Benefits and damages of kefir for men

The kefir is a popular fermented dairy drink that is made with milk. It has a pleasant and soft taste and is good to cool off. They can consume not only adults, but also children.

But before using any product it is advisable to evaluate its benefits and damages for a particular person. Kéfir: What are your benefits for men? With the competent use of this drink can improve health and wel l-being, but there are certain contraindications.

Chemical composition and calories

To obtain kefir, milk and mother dough are used. The fermentation process produces a balanced drink that contains more than 20 lactic bacteria. These have a positive effect on the body. The main elements included are group B vitamins, ascorbic acid, hill, retinol and vitamins D and H. Kéfir has a high content of proteins and carbohydrates, as well as fatty acids and ethyl alcohol. It contains calcium, cobalt, zinc, chlorine, fluorine, manganese and many other mineral compounds.

The kefir is sold with different fat content, which directly affects the caloric value. It varies from 30 to 59 kcal per 100 ml. It is considered that the indisputable advantage of the Kéfir product is its high calcium content, higher than milk. The product is often used by people who try to lose weight.

Kéfir properties for men

Before consuming any product, it is advisable to study the beneficial and harmful properties. The kefir often buys men who care about their health, since the drink has many beneficial characteristics.


The beneficial properties of the drink include

  • Improvement of intestinal microflora, since a barrier is formed that prevents the reproduction of unfavorable bacteria
  • its diuretic effect normalizes blood pressure;
  • It has a positive effect on the nervous system;
  • Regular kefir consumption reinforces the immune system;
  • The organism is enriched with calcium and other trace elements;
  • The work of the liver and the entire digestive system is normalized
  • Blood sugar levels lower
  • Metabolism is accelerated;
  • Even after a glass of kefir a person feels satiated, although the drink does not represent a heavy product;
  • Thanks to their low caloric content, the men who take care of their figure consume it;
  • It contains many proteins to increase muscle mass, so athletes include this product in their diet;
  • It provides a relaxing effect that allows depression, anxiety or stress;
  • Reduction of stomach heaviness after a meal
  • Elimination of intestine toxins
  • treatment and prevention of dissbacteriosis
  • Relief of poisoning;
  • It is recommended to regularly consume kefir to men with high cholesterol;
  • Prevention of pathological changes in the cardiac system;
  • Relief of the bleeding of gums and prevention of tooth decay;
  • prevention of liver cirrhosis;
  • Improve the effect of medications and often relieves allergic reactions to them.

Damages and contraindications

Although kefir in most cases has a positive effect on men’s health, but it is not recommended to abuse this drink, and there are some contraindications. Therefore, there are nuances to take into account:

  • Some people have individual intolerance to dairy products, so they are not allowed to consume kefir even in small doses;
  • In case of gastritis, it is not allowed to drink, since it is due to an increase in acidity in the stomach;
  • It is forbidden to consume the product after an attack of pancreatitis;
  • It is important to avoid kefir after an ulcer exacerbation;
  • Some doctors believe that it is harmful to consume the dairy product at night, since it causes an increase in soda;
  • People suffering from diarrhea should frequently be careful when consuming the product.

It does not consume rancid products, since they lack healthy ingredients and increase alcohol concentration. These actions lead to poisoning, so it is advisable to drink all the drink immediately after purchase.

How to choose when buying

We recommend buying only products made with kefir ferments. Unnecessary additives represented by emulgent, preservatives, dyes or sweeteners are not allowed.

A drink with a fat content of 2. 5 to 3. 2 % is considered healthier. If quality products are not available in stores, Kéfir can be made on your own, but only homemade milk is used.

What is the correct way to drink kefir for men?

The benefits of this drink are reduced if it is not consumed correctly. It is not recommended to drink kefir immediately after a meal, so it is advisable to wait about two hours. You should not drink directly from the fridge, so it must be left at room temperature for half an hour.

It is recommended that men not drink more than two glasses a day. It is often preferred to drink kefir before bedtime, allowing to reconcile the dream without a feeling of hunger. As the product is low in calories, we must not worry about weight gain. You can drink a glass of kefir with empty stomach and intestine, allowing the stomach and intestines to actively work. In doing so, they enter the organism beneficial and micronutrient bacteria, which increases food digestibility, and no swelling or heaviness occurs.

What to combine it

Kéfir is a healthy and appetizing product, but people do not always prefer to consume it in its usual way, so it tends to combine it with other pleasant foods. The fermented dairy drink combines well with vegetables, fruit and bran. These additions contribute to improving their flavor.

With bran

This combination is good for the liver and intestines. The bran helps to clean the toxin organism. A teaspoon of bran is enough for a glass of kefir. The products mix well, after which it is advisable to leave the drink for 30 minutes to soften the bran.

The resulting product is recommended to consume it with an empty stomach, which allows stimulating the digestive system so that it works in a healthy and complete way throughout the day.


Cinnamon has many health benefits, since it accelerates metabolism, increases blood circulation and helps improve libido. It combines well with the kefir, but it is advisable to add some spicy, otherwise a burning and unpleasant taste is obtained.

With prayers

This combination helps achieve a soft laxative effect. A few nuts are added, which are initially washed well and the nuggets are removed. The remaining pulp is poured with water for 3 hours, obtaining a soft product. It looks finely and adds to a glass of kefir.

To achieve a laxative effect, it is advisable to consume the drink in the morning on an empty stomach. It is not necessary to pour the water in which the prayers were left, since it helps to soften the feces.

With garlic

The combination of kefir and garlic is not a very pleasant drink, but it helps to reinforce immunity, get rid of parasites and deal with disbacteriosis.

To prepare the drink, two garlic cloves are used, which are crushed until a homogeneous pulp is obtained. It is added to a glass of kefir, after which the drink is introduced into the refrigerator. You drink at night before bedtime.

With honey

This drink is used by men fighting to lose weight. Adding honey, a tasty drink is obtained that eliminates the desire to eat sweet and calorie foods. It is recommended to add only 1 teaspoon of honey per vessel of kefir, and it is convenient to buy a fa t-free drink.

This product can be consumed at night instead of dinner or after it. Sometimes it can be taken between food and dinner.

With apple

With this fruit the therapeutic properties of the kefir are enhanced, since a vitamin cocktail that has a laxative effect is obtained. Clean the organism and reinforce the immune system.

First an apple peels and the seeds are removed, then it is scratched. The pulp is added to a glass of kefir. You can drink in the morning or at night.

With olive oil

This combination is ideal for constipation, and for this 200 ml of kefir is heated, after which 1 teaspoon of olive oil is added.

The resulting solution should be preferably consumed before bedtime, so that in the morning there are no stool problems.

With sugar

If you do not like fermented flavor, you can add sugar, but it is advisable not to pass with this addition. To get a sweet drink, just add 1 teaspoon of sugar to a glass of liquid.

Special conservation

The kefir is only preserved in the refrigerator at low temperature. After opening the container or the bottle, it is advisable to drink all the drink within one day, since otherwise it loses its properties.

Kéfir comparison with milk

The question of what is healthier for man is often arises: kefir or milk. Each drink has its pros and cons. In most cases, it is kefir who has more significant benefits for health. There are reasons for this:

  • Milk is not good for all people, since many men stop working with age the enzymes necessary to decompose milk, which often causes diarrhea or other problems with the digestive system, but the kefir has much less lactose, which makes the product easier to process;
  • The kefir lacks many of the harmful sugars of milk;
  • The dairy product contains many bacteria that have positive effects on the body, but that are not present in milk;
  • During the processing of milk in factory conditions, most useful properties are lost, so the constant use of this product still does not achieve a different person vitamins or other useful substances.

Due to the previous kefir parameters it is considered more useful, but only if you buy fresh and quality product.

Kéfir is a healthy drink that contains a large number of vitamins and other useful components. But it is important to choose the product wisely, and also consume it in moderation. You have to avoid drinking it if you are hypersensitive to it or if certain stomac h-related diseases or intestinal tract are suffered.

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