avocados should not be stored in the refrigerator, since they quickly spoil at low temperatures.

How to use it correctly: recipes for male force

Pear Cayman is one of the most useful fruits for the male body, but, despite this, its consumption should not exceed the norm. Do not forget that the bone and cortex of the product are not suitable for consumption. Nor should we submit the fruit to thermal treatments, which not only contribute to the loss of useful vitamins and minerals in its composition, but also give the pulp a bitter taste.

Avocades are usually consumed fresh. This will contribute to the rapid absorption of the product and transfer to the body all useful substances, vitamins and trace elements.

It is only allowed to eat the fruit after having completely removed the skin and removed the pulp bone. Avocado can be eaten in slices and consumed alone or combined with other ingredients.

Attention. Most imported fruits are treated with wax, so before eating it you have to wash it with running water.


Guacamole is a specially prepared sauce that incorporates the avocado pulp. The main ingredients of this type of snack are:

  • Avocado pulp.
  • Diverse vegetables.
  • Vegetables.

The peculiarity of this appetizer is that each one chooses by itself the necessary ingredients to prepare it. Only an ingredient has to be the same: the avocado pulp.

To make guacamole, you have to crush the avocado pulp and the rest of the ingredients until you get a homogeneous paste. Once this is done, the appetizer is ready to be consumed. Add a slice of lemon and some spices to season the plate.


A fruit as exotic as avocado is widely used in the kitchen, during the preparation of various dishes. This is due to its special flavor. The avocado combines well with any vegetables, meat, seafood and diverse fruits.

When salads are prepared, you have to peel the avocado pulp and discard the bone. Once peeled, it is scratched, cut into dice or slices.

Since the avocado has a high fat content, a low fat must be used for salad dressings in which this ingredient is present.

An excellent dressing for a salad with an exotic fruit would be: olive oil, skimmed yogurt, lemon juice.


Cocktails that include avocado are an incomparable vitamin drink to any medication. The exceptional taste of this exotic fruit allows it to combine it with both fruits and vegetables and dairy products.

The drink is very easy to prepare and requires a minimum time. Drinking 1 cocktail a day, a person instantly saturates the body of useful vitamins, vital to maintain immunity and prevent the development of various diseases.

The product, released from the peel and seed, is mixed in a blender with any fruit, herbs and vegetables, adding to the puree prepared with dairy products, drinking water or juice.

The vitamin shake should be taken an hour before or after the main food. This will help quickly assimilate the drink and allow the entry into the body of the maximum number of healthy microelements.

Important: avocado should not be maintained as the main ingredient for long periods of time. Due to the presence of large amounts of iron particles in the fruit. Slicing avocados begin to oxidize quickly and lose their aesthetic appearance when they come into contact with the air.

Possible dangers and contraindications

Despite the numerous health avocado benefits, their consumption is strictly prohibited for people who suffer

  • Allergies to citrus.
  • Diseases of the digestive system.
  • Latex allergies.
  • Drop.
  • Immune system disorders.

Product abuse can cause adverse reactions, which will appear in the form of: cutaneous eruptions, swelling, vomiting, difficulty breathing.

WARNINGS. Before introducing avocado in your diet, it is necessary to consult a doctor – nutritionist.

Avocado is an exotic fruit, which has an unlimited amount of vitamins in its composition. Avocado is an exotic fruit with an infinite amount of vitamins and vitamins essential for vitality and wel l-being.

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