The “fruit of the gods”: this is the status of chaqui since ancient times. And, not in vain … being a powerful aphrodisiac and possessing numerous positive properties, is an indispensable product in the male diet. It is a juicy fruit especially useful for men who want to stay actively sexual for many years.

Chemical and vitamin composition of the chaqui

The fruit of the chaqui has a huge amount of vitamins and minerals that are good for health and energize the body. The bright and saturated color of the fruit indicates a high content of bet a-carotene, which fights aging and cancer development, favors good vision. Among its ingredients are;

  • Vitamins A, C, PP, B1-B9, E, K, which help to easily overcome fatigue, improve metabolism, strengthen nails, hair, make the skin of the lighter and younger face;
  • Minerals – potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, sodium, which help increase blood hemoglobin levels, download the liver and kidneys, normalize blood pressure, strength and health of teethAnd the bones
  • Biologically active components – Dietary fiber, tannins, fiber, organic acids, glucose and fructose, antioxidants.

Properties of the bodies for the body of men

The useful properties of man’s health are the following are the following

  • The general promotion of health;
  • Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Prevent the risk of cancer, including prostate;
  • increased liver and renal function;
  • Thanks to its low caloric content and the absence of cholesterol in the composition of fruit is indispensable in food diets.

What is its usefulness?

For men, the most important useful qualities of the chaqui is that it improves reproductive function, strengthens the general state of the organism. It is considered an aphrodisiac powerful, which contributes to the normalization of power, even to a very mature age.

Regular consumption of healthy berries allows men to stay in an active sexual form and contribute to the production of active sperm. Caqui increases resistance and tone, improves the psycho-emotional state, adjusts the metabolism rate. It also protects the prostate from inflammations and neoplasms, such as natural libido and power stimulant.

For the immune system

All components of the fruit – vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances – contribute to improving the body’s immune system. This reduces the risk of viral infection s-Resphrades and flu- and prevents the appearance of anemia, hypertension and enuresis.

For power

The regular consumption of chaqui helps increase the production of the male – testosterone hormone, on which the power depends directly. The increase in libido and sensitivity of the receptors, improve the general hormonal background and blood circulation in the genitals provide the functionality of the latter.

All this ensures good power at any age and the effectiveness of the reproductive system. The most important property of the berry is that it reduces the amount of prolactin hormone, which causes the adenoma development of the prostate gland.

For the nervous system

The main hormone of joy, dopamine, is present in chaqui. Its presence in the body provides protection against stress and emotional anguish, which contributes to an active life, to the initiative, to the desire to reach new peaks and victories. Also in the love field.

For the heart

The cardiovascular system improves thanks to potassium, abundant in this bright and juicy fruit. A chaki can mean half of the daily norm of potassium, which normalizes blood pressure, improves the nutrition of blood and heart tissues and strengthens blood vessels. It is a good prevention for myocardial infarctions, heart attacks and brain spills.

For the stomach

The chaki has a lot of dietary fiber, which contributes to the soft and natural excretion of the decomposition products and the effective functioning of the digestive tract.

Eliminates the risk of constipation and, therefore, the development of hemorrhoids. In addition, pectin improves digestion. Male caquis prefer mea t-based food, ignoring fibe r-rich foods. Therefore, it is recommended as a diet for athletes and people who monitor their weight.

For the liver

The numerous nutrients of the chaqui are capable of detoxifying and purifying the liver. His timely cleaning of one of the main organs of life helps prevent the development of cirrhosis, to which men are more likely than women.

For the view

Red and orange fruits of bright colors – fruits, vegetables or berries – contain large amounts of bet a-carotene, which has a positive effect on visual function. The chaki is no exception in this regard. They are especially useful for older people, when the view begins to fail due to changes in the agency related to age.

Warning. Men are more likely than women to suffer from hemorrhoids, cardiovascular diseases and cirrhosis due to inappropriate diet, alcohol consumption and stress.

Damage and contraindications

Like any other food, the caquis consumed in unlimited quantities can cause damage to the male organism. This is due to;

  • Indigestion if combined with seafood or sea fish;
  • excess iodine in fruit
  • the high concentration of acids, tannins, pectin and sugar;
  • the possibility of diarrhea if consumed with an empty stomach;
  • the appearance of allergic reactions;
  • diuretic effect

Consequently, the chaqui is contraindicated in large quantities;

  • for acute pancreatitis;
  • People prone to obesity and suffering from diabetes;
  • people with a “weak” and problematic stomach and with gastrointestinal diseases;
  • People with allergies
  • People with kidney or bladder problems
  • hypotensive people;
  • for soft stool and intestinal disorders.

Despite its laxative properties, the consumption of chaki in unlimited amounts can cause constipation due to the tannins of the cortex. The sugar, which constitutes an important part of the fruit, negatively affects the dental enamel, contributing to caries, and its long digestion by digestive organs causes swelling.

How to choose a mature chaqui when buying it?

Mature caquis do not have a marked astringent flavor, unlike the immature caquis that are put on sale. How to know if a chaqui is mature? It is enough to pay attention to the following factors;

  • Fine, smooth and even slightly translucent skin gives mature fruit an amber appearance;
  • The skin has dry and circular stripes;
  • The color: color is an intense and bright orange;
  • The berry must be firm; A pulp too hard indicates prematurity and soft indicates excess maturity;
  • The pericarp leaves are dark and withered and the zone below is brown. If the color is orange, the chaqui is immature.

Recipes to recover power

You should not eat chaqui in large quantities to recover power, since it can have negative health consequences. It is better to use alternative remedies, easy to prepare and without side effects.

Caha, cinnamon and cream

You can prepare a tasty and useful breakfast for power and health in general if two caquis, a teaspoon of cinnamon and a cream glass are mixed in a blender. Previously wash the fruit and take off the stem and the tongue. You can also add turmeric and black pepper, which have positive effects on erectile and libido function.

Dry caquis

Dry caquis can also be used as a food alternative to desserts, and can be added to compotes or sweets. In an urban environment, the caquis can dry in an oven, pearing them and skinning them.

The lemon juice and the enhanced spices that are sprinkled on the prepared rings will help intensify the healing effect. A splash of lemon juice is necessary so that the berries do not lose their natural color. Cover the oven tray with scroll paper. They must be dried for 8 hours to 60 degrees Celsius.

Fresh caquis

The inclusion in the male diet of fresh fruit 2-4 times a week will contribute the most tangible effects and benefits. It is better to eat them shortly before the main food. Of course, the caquis can be added to a variety of dishes – salads, cakes, desserts and drinks. They combine well with dairy products – natural yogurt, cottage cheese and kefir, which also have a positive effect on male health and power.

Can I eat them on an empty stomach and before going to bed?

As already said, the caquis should not be eaten with an empty stomach because they contain substances that do not interact with gastric juice, which is actively segregated in the morning. This can cause stomach and diarrhea pain. Nor is it a good idea to eat it at night, due to its high sugar content. You can damage the dental enamel and cause indigestion.

It is best to eat this berry between hours, between one and an hour and a half before the food. Then the sweet delicacy will provide real pleasure and will have an effective therapeutic effect on the body. It is also possible to include chaki in diets or during diets, because hunger satisfies perfectly, but is not caloric. They are also indispensable for athletes whose agency needs to replace energy.

Important: Even when medically indicated for therapeutic effects, it is not recommended to eat more than 2 fruits a day!

Special features and expiration

Among the main characteristics of persimmon is that, although it causes diarrhea when eaten on an empty stomach, it can be cured by taking it as a decoction. A tasty decoction is prepared from the pulp and drunk 4 times a day in a glass for problems related to weak intestines and diarrhoea.

The natural juice, for its part, can help against coughs and sore throats. It should be used to gargle the throat. Persimmon is essential for meals in winter, because it protects the body from the penetration of airborne infections.

Consumed correctly, persimmons do not cause any damage. The persimmon owes its unpleasant astringent taste to the tannin in its skin. For this reason, it must be peeled before consuming it. A light heat treatment of the fruit will also help to avoid bad taste. The berries should be kept in the freezer or soaked in hot water for a few minutes before consuming and only peeled.

It should not be eaten in combination with protein products, since its components do not interact well with those of the fruit. This especially applies to milk, mushrooms and shellfish. This also includes cereals and leguminous products. At least three hours should elapse between the time to eat them and the time to enjoy the juicy pulp of the persimmon.

Persimmons are best stored in the fridge for up to 3 months, with the stems facing down and not touching each other in the fruit compartment. It is not necessary to wash them before storing them; nothing happens if they are immature. Persimmons can be kept at room temperature for a short period of 1-2 weeks without losing their flavor.

In the cellar, store fruit in wooden containers so that they do not touch each other. Cover the rows with softwood shavings or sawdust. Inspect the contents of the box weekly and remove rotten fruit, change the shavings monthly. Store ripe berries in the refrigerator. In dried form, the delicacy is kept for 2 years in a cool dark place, and in the freezer – up to 1 year.

Finding a balance between the benefits and harm of persimmon is quite easy – competent use, based on the above information, will provide a man with a burst of energy, a great mood and increased interest in the opposite sex. They are indispensable when planning to conceive children.

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