Benefits and damages of the torpedo melon

The torpedo melon belongs to the pumpkin family. It is a false berry. It has elongated fruits that are covered with a yellow cortex with a slight rack. It is originally from the Uzbekistan sun. It was introduced in Europe in the seventeenth century.

The fruit of the torpedo can reach fifteen kilos. Since the melon has an excellent flavor, we want to find out what the torpedo is for. This issue will be discussed below.

Description of the melon “torpedo

As already mentioned, the “torpedo” melon, also called melon “Mirzachul” in Uzbekistan, has gol d-colored oblong berries. In the bark a white mesh can be seen, rough to touch. The interior of the mature melon is of light and juicy flesh, with a peculiar smell.

This type of melon likes heat. In Uzbekistan, the weight of the fruit reaches fifteen kilograms. In Russia, due to the hardness of the weather, the melon does not weigh more than five kilos.

Important: The mature torpedo melon at the end of August. It is not recommended to buy them before, since they can be immature or cultivated with a large number of additives that can damage the human body.

In addition, this type of melon is excellent for transport.

How many calories does a torpedo melon have

  • There are 36 kilocalories per 100 grams of product pulp,
  • Fats are 0. 2 grams,
  • proteins, 0. 6 grams,
  • Carbohydrates 7. 5 grams.

For your information this caloric value is considered the highest of the mentioned melons. Even people suffering from obesity can eat the torpedo melon without prejudice to the body.

Its juicy and tasty pulp can easily replace the hypercaloric desserts of the store’s counter.

Chemical composition

The human body benefits from the trace elements and vitamins that make up the torpedo melon.

What vitamins contains the torpedo melon:

  • A;
  • C;
  • Pp;
  • B Group.

The fruit contains:

  • fluorine;
  • iron;
  • sodium;
  • manganese;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • match;
  • sulfur;
  • zinc;
  • iodine;
  • copper.

The fruit also contains a huge amount of fiber and thick plant fibers. It is this variety of nutrients that makes the melon extremely beneficial for the human body.

What is the torpedo melon good?

  • The torpedo is good not only for healthy people, but also for the sick.
  • The fiber, which is part of the melon pulp, helps clean the intestines of various decomposition products and toxins. Enzymes normalize the digestive system.
  • The product nourishes the human body with micronutrients and vitamins and blocks the appearance of avitaminosis or anemia, various diseases associated with low levels of micronutrients in the human body.
  • Ascorbic acid helps strengthen the immune system and also accelerates the recovery process of any cold.
  • The melon has a beneficial effect after surgical intervention. The fruit pulp stabilizes the nervous system, helps normalize blood indexes and accelerates the recovery of a weakened organism. Especially useful is the torpedo in bladder diseases, since it contains a lot of water (it has a diuretic property).

For your information, it is worth mentioning that the product also contains substances that help get rid of depression. It also improves general mood and performance.

Beneficial for women. Regular consumption of torpedo melon prolongs youth, improves the quality of the skin, hair and nails.

Melon application

Nutritionists advise consuming the melon separate from other products. In this way it will be better absorbed by the body. It is not recommended to mix this fruit with milk, since negative consequences are likely (stomach discomfort, swelling). The interval between one intake and another of a delicious melon must be at least two hours.

The vitamins contained in the melon make this fruit an ideal option to chop. It is preferable to eat it in the first part of the day, since the melon pulp contains a lot of sugar.


The melon pulp is used to make smoothies, cakes, smoothies, ice cream, cocktails and a wide variety of sweets. The fruit is used to make jams, jellies and even jams. The sugar pulp is put in white meat salads, vegetables, cheese and various fruits. Wine is made with melon juice.

The seeds are also popular in the kitchen. You have to wash, dry them and fry them previously in a pan. The shell is used to prepare te a-based drinks. But first you have to wash it and dry it well. If there is no excess weight, dry melon can be included in the diet. It is also added to gachas, cakes and salads, or eats as an independent dish.


In medicine, the sweet pulp of the torpedo is used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

The fruit will be useful for people suffering from cystitis, since it has a diuretic effect. Urine eliminates harmful bacteria, decomposition products and microorganisms of the affected organ. The melon is also used for urolitiasis.

The melon pulp is used during constipation (it helps eliminate feces and stabilizes intestinal peristaltism). Help against excess cholesterol. It is consumed to relieve symptoms in gout patients.

The torpedo berry helps improve the state during psych o-emotional disorders. It is consumed in diseases of the cardiovascular system (ischemia, arrhythmia). It favors the recovery of tuberculosis. Melon juice is used to eliminate the organism’s parasites. The seeds have useful properties.

Its constant consumption by men helps improve power. Melon seeds contribute to the recovery of prostate diseases, help fight impotence. The berry seed extract helps cure chronic cough. It is used for renal nodules.


The diuretic effect of the “torpedo” melon eliminates swelling and excess liquid in the body. Fiber eliminates toxins, waste, cholesterol and accelerates metabolism.

In Europe, thinning programs based on melon juice are gaining popularity. They last about twenty days. The juice is taken in a glass in the morning, before meals. If you wish, you can add your favorite berries.

For your information, melon pulp is also used for download days. It is recommended not to make them more than once a week.

The mono-dieta is also practiced. Doctors do not advise such ways of weight, since the human body in such a period lacks the necessary number of proteins, fats and other substances necessary for the proper functioning of the organism. Among other things, the diuretic effect can be harmful to health. It is advisable to use less harmful diet methods (for example, include many white foods in the diet of a person who thinns).

People who want to lose weight are advised to replace sweets with melons. The advantages of these berries are their low caloric content, as well as a huge number of nutrients. The fruit does not contain harmful additives.

The thinning is not recommended to eat the dry pulp of the torpedo. It is the most caloric and contains few health benefits.


The variety of torpedo melon is used to manufacture cosmetics with toning, moisturizing and softening properties. Cosmetics prepared from the sweet pulp of the fruit are suitable for treating various skin types. Applying the golden shell on the face helps eliminate freckles and age stains. You can prepare a mask with your own hands. Requires pulp, juice and seeds.

Damages and contraindications

The melon should not be consumed in case of allergy or hypersensitivity. The product is contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes, ulcers and gastritis. Some doctors also prohibit eating torpedo Berry in case of kidney and bladder calculations.

Attention. During the inflammatory diseases of the digestive system you have to be careful and include the melon in the diet only with the doctor’s consent.

Most doctors recommend not eating mothers with babies, because the baby’s stomach has not yet developed enough to process the substances of the berry. Excessive torpedo consumption can cause stomach discomfort, diarrhea and even flatulence. Immature fruits can be dangerous to health. They contain carcinogenic substances. Among other things, these berries are cause of diarrhea.

Be very careful to include the melon in your child’s diet. Remember that adult doses differ from children’s doses. That is why a negative reaction in a child is more likely if a lower amount of the product is consumed.

How to choose a mature melon

Do not buy ‘torpedo’ melons before mi d-August. This late variety. From June to July you should not buy them because they are not yet ripe and it is dangerous to eat them. When buying torpedo, pay attention to the external aspect of the fruit. The cortex must be golden with a white grid. If you observe dark spots or cracks in the bark, do not buy that product. The fruit tail must be dry and firm.

You can also know the degree of maturity of a melon because of its characteristic aroma. Hit the bark. The sound must be deaf. The torpedo melons grown in Russia weigh between four and five kilos. Fruits from warm countries weigh more. In conclusion, you have to avoid buying the fruit near roads and highways. The berry is easily absorbed by the escape gases of cars and toxic substances, which, in turn, makes it harmful to the human body.

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