Benefits and damages of the Rosa Mosqueta root, possible contraindications

In May and June, the public parks and gardens of cities and towns are transformed with the flowering of trees and shrubs. The aroma of bird cherry trees becomes brown, lilacs and the sweet smell of skirmishes between hedges.

Residents and peasants appreciate this spiny shrub not only for the beauty and fragrance of their flowers, but also for the unique healing properties of their fruits, known for a long time for their beneficial effect for human health, the prevention of diseasesand the healing of many ailments.

Although we love and appreciate the fruits and flowers of the Rose Mosqueta, few know the healing properties of the roots of this surprising shrub. After reading the article until the end, you will learn a lot about the benefits and damages of the roots of this wild rose.

Chemical composition and nutritional benefits

The roots of the skirmish in the wealth and variety of valuable organic compounds they contain can compete with their own fruit. It is this wealth that has attracted the attention of herbalists and healers.

  • Glucosides – used to treat heart disease.
  • Tannins: appreciated for its bactericidal properties.
  • Catechins: the most powerful antioxidants.
  • Flavonoids – beneficial for the walls of blood vessels.
  • Pectins are able to eliminate toxins from the organism.

To these substances we must add a large group of acids, essential oils, numerous trace elements and abundant vitamins: starting with A, and the entire group of vitamins B, C, K, E, P and PP.

Using the roots, it was possible to cure many ailments that could not be cured by other means.

Rosa Mosqueta root properties

Unfortunately, science has not studied in detail the composition of the root, the virtues revealed in the centennial practice of healing. The root has many bioactive substances, which has become a significant advantage of its properties.

The main thing is the lowest concentration of vitamin C, which promotes the use of the root for the prevention of calculations in the body of different locations. While vitamin C is necessary for general wel l-being, it is at the same time crucial in calculating.

In the same roots and without ascorbic acid it contains a large set of organic acids that prevent the formation of oxalic acid salts, particularly dangerous due to its ability to become insoluble compounds, the formation of calculations in certain organs.

Organic acids of Rosa Mosqueta roots successfully break such compounds. And its property of causing a diuretic effect, helps eliminate them from the organism.

Useful and therapeutic properties

Herbal and healers make unique potions from the root for the treatment of digestive tract diseases:

  • Diseases of the digestive system
  • Genitourinary system problems
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Articular pains and muscle cramps
  • Skin conditions
  • Higher respiratory colds

The medicinal power of the roots is reinforced by its toning and antimicrobial qualities and its ability to stimulate the general welfare of the organism.

For the women

The reinforcement of blood coagulation is important for the female organism during menstrual hemorrhages. Ant i-inflammatory properties and the ability to resist colds during the preparation of women for motherhood are very valuable. During pregnancy, future mothers have many medications contraindicated, and Rosa Mosqueta root preparations replace them successfully.

For man

Roots are also important to the health of men. The decoctions elaborated from them help to treat the diseases of the prostate. The enzymes present in the roots favor the active resistance of the glands and inflammatory processes. They also help cure prostatitis.

For children

In childhood, the general resistance of the organism is usually reduced. Therefore, children are more prone to colds than adults. Root preparations can help the children’s agency and their general reconstitutional effect stimulates the immune system. The revitalizing effect and the activation of the protective properties of rose mosqueta root substances is irreplaceable, if for any reason, pharmacy medications cannot be applied.

Damage and contraindications

Always and all processes, even those that are known to be beneficial, there is an unregistered factor. And then the use of even the most useful product can be harmful to the body.

Caution. Always consult your doctor before starting a treatment.

There are still risks that can manifest negatively at a given time, so it is recommended to refrain from using Rosa Mosqueta roots in the case of

  • Individual aversion to the Rose Mosqueta.
  • Increased acidity of the digestive system.
  • Allergic reactions
  • Increased blood coagulation
  • Exacerbation of heart and vascular diseases

WARNINGS. The presence of a large number of organic acids active in the roots of the skirmish contributes to the destruction of the dental enamel.

How to use

There are several ways to use roots in healing ailments. From the roots, decoctions, infusions of water, alcoholic tinctures, crushed powder are prepared. The form of application depends on the disease and the objectives that the healer has. For the treatment:

  • Hypotension – Alcoholic tincture is used;
  • Aqueous infusions – a universal treatment for many ailments are considered;
  • Classic decoctions – both internally and externally are used;
  • Polvos are used to prepare ointments, but sometimes they are used internally with water.

In popular medicine

Traditional medicine is known for the use of such treatment methods, of which official medicine is not aware, but its effect is sometimes exceeding all expectations.

To improve the immune system

To reinforce the organism’s protective functions and increase resistance to the harmful effects of pathogens, the traditional decoction of the roots is used. The preparation helps fight the manifestations of colds, acute respiratory infections, bronchitis.

Two tablespoons of crushed roots are slowly boiled at 400 ml of boiling water for a quarter of an hour. After straining honey and drinking in two shots, 200 ml.

A water infusion is a good way to restore health and raise the tone. To prepare it, use roots and dried rose and leaves in a proportion of 1 to 3. A tablespoon of the mixture, boiled in a glass of boiling water, as an infusion of tea, infusion and drink with honey in small portions.

For joint and muscle pain

Muscle pain, joint pain, gout, and in the places of salt deposits are not just unpleasant sensations, sometimes they bring suffering and unbearable agony. The pain is eliminated with a decoction of the roots. It is prepared for half an hour in infusion in a thermos for several hours.

A gauze is soaked in this solution and put on the sore. The treatment must be done throughout the night and place a hot cloth under the dressing.

A vodka tincture can help relieve pain. It is obtained by insisting a cup and a half of sprayed roots in 300 ml of vodka. The infusion is made two weeks in a dark place. The prepared remedy is taken three times a day in a teaspoon.

In the treatment of hepatitis

Attention. Hepatitis is a viral disease, a dangerous complication, to treat it, strong antiviral medication is required in the hospital. The decoction can be good help in the treatment process.

You can join toxins and eliminate them from the body without interfering in the healing process. In addition, the decoction will help protect the liver not only from the medications used, but also from viruses, which are mainly harmful to this organ.

The decoction is prepared with 3 teaspoons of boiled roots in 250 ml of water. The decoction cools, sneaks and drinks for a day before each meal.

For kidney disease

Attention. The kidneys are a vital organ that constantly cleanses blood, pumping up to several hundred liters per day. If there is any problem, go to the doctor immediately.

It may be due to dozens of causes, from simple hypothermia or bruises to severe viral infections or the appearance of cancer.

Root decoctions help heal this organ. A decoction is prepared with 8 tablespoons of roots, pouring them into three glasses of boiling water and continuing the boiling for a quarter of an hour. The decoction is drinking hot, after each meal, no more than one glass.

Elimination of body calculations

The ability to resist the formation of calculations, to stimulate its crushing and induce its departure from the human body, an essential virtue of the roots of Rosa Mosqueta.

The healers have taken advantage of this quality to create a unique Herbal collection, which in addition to the roots, included Melisa, San Juan, Salvia, Hyperical and Oregano. All components are taken in equal volumes, they are carefully crushed and mixed.

From this mixture a healing drink is prepared. Two tablespoons of which 150 ml is poured. of boiling water and insist on a closed container until it cools. Then strain and take three times a day, half an hour before a meal. The withdrawal process continues to the definitive release of these foreign bodies.

Hypertension treatment

Attention! This method is used only to the first symptoms of the disease, its use requires caution.

The preparation is a decoction of a tablespoon of roots in 750 ml of water, boiled twice and insisted in a thermos for three hours. This infusion is consumed as tea, excluding any other drink from the diet. The treatment requires a month and a half, excluding all meat products, giving preference to plant foods.

Antifungal remedy

In the fight against the fungus of the disease, well demonstrated infusion of vodka of Rosa Mosqueta roots. The tincture is prepared in the traditional way, insisting in half a liter of vodka 50 g of roots for fifteen days. For the therapeutic effect it is enough to take 25 ml of tincture a day before meals.

For women’s health

The intensity of bleeding during abundant menstruation, which gives many problems to women, is eliminated by using decoctions. To this contributes the presence of vitamin K in the potion.

For this, a decoction with 4 tablespoons of crushed root is prepared in 300 ml of boiling water. It is boiled for half an hour over low heat. The potion cools, sneaks and takes orally three times a day. Dose of a single reception of 100 ml.

In homemade cosmetology.

Rosa Mosqueta roots in cosmetology are used little, especially at home. They produce a cosmetic effect associated with treatment. The beauty of the skin is restored, it becomes soft, smooth and flexible. Eruptions and black points disappear, and the residual effects of burns are matched.

How to collect and conserve Rosa Mosqueta’s root?

If you have a rose bush in the front garden, that each fall collect from it the fruit, you can take advantage of this gift of nature and save yourself for the winter and the roots of this healing plant.

You don’t need to destroy the plant. You can cut the roots on one side of the bush with a shovel and dig up them, freeing them from the earth. This can be done annually.

Rosa Mosqueta root collection

Next, the roots are washed, eliminating any rest of the ground, cut into small pieces and are pressed in a dark and ventilated room. This is the s o-called previous preparation for subsequent processing and storage.

The roots, thus prepared, are placed on a baking sheet and dried in an oven at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, gradually increasing up to 60 degrees Celsius, remembering to remove the mixture and, most importantly, keep the door of the closed oven closedso that humidity does not escape.

Package dry roots in paper or fabric bags, preferably linen. They can be conserved for up to two years.

Important: The temperature in the storage place must not exceed +25 ° and there should be no moisture. The presence of products with the smell of spices in the vicinity is not desirable.

In conclusion, it should be noted that with so many useful properties, Rosa Mosqueta root should be used with caution. It should be used as an effective complement to the main treatment. Its qualities are more effective in disease prevention.

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