Benefits of blueberries for the human body

Blueberries are a small bush with black berries, bluish and pleasant to the palate. The fruit contains many trace elements and vitamins, so it is widely used in the treatment of various diseases, especially in cosmetics.

Chemical composition

Blueberries are unique for their variety of vitamins, beneficial acids, macronutrients and trace elements:

  1. Copper favors iron conversion into hemoglobin. It maintains the stability of the blood, which is beneficial in the treatment of anemia.
  2. Iron is of primary importance in hemoglobin formation, plays an important role in activating group B vitamins and helps its absorption by the body.
  3. Phosphorus is a trace element that participates in energy metabolism and improves metabolism. Blueberries, rich in this substance, have a positive effect on human growth and development.
  4. Manganese stabilizes the nervous system and helps eliminate memory failures. Blueberries are leaders in content of this substance, unlike other fruits.
  5. Potassium stabilizes heart rate, favors the arrival of oxygen to the brain to improve its activity.
  6. Chromium regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and blood glucose levels, stimulates tissue regeneration and normalizes blood pressure.
  7. Zinc accelerates wounds and cuts, prevents the development of epilepsy and diabetes, participates in protein synthesis and metabolism.

Nutritional value and calories

The nutritional value of blueberries is high. Caloric value – 44 kcal per 100 grams. It contains vitamins C and E, cellulose, organic acids (citrus, malic), tannins, fructose, glucose.

The useful properties of the product are well preserved in any form: dry, fresh, frozen. Nutritional values:

  • Fats – 0. 6 g;
  • Proteins – 1. 1 g;
  • Carbohydrates – 7. 6 g.

Note blueberries are used a lot to add to desserts, jams, kissels, confitures.


The plant is rich in antioxidants, tocopherol, ascorbic acid, retinol, vitamins PP, B. Burned are good to relieve stress, suspend the aging process. Widely used for the prevention of:

  • myocardial infarction;
  • apoplexy;
  • Atherosclerosis;
  • cancer.

Useful and therapeutic properties

Macronutrients and oligoelements of blueberries have a series of beneficial and therapeutic properties:

  • They help eliminate kidney stones
  • reduce blood sugar
  • Metabolic processes stabilize
  • They increase the acidity of the stomach, preventing the development of fermentative processes
  • They eliminate excess waste.
  • They are excellent against infections, helping to saturate healthy microflora
  • They treat avitaminosis and scurvy.
  • They slow down the inflammatory processes.
  • Strengthen the resistance of the body to adverse environmental factors.
  • Increase hemoglobin concentration
  • dissolve cholesterol plates and strengthens bones
  • Relieve fatigue
  • They favor weight loss.

It is known that blueberries have beneficial properties in case of increased ocular tension related to professional activity. It is an indispensable product for the treatment and prevention of people whose profession – computer programmer, pilot, driver.

For the women

In blueberries, a complex of vitamins and antioxidants. For women, blueberries are indispensable for:

  • rejuvenate, prevent premature skin aging
  • Improve blood circulation.

Specialists recommend blueberries to women with painful menstrual cycle to relieve pain, muscle cramps and other syndromes. Blueberries are also used to prepare various nutritional masks to improve hair and skin status. This berry combats the problems of legs of the legs facing many women. In general, it has a beneficial effect on the health and appearance of women.

For man

The benefits of blueberries for men are huge:

  • Beneficial effects on the urogenital system and testicular activity.
  • They improve sperm quality.

In the course of his investigations, it was shown that the fruit of the bush can provide feasible help in the maintenance of sexual activity, so its use is recommended by men to increase power and restore reproductive function, with the inability toconceive for a long time.

Attention. The medicinal properties of the berry are irreplaceable in the treatment of prostate problems in strong sex.

For children

Children should undoubtedly include fresh blueberries in their diet. Especially in the low season, during the changing climate period and the fragility of the fragile body before the invasion of viral infections.

The berry becomes the child’s defenses, prevents colds, strengthens the immune system. In addition to calcium in blueberries, it is important for the growth and development of the skeleton and strengthen bones.

Blueberries – a useful product for children for:

  • Treat diarrhea, problems with the digestive system
  • Improve sleep
  • brain activation
  • Strengthening of the central nervous system.

Possible damage and contraindications

The berry is recognized as a medicinal plant and helps men, women, children and the elderly in numerous pathologies, but is contraindicated in the following cases

  • individual intolerance
  • allergy
  • pancreatic and liver diseases.

Do not take the berries while you are taking blood thinners, as they can cause bleeding. Do not consume them in large quantities, as they can cause constipation.

Cranberries can harm people with gastritis with hyperacidity, chronic constipation, slow prostate, poor blood clotting.

Attention. If contraindications are observed, it is quite possible to avoid negative effects of a berry on an organism.

How to choose a ripe blueberry when buying it?

The maturity of the product predetermines its color in most cases. Blueberries are deep black in color and smooth. This means that the product is ripe.

The taste of the berry should correspond to the well-combined shades. The combination of acidity and sweetness in optimal proportions is defined in the blueberry flavor, combined with acidity, sweetness and a harmonious aftertaste.

Blueberries have rind:

  • firm;
  • acid;
  • juicy pulp;
  • sweet.

When selecting them, pay attention to the uniform color of the berry. The presence of a gray layer is acceptable; most likely, this is a protective layer, easily washable under running water.

Attention. It is advisable to choose hard fruits. The soft ones are usually in warehouses, on store shelves, and their medicinal qualities are already greatly reduced.

Specific use of blueberries

Blueberries are widely used in folk and traditional medicine in the treatment of gastritis, hemorrhoids, skin diseases, colds. They have also found use in the kitchen as an additive to culinary products.

In the kitchen.

The product can be used in the kitchen in any form (dried, canned, frozen, candied). Excellent desserts, puddings, casseroles, sorbets, jams are made with it. Blueberries are an excellent filling for muffins, cakes, quiches, tartsand food coloring that is added to stews, soups, and salads.

Blueberries go well with other berries (currants, raspberries, strawberries) when added to yogurts, smoothies. They can even be used to make alcohol, spirits, wine and liqueurs.

Information Northern peoples adore bilberry, which is eaten with meat and fish, made into compotes, kissels, and even preserved by pouring fish oil – an excellent remedy for colds in winter.

in folk medicine

Blueberries contain very valuable trace elements that strengthen blood vessels and normalize metabolic processes. The berry – young and fresh – has found wide use in folk medicine, added to many recipes in the treatment of diseases:

  • hemorrhoids
  • dry cough
  • Burns
  • rheumatism.

With blueberries, solutions and infusions can be prepared for vaginal showers. Thanks to their antioxidant properties, they are good for anemia and maintain blood pressure under control.


Inflammatory course gastritis on the stomach walls requires the restoration of the digestive process. For this, Secretin needs a plant component from which blueberries abound.

The berry is a great product for gastritis, since it begins to regenerate vascular walls, prevent the destructive process and increase the level of acidity. A good recipe is:

  • Pour 0. 5 cup of berries in water
  • Cook over low heat for 15 minutes
  • Add homemade grape wine (1 cup)
  • Slowly cook for another 15 minutes
  • Take 1 tablespoon shortly before the food.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids

Prepare an infusion or decoction of blueberry water to use it in the treatment of hemorrhoids with a compress in the affected ganglia. An enema is also indicated.

Recipe for a blueberry decoction:

  • Grind 2 tablespoons of dried leaves, pour boiling water (1 cup)
  • Cook over low heat for 15 minutes, strain
  • fill out
  • divide 4 doses
  • Pour it into bathtubs and soak for 15 minutes to 60g until the water cools completely.

For male health

Blueberries are considered a dietary product and an unalterable antioxidant, so they initiate an active struggle against inflammation of the genitourinary system and kidney diseases. For men, it is an excellent help for sexual impotence, erectile dysfunction and helplessness. It is recommended to drink in the morning freshly squeezed blueberry juice or prepare a tea of the young outbreaks with a rich flavor. Make an infusion with the leaves and berries and bébala daily for impotence.

Tip: The infusion takes better cold, with an empty stomach in the morning.

For colds

The berry is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and ant i-inflammatory components. He will put the immune system on guard, will contribute to improving the patient’s wel l-being. If an adult or child is cold, it is recommended

  • Grind fresh blueberries
  • Pour hot water
  • Leave infusion for 0. 5 hours
  • Drink in infusion 2 times a day, until the signs of the cold disappear.

The infusion can be used to gagged with the inflammation of the throat.

In the treatment of dermatitis

The blueberry, with its range of medicinal properties, is widely used for internal and external use. Heals dermatitis if an infusion is prepared and applied in the form of compresses on the problematic areas of the skin. Recipe:

  • Pour 100 g of berries in water (1? 5k).
  • Boil until 50% of the liquid has been released
  • Cool them, put them in a gauze and, if there are no contraindications, crush the berries in the gauze and apply them in the affected areas 2 times a day

How to collect and keep blueberries?

The blueberry is an unpretentious plant. It is located everywhere in Europe and Siberia: swamps, pine forests, fir forests. Its leaves, black-blue gallant berries and rhizomas are used for medicinal purposes.

The collection takes place in early August, in the morning or at sunset. So that the berries do not lose their useful properties, they must be dried in a attic or under a ventilated roof. To accelerate the process, they can be kept in an oven for a maximum of 3 hours, and then dry them outdoors to T +55 degrees.

To store them, stive the berries in grids or congratulate them in pallets, placing them in the freezer and, previously, in plastic bags.

The leaves are also used for medicinal purposes, although they are not officially recognized as medicinal raw materials. They are collected in May/June, during flowering, cutting them gently with a knife and drying them in a dark and ventilated room. They must be stored in canvas bags once the petioles are separated.

Forest blueberry is a perennial herbaceous bush, a tasty delicacy for children and adults. They contain vitamins, tannin, pectin, organic acids, microelements and antioxidants. The berry cures many ailments and is used a lot for cosmetic purposes. Most useful substances are contained in the leaves. Burnes cure colds, reinforce immunity, eliminate stomach burning and relieve stomach cramps. The leaves of the berry are indispensable in the treatment of the liver, kidney, inflammation in the mouth.

The plant is useful in winter to prevent and treat colds, to improve immunity, also in the acute inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, urolitiasis with a diuretic effect. The leaves and stems of the blueberry are excellent to reduce blood sugar, union and excretion levels. If tea is prepared, you can drink to improve vision, with pathologies of the digestive tract.

Blueberries are widely used in popular medicine to add to diets to normalize metabolism, lower blood pressure, compensate for the lack of iron in anemia. Although counte r-indications Baya has. Do not take it in excess (especially wild), if concerned about allergies, pancreas problems and liver. Do not consume it in abundance if you suffer from constipation. Children must be introduced complementary foods with caution, starting with 1 teaspoon.

Of course, damages and contraindications are smaller compared to benefits. Blueberries retain their properties well when they freeze and remain aromatic at all times of the year if they are collected and stored correctly.

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