Beijing colm, benefits and losses

For many years, Chinese cabbage is on store shelves and markets. It used to be imported from foreign countries, so its cost was high and, in fact, no Russian knew the Col de Beijin, its benefits and its damages. For a long time he woke up any interest among people. But time passed, the vegetable began to be cultivated worldwide and its price fell significantly. The cabbage has become especially popular among the devotees of healthy lifestyles and adequate nutrition.

Although no one knew the benefits of this vegetable for decades, it has now become one of the most popular. It is added to salads, sandwiches, soups and main dishes. There are pekin cabbage not only pale green, but also with purple and completely purple elements. In addition, tone does not affect its properties, but only serves to decorate the appearance of the dishes.

The Beijing Col of Vitamins and Oligoements. It can help improve immunity, normalize blood and blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract, get rid of excess weight.

Beast of Beijing. What is this vegetable?

The Beijing Col of China is a vegetable. Later it was grown in Korea and Japan. The plant is annual and cold resistant. This quality has allowed him to extend all over the world. The “Petsai”, as they call it in the Middle Kingdom, is a basic food at the Chinese table. The Beijing Col of Chinese Col. It grows in the form of cabbage or leaf lettuce.

Externally, the cabbage is similar to Roman lettuce. Its leaves gather in a dense beam, reaching a length of 50 cm. The interior is green with yellow veins. The color of the leaves can vary from yellow to bright green. The most juicy outbreaks are collected in their ribs. They are wide and fleshy.

For the rest, the Col de Beijin is called a salad due to its specific growth and form. It is a substitute for salad leaves. Of delicate taste and juicy leaves, it is added to snacks, green salads.

The most useful nutrients of the “Beijing Plant” are found in the veins. The mistake that many people make is to cut the fleshy part and leave only tender leaves. The Beijing Col of Beijing is the most juicy variety among its “sisters.”They are excellent not just to eat them raw. They are used in stews, soups and rolls of col. In beet soup it is much more tender than the usual white hB. Its delicate and subtle taste will delight any housewife.

It does not have a marked colm flavor. It can be used for all the dishes to which other types of salad and cabbage are added. It is suitable for sour and swallowing.

The properties of the Chinese Col

Chinese cabbage has been cultivated for more than 150 years in northern China and Japan. It is a vegetable of the family of the choles. For many years it was only grown in Asia, but about 50 years ago it gained popularity in Europe and the US. It also began to cultivate on a large scale in Russia.

The main feature of the Beijing Col of Vitamins and Oligoements. It is full of vitamin A, PP, B. contains large amounts of selenium, iron and copper. The Beijing Col has 5 times more ascorbic acid than leaf lettuce. Another advantage is that it does not lose its useful properties during thermal treatment: all vitamins and microelements are preserved.

Fresh Beijing Cola leaves contain 95% water, 5% fiber, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The product contains only 16 kcal per 100 g, so it can be used safely in any diet. The organism digests it easily. The gastrointestinal tract needs little time to digest vegetables. At the same time, after consuming the cabbage, satiety remains for a long time.

The benefits of Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage has a complex chemical composition. This automatically includes in the list of essential foods for the human body. Lysine cleans toxins blood, lactucin improves the functioning of the nervous system, eliminates insomnia and improves sleep quality. Ascorbic acid reinforces the immune system and eliminates avitaminosis.

The amino acid complex favors:

  • slow down the aging process
  • improve digestion;
  • Prevent the formation of cholesterol plates;
  • Elimination of excess liquid from the organism;
  • Prevent the pathology of the cardiovascular system
  • Prevent the formation of atherosclerosis;
  • suppression of depression and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Standardization of metabolism and blood pressure.

100 g of China colm contain 16 kcal, 1. 2 g of protein, 0. 2 g of fats and 16 g of carbohydrates. Its low caloric content allows it to be used as a complement to any diet.

In ancient China it was believed that Chinese cabbage was the most effective remedy against headaches and infectious diseases.

It is especially beneficial for the female and male reproductive function. In men it helps the functioning of the prostate and prevents inflammation of the urinary system. Women should consume Chinese colt during pregnancy. Its iron content prevents anemia.

Thanks to lactucin, the “peking” is considered an antidepressant. The alkaloid has a positive effect on the nervous system, normalizes blood pressure and metabolism.

Its high fiber content normalizes metabolism and feces, and minerals eliminate excess fluid and get rid of edema. Chinese cabbage is prescribed to increase hemoglobin and reduce cholesterol.

For the women

Chinese cabbage has great benefits for women and, if recommendations are followed, it does not harm anyone.

Chinese cabbage favors weight loss. That is why it is the main component of many diets. A “Col de Beijin” diet helps to get rid of 5-10 kg. The fiber eliminates the toxins of the organism.

The high vitamin C content of the harvest, helps collagen production. It makes the skin elastic and firm and prolongs its youth.

The Beijing Col is especially useful during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If the consumption of ordinary white hins is not recommended to avoid the formation of gases, the Beijing Col can eat even raw.

Doctors recommend eating up to 300 grams of the leaves 4 times a week to maintain the general state of the agency and immunity. The vitamin-minine complex improves blood circulation, metabolism, improves breastfeeding and has a positive effect on the baby’s nervous system.

Another useful property for pregnant women is the ability of the cabbage to relieve swelling. However, Chinese cabbage can contribute both benefits and damages to human beings. Therefore, although there was no intolerance before pregnancy, it must be consumed with extreme caution during pregnancy. It can cause swelling and diarrhea. To begin with, the vegetable must be consumed in small quantities. The dose can be increased depending on the state of the organism.

For men

Although men do not like vegetables, Chinese cabbage can radically change this prejudice. After all, this vegetable can improve sensitivity during intercourse, as well as prevent premature ejaculation.

Chinese cabbage prevents the development of impotence. This vegetable restores the functioning of the urinary system, relieves pain when urinating and eliminates inflammation.

For the figure

The low caloric content of the Chinese cabbage, only 16 calories per 100 grams of product, helps to get rid of excess weight and this is important for men, perhaps even more than for women. The juicy, flesh and fiber leaves take away hunger for a long time. Therefore, to diet it is not necessary to use drugs that artificially suppress the appetite.

When diet is made, it is allowed to consume the pekin col in a thermally processed and processed. Although a lot of energy is required to process the product, the body receives the necessary portion of enzymes and a small dose of calories. At the same time, it accelerates the intestinal function and slows the absorption of fats and carbohydrates. That is why it is possible to lose weight.

Taking Chinese col in the diet regularly reduces the amount of liquid that is drinking. It is composed of 95% water. Normalizes metabolism and eliminates edema, which positively affects weight loss thanks to its diuretic effect. This vegetable satues the energy organism and relieves chronic fatigue.

The Beijing Collify the blood, eliminating toxins, strengthening bone tissue, improving immunity, getting rid of depression, calming nerves, reducing cholesterol. It also has a diuretic effect. A glass of juice of Col de Beijin will relieve the hangover, help to keep the vocal cords and recover the voice.

Chinese colt for diabetes

This vegetable will be very beneficial for people suffering from diabetes. Its acids and proteins can suppress appetite and give a feeling of satiety. It will prevent it from winning too much weight.

Beijing juice will eliminate cholesterol from the organism, relieving the need for additional insulin. This is due to its low starch and sugar content.

Chinese cabbage for gastritis

Chinese cabbage in this disease can contribute both benefits and damages to the body. That is why it is forbidden to eat raw leaves with gastritis. They cause irritation in the walls of the intestine and stomach. Spices added to food can aggravate the disease. It is allowed to eat a Beijing Col in a stew without spices. However, caution must be taken. If the slightest discomfort is felt, the cabbage must be discarded. The body is unique and can react to certain foods. At the same time, Chinese cabbage juice has an absorbent and astringent effect. Heals the damaged parts of the intestine and helps restore the secretory function.

Beijing colt for swelling

For people whose stomach is prone to swelling and abdominal distension, Chinese cabbage is harmful. If large quantities are consumed, diarrhea and vomiting may occur. When combined with fermented dairy products, cheese, the COL causes flatulence.

Chinese cabbage for gout

In the treatment of gout, the Beijing Col is one of the most useful products. Eliminates excess water, salt and toxins from the organism. These are the main areas in the treatment of the disease. Gota occurs when there is an excess uric acid and salt in the body.

Chinese colm

The amount of beneficial properties of Chinese cabbage is significantly higher than damages for the body. But it has disadvantages and it is important to take them into account before consuming it.

For example, there are a series of contraindications that are worth refraining from eating “Col de Beijin”. Between them

  • gastritis accompanied by high acidity;
  • gastric and duodenal ulcers;
  • colitis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • Individual into the Col;
  • susceptibility to allergic reactions;
  • constipation and diarrhea.

Some substances interfere in the absorption of iodine in the body and, therefore, reduce the production of thyroid hormones. It is not recommended in case of thyroid disorders.

Do not combine Chinese cabbage with dairy products to avoid swelling, cramps and flatulence.

Respecting restrictions and recommendations, Chinese cabbage will only provide benefits and will not harm its body or their health. If you consume the product regularly, you will soon notice an improvement in your general health.

How to choose Chinese cabbage?

Chinese cabbage is a variety of early maturation. Therefore, producers use very rarely nitrates to favor their growth. But beyond that, there are a number of signs to distinguish a quality vegetable from a bad product.

  1. Soft and flaccid leaves indicate a rancid vegetable.
  2. A quality vegetable must have an intense color, without spots.
  3. Choose thicker and fierce heads. They are more juicy and fleshy.
  4. It is better to buy warehouse stored lettuce. Under the aluminum foil, bacteria can be formed due to high humidity.
  5. In winter, you should only buy Col in places of proven quality. It can be too frozen.
  6. A quality product must have a smell similar to that of herbs.

These rules will help you choose a fresh and tasty colt. It will be a complement to any dish.

Popular recipes with Chinese cabbage

Chinese colm is a vegetable that is already ready to consume. The only thing to do is rinse it with water. You do not need mandatory heat treatment. Lettuce leaves can be used to prepare popular “remedies”: decoctions, compresses.

Decoction for insomnia

You need 250 g of cabbage leaves, pour 2 cups of cold water. Then put in a pot, bring to boil and cook over low heat for 15 minutes over low heat.

Compress for mastitis in women

During breastfeeding, inappropriate compresses can be harmful to the body. The benefit of Chinese cabbage for women is that it can get rid of stagnant milk.

A compress made with a finely grated mixture, flour and honey can help with mastitis. The mixture must be applied in the chest at night.

To prevent mastitis, Raw Coma of Beijing seasoned with olive oil or sunflower.

Ocular compress for ocular fatigue

Boil the cabbage leaves and crush them with a fork. Matar with olive oil and cover the eyelids for 20 minutes.

How is Chinese cabbage preserved?

Chinese cabbage can be kept in the refrigerator up to three days. If it is wrapped well in plastic and left in a vegetable drawer, you can keep its freshness up to 10 days.

As soon as the leaves of the col begin to get yellow, you have to remove them and consume the vegetable soon.

What to prepare with China Col?

Chinese col dishes are useful and tasty at the same time. They are distinguished by being tender and nutritious.

The demand for this healthy vegetable is not so great. Does not scarce and is present on the shelves of any important store. Although unimportant is the mistake of many housewives. This is because, apart from salads, they do not know what to prepare with the Petsai.

The Beijing Col of Beijing combines in the dishes with all kinds of vegetables, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and celery. Those who like unusual combinations can add citrus, seeds and apples to the salad.

Chinese cabbage is used to prepare soups and borsches, cabbage chops and stuffed collos rolls. They get on, come out and canned. The chucrut can fry, boil or stew. You can add a salad of this vegetable to a garrison or to any other dish. It is tender and juicy.

The Col of Beijing, common and abode, is a mandatory element of the diet around the world, but not only provides benefits, but also damages. Makes meals more satiating. The abundance of useful elements and vitamins improves health, reinforces immunity and stabilizes the nervous system.

To fully experiment the benefits and avoid damage to the body of the Chinese cabbage, it is important to know the measure. The vegetable has some contraindications and must follow the recommendations to avoid negative effects.

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