Benefits and damages of Belladona for Health

Belladona is a plant from the genus Nightshade that grows in warm or temperate climates.

Characteristics and description

Belladona Negra is a unique berry. It is often confused with a weed or poisonous fruit due to its little demanding nature. However, it is difficult to overestimate the usefulness of this fruit. With it they prepare not only traditional medicinal remedies, but also delicious delicacies.

Where does it grow?

The berry can be found almost everywhere: it grows in ravines, along Barrancos, at the edges of the roads, in orchards and gardens, among other plants. The plant requires little attention, so it adapts well to any type of terrain or grass.

The black fruit is well known throughout the Russian Federation. It can be found in almost any area, except in the north, since there the temperature is lower than the necessary for the plant.

By the way, it is usually thought that Belladona is a plant from Europe, which was accidentally introduced in North America. Currently, it can be found in countries such as Germany, Italy, Ukraine, France, Greece and Bulgaria.

Their appearance

Belladona is an annual plant. It has large, straight and erect stems. The leaves are simple and alternate along the stem. They measure 12-13 centimeters long and about 8 centimeters wide. The edge is flat.

They present veins. White flowers form inflorescences. The plant blooms from the late spring to the beginning of autumn. The fruits, of matte surface, mature towards the beginning of autumn.

Plant content (chemical composition)

The fruit contains various substances that make it beneficial for the body. The chemical structure of the berry contains carotene, calcium, potassium, manganese, ascorbic acid, magnesium salts, tannins, routine, manganese, sugars and an organic acid complex.

Belladone species

The berry has more than a thousand different subspecies, being the main ones: false belladonna, paimentosa, papillosa, red, sweet and bitter. Take a look at each subspecies below.

False Belladona pepper


The infusion of this product is used to treat diseases of the genitourinary system, relieve pain in inflammatory processes of the body. In Popular Medicine, a Belladona tincture is used to treat malignant tumors.


Belladona’s tincture is used in popular medicine to treat many ailments. It is considered one of the best remedies for spasmodic pain. In their preparation, 20-30 grams of finely ground grams and 100 grams of vodka are usually used. 10 to 12 drops are taken during the day.

Belladona juice

Belladona juice is known for its miraculous properties. It has a positive effect on visual, digestive and genitourinary systems and reinforces the body’s immune system.

Belladone ointment

There are enough recipes to make Belladona ointment. In fact, this magical remedy helps cure many inflammatory diseases, relieves swelling, disinfects wounds and reinforces the immune system.

Adequate Belladona Negra collection and storage

Most of the time, berries dry and then used in the preparation of various drinks: juice, tea, broth and all kinds of tinctures. Belladona is excellent for home storage, provided that the temperature is not too high. The fruits can be conserved for years.

Milenrama is a wonderful plant with a series of unique properties. It is advisable to try to use it to prepare juices or other drinks with miraculous properties.

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