Benefits and damages of quail eggs for women

In the diet of many people who control their health, it is increasingly possible to find a unique product of poultry farming: quail eggs. What is this about? In addition to their excellent taste characteristics, they have a wide range of nutrients and trace elements, which provide comprehensive benefits to the body. They are an ideal ingredient for many dishes and give them a delicate taste. They are a versatile product that women and children like for their unusually small size and their interesting color. Thus, the benefits and damages of quail eggs for women is not a minor matter. Let’s go to the bottom of the matter.

Quail eggs and chicken eggs: Are there differences?

Let’s start with the obvious: size. Depending on the variety of both, the size difference is 3 to 5 times greater in favor of chicken eggs. Consequently, the weight of quail eggs is 10-15 grams, and that of 35-50 grams chicken. Quail eggs cannot be confused with other quail eggs: their motley coloration in black spots is familiar to many people.

As for their bioactive composition, they also differ, but only slightly. As for polyunsaturated fats and vitamins of group B, quail eggs win. But chicken eggs contain fluoride and vitamin D, while quail are not. There is little difference in cholesterol content: quail eggs have 12% more cholesterol. Its potassium content is about 5 times higher. The group of vitamins containing quail eggs differs slightly in more. As for the mineral content (vitamins, trace elements, minerals), they exceed their chicken counterparts. In this the shell plays a role, of which food additives are made. Protein content also exceeds: 13 g. In 100 grams, but in the chicken – 12. But the content of fat and carbohydrates is lower, but not significantly.

An important fact is that, when they eat raw, it is impossible to contract salmonellosis, which cannot be said of the chicken. They are also hypoallergenic: they can be introduced into the diet at any age, without fear of an allergic response of the organism.

Peculiarities of biological composition and calories

If it includes in your diet a product as valuable from the biological point of view as quail eggs, you will not need to take supplements or prepared proteins and vitamins. This is due to a balanced composition of minerals and vitamins, with which the body is able to replenish the lack of the lacks. And its concentration is much higher than that of other eggs. Includes:

  • Vitamins A, E, PP and Group B;
  • Mineral content – phosphorus, copper, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, cobalt, manganese, chlorine, sulfur, magnesium, sodium;
  • Essential amino acids – Metionine, tryptophan, omeg a-3, lysine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, arginine, histidine, valine;
  • Substitute amino acids – glycine, cysteine, proline, glutamic, asparagine, serine.

Healing qualities and benefits for human being

Already at the time of pharaohs, meat and quail eggs were considered medicinal products in Egypt. For the same reason, Japan began to tame and raise new quail. At the same time, quail eggs began to be used in traditional Chinese medicine. In Japan, by the way, to this day a mixture of quail eggs and other natural ingredients treat asthma and sexual disorders in men, and in primary schools, they are bound by law to feed children.

Metabolism benefits

Each substance under the shell of this small egg entails its own benefits when consumed regularly. Doctors and nutritionists observe positive changes in the wel l-being of women who have included quail eggs in their daily diet. The general tone of the body increases, the organism accumulates less fatigue, there is more activity and joy of living.

This is due to the effect of product composition on metabolism and energy exchange. Especially active are group B vitamins, which have a positive effect on it and play an active role in most vital cycles of the organism. The eggs have a high energy content, so they save our hunger for a long time. All body functions and systems obtain the micro and macronutrients necessary for their normal functioning and recovery, thanks to which metabolism is normalized.

The use of quail eggs in the postpartum period

The biologically active substances of this product contribute to the normalization of the hormonal activity of the young mother after childbirth. Since eggs have a balanced proportion of FU, vitamins and trace elements, have a positive effect on the recovery of the organism and in their form after pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, it is not forbidden to eat them during breastfeeding, since it is a no n-allergenic product, unlike other types of eggs.

Clean and revitalize the organism

This unique nutritional product also makes you feel good and increase your energy actively eliminating toxins when you consume it regularly. Amino acids bind to harmful waste products and eliminate them. Group B vitamins are good for cleaning the digestive system and the bloodstream of toxins and harmful compounds. Therefore, it has been observed that women who consume quail eggs in their diet improve the appearance of their skin, hair and nails, as well as their general tone and mood.

Effect on cholesterol levels

Codorniz cholesterol has a beneficial effect at all stages of the digestive process. Help the liver to produce important enzymes for digestion.

According to scientists, the prudent consumption of these eggs is only beneficial, and you cannot speak of an increase in “bad” cholesterol levels that can be harmful to health. On the contrary, if a person is healthy and there are no anomalies in metabolic processes, eggs can reduce cholesterol levels. For an adult organism, 5-7 eggs is a safe amount; You do not fear any disorder when introducing this product into the diet.

Regarding the consumption of eggs and cholesterol, it must be remembered that the change of their level in the blood does not depend on food consumption, where cholesterol is present. It only depends on metabolic disorder. In phase 2 of diabetes (when metabolic syndrome is diagnosed), it is not advisable to eat any egg, since there is a risk of myocardial infarction and stroke. If you have inflammation of the gallbladder (cholecystitis), it is also better to avoid them.

In general, if you suffer from any disease, it is best to consult your doctor or dietitian when introducing a new food into your diet. Since each body is different and the current state of health can vary.

Relationship between the consumption of quail eggs and blood pressure

Docosahexaenoic essential fatty acid, known by us as Omega-3, helps stabilize blood pressure, and when taken regularly, even with quail eggs, maintains its normal level. This directly reduces the probability of cardiovascular disorders in women. Potassium, which has vasodilator properties, relieves the pressure of arteries and vessels throughout the circulatory system, which also helps reduce pressure to normal levels.

Prevention of mastitis and breast cancer

If the body of a woman has deficiencies of nutrients, vitamins and minerals for a long period of time (for example, due to constant diets or inappropriate diet), the synthesis of female hormones is altered, among other things. This is one of the reasons for the development of a disease as insidious as mastopathy, which over time can become breast cancer.

The quail egg, as a source of biologically active and dense vitamins and substances in nutrients, is perfect for prevention of breast diseases. VitaminsA, E and B6 that contains, act in combination to stabilize the hormonal background of women: standardized levels of estrogen, progesterone and prolactin – hormones that have a positive effect on the health of breast tissue.

Reduction of osteoporosis risk

Osteoporosis (increased bone fragility) affects women during menopause. At this time, doctors recommend adding foods rich in calcium to the diet. The consumption of quail eggs will help maintain the health of the bone system in women. Its mottled peel contains a high percentage of calcium hydrocarbonate, which the body almost completely absorbs.

In addition, it contains manganese, phosphorus, fluorine and other trace elements and compounds found in the egg itself. Crushing, it has a high therapeutic activity, so when it is consumed as a dietary supplement with meals, you do not have to worry about its excess being deposited in the body. It will take both calcium and need, and the excess will eliminate it naturally.

The quail egg for women after 50 is also useful for the crushed cortex. It can be taken as prophylactic osteoporosis during menopause, twice a year. It can be added directly to meals, fasting or after eating – no matter. But it is even more comfortable to prepare a powder solution. It is poured into a bottle at the rate of a teaspoon per liter and is left infusion for about 5 hours. Then you can drink without more or prepare tea, coffee, infusions, soups, etc. In this way, the body receives enough calcium ions and other substances.

Recommendations for quail eggs

Because of its rich content in folic acid, this product is undoubtedly beneficial for the female body. It helps maintain the health of the reproductive system, to minimize the risk of developing a uterine myoma and to normalize the cycle stabilizing the hormonal background.

They are also useful for girls during puberty, when hormones begin to “get angry”, humor changes, tendency to nervousness, sleep disorders and other “surprises” of this stage of adulthood are usually produced. A balanced diet is essential at this time: a few quail eggs per day are a good way to support the growing body with essential nutrients.

During pregnancy, this product will help the woman’s organism to avoid the appearance of toxicosis. And during breastfeeding, the baby will receive from milk a bouquet of vitamins and minerals for harmonious and healthy development.

These stained gifts of nature are considered a beauty and youth product. There is popular belief in popular medicine that if consumed regularly, the aging process can be slowed. It will also be easier to say goodbye to the kilos of more where you do not need them. Do you dream of having beautiful and thick hair and healthy nails? Then replace the egg dishes with quail eggs. In addition, use the shells as a dietary supplement and will not have to wait long to obtain results.

Suggested quantity

If it is diseases that require a correction of food or a special diet, then the doctor recommends using eggs. In general, children should be allowed under the supervision of their pediatrician: from the year of age you can eat an entire egg yolk, and from two years an entire egg a day. From 3 years and to adolescence (11-12 years) you can eat up to 3 eggs a day. From 4-5 years, whole eggs per day, and up to 6 eggs a day for adults. This is the recommended amount, and by introducing any new product in the diet, you must start with the minimum consumption of 1 egg a day, and monitor the reaction of the body.

Eating quail eggs in packages is not good for health. Eating them in excess, like other products, is contraindicated, since in this case the biliary-excretor system can be altered.

Therapeutic use

As part of the therapeutic diet, quail eggs for raw women are introduced for digestive organ pathologies. They contain many proteins, which revitalize mucous membranes, almost completely and easily digest without forcing the gastrointestinal tract.

Doctors prescribe them to recover from surgical interventions and lon g-term diseases. The product helps the agency recover and gain strength after a long treatment period. The smooth natural antiseptic contained in eggs, which kills bacteria and helps fight infections, helps reinforce the immune system. The high percentage of hill, a substance that sets “bad” cholesterol in the blood, helps normalize its level. The therapeutic effect is especially pronounced when consumed raw (egg punch cocktail, for example). Women introduce this product into therapeutic diets to lose weight and stabilize body weight.

Where to buy, how to choose and store

It is good to buy directly from corral bird breeders, but not many people have this option. The best place to acquire the product is a trusted store, preferably in a place where more than once has been bought and the products have been of high quality. Quality eggs are of dietary category; According to the state norm, they should not have more than 10 days. Each egg must be visibly hung and have bright spots. It is not recommended to wash them after buying them because the protective film of their surface is eliminated and their useful life is shortened. They must be washed immediately before consuming them. In the refrigerator they are preserved up to 2 months, but it is better to eat them while they are fresh, thus the body will receive more benefits.


“Our whole family is a fan of quail eggs. Children take it with shake, I add raw. Throughout the winter, during the colds, we have never been sick, although it is common for us to climb the snowdrifts and get wet theFeet. My grandmother fights cholecystitis with raw eggs, and my diabetic grandfather has lowered the sugar from one to one and has improved her health when she began to take them. And my husband and I do not stay behind. I like the state of my skin, I have no open tips or brittle nails, and in general the general tone of the body is at level. “

“The first time I bought it, I thought I would smell and know a bit weird. EggHe appreciated the size, even the cat ate it, it seemed like he liked it! “

“I spend a lot of time in the gym – my muscular diet includes raw and cooked quail eggs. Lately I have forgotten fatigue, pain and sprains. I also use them externally as part of capillary masks – Wow effect, girls, try it!

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