Barley drinks: coffee, tea, milk, kvas. What are they?

Barley drinks are the common name of barle y-based drinks. The most popular is beer, made with barley and hops. However, barbada si n-without alcohol is increasingly popular. The main characteristic of these drinks are their health benefits. They can act as coffee analogues, rye beer, tea, being more useful or less harmful.

The benefits of barley drinks

  • They are rich in fiber and beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract. They accelerate metabolism.
  • For their vitamin composition, they help the functioning of the liver and eliminate toxins.
  • They improve the immune system. Taking barley drinks, you will relieve the course of colds.
  • Barley is a protein-carbohydrate product. All kinds of drinks based on it will help replace strength and stabilize the nervous system.
  • They improve skin quality.

For the women

  • Barley coffee can be a safer coffee substitute and help you overcome caffeine addiction.
  • Regular consumption of barley drinks is a preventive measure against breast cancer and other types of cancer.
  • Improves the state of hair, nails and skin.
  • Calm the nervous system and relieve painful processes.

For men

Increases power thanks to nitric oxide and arginine contained in the composition, which helps fight the dysfunction of the sexual system.

It maintains the organism in good shape thanks to its high content in Selenium, which improves the functioning of the heart and pancreas.


Caffeine can cause an increase in blood pressure, which can cause abortion or premature birth. Therefore, pregnant women are recommended to be “in a situation” to drink a coffee based drink. A coffe e-based drink can be an excellent substitute for the original drink. Women in breastfeeding should not drink coffee. A barle y-based drink is recommended as an alternative. It does not contain caffeine, so it is less dangerous for pregnant and infant women.

If it is in breastfeeding period

There is no definitive opinion on whether barley drinks are useful or harmful during breastfeeding. However, if you decide to take some barley, you should not start with “shocking” doses. Drink a cup and watch for a few days. If there are no negative consequences, you can include this type of drinks in your diet.


Children will benefit especially from the vitamin wealth of barley drinks. It must also be remembered that barley broths reinforce the immunity of children.

To lose weight

The antioxidant property of barley favors weight loss. Its consumption helps eliminate toxins from the organism. Barley also accelerates metabolism. This means that weight loss will be more effective if you consume barle y-based drinks.

For older people

Compounds that help the body produce collagen. It follows that cereal drinks have a “rejuvenating” effect, since they improve the quality of the skin and health of the bones. In addition, barley consumption strengthens the cardiovascular system.

What ailments is it for?

For Duodeno diseases. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Help liver to eliminate toxins from the organism. It has bactericidal properties, which means that you can relieve colds.

If you decide to include barley drinks in your diet, it should be taken into account that they contain gluten. Its consumption must be discouraged to celiac people.

  • Too frequent consumption of barle y-based drinks can cause weight gain.
  • They can cause sugar drops. It alters its composition. For diabetics, this means adjusting insulin intake.
  • It can cause allergies.
  • The cooking of the grain produces the acrylamide toxin, which can increase the chances of developing cancer. However, if barley coffee is taken in moderation, the risks are reduced considerably.

Calories, vitamins and minerals

Caloric value 370 kcal Macronutrients 645 mg OLIGOEMENTS 5. 83 mg
Proteins 6 г Potassium, k 337 mg Iron, faith 2, 248 mg
Fats 0. 2 г Calcium, ca. 22. 93 mg Manganese, mn 1, 547 mg
Carbohydrates 86 г Magnesium, mg 82. 25 mg Copper, cu 354. 44 mcg
Dietary fiber 12. 6 г Sodium, Na 6. 98 mg Selenium, se 27, 567 mcg
Water 10. 4 г Phosphorus, p 196 mg Zinc, zn 2, 043 mg
Vitamins х
Vitamin A, Re 0. 5 µg
Betacarotene 0. 006 mg
Vitamin B1, thiamine 0. 487 mg
Vitamin B2, Riboflavin 0, 187 mg
Vitamin B4, Colina 5. 38 mg
Vitamin B5, Pantotenic 0. 472 mg
Vitamin B6, pyridoxine 0. 275 mg
Vitamin B9, folate 20, 937 µg
Vitamin E, Alfa Tocoferol, you 0, 754 mg
Vitamin K, phylloquinone 4 micrograms
Vitamin RR, ne 2, 693 mg


Barley coffee is an interesting flavor drink, made from barley and can be used as a coffee substitute. It has a touch of bread flavor and does not have the same aroma and taste as normal coffee.

  • Barley milk (if you have information) is a natural beverage based on barley rich in protein, sugars and minerals. It is especially useful for people with lactose intolerance.
  • The barley kvas is a tonic kvas based on barley malt. It is easy to prepare. For 3 liters of water a glass of grain is needed (preferably made), a tablespoon of honey and yeast. What are the benefits of barley kvas? In addition to the beneficial properties of barley KVAS already mentioned, it is also useful because it can relieve the symptoms of allergies. You can also use barley kvas as a basis for an Okroshka.
  • Barley tea is one of the most popular barley drinks. It can be consumed both hot and cold. It is very healthy and easy to prepare. It is usually prepared soaking barley grains in hot water. In tea bags already prepared, barley is previously tuesta.
  • “Old Mill” is a barley drink made with natural grains. It only contains barley grains. A healthy, tasty and cheap product.
  • “Barley Spike” and “Golden Spike” are analogs of ground coffee, whose main ingredient are barley and rye grains. Normally, a tablespoon of dust is needed per cup of boiling water.”Barley spike” has a taste more similar to coffee, since it contains achicoria as well as ground barley grains.
  • “Golden Spike” has a richer cereal composition. It is essentially a mixture of barley and rye grains. It prepares in the same way as ordinary coffee.

Preparation technology

Coffee is made toasting and moving natural coffee beans. All ingredients are natural, chemical additives are not used. Coffee grains are not limited to barley. Golden Spikey is made with roasted and ground grains of barley, oats and rye.

How to consume and prepare

A similar drink is very simple to prepare. Popular recipe:

  • 3 teaspoons of this cereal are needed.
  • Rinse the grain well under the jet of cold water and sequence it. You can do it by placing the future coffee on a napkin.
  • Hot a dried pan and add the dry barley.
  • Remove until the grains have obscured and detach a pleasant smell.
  • Grind the cooled grains in a coffee grinder.
  • Pour the dust into a cup and pour boiling water on top.
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