Benefits of freshly squeezed juices

Newly squeezed juices are an excellent alternative to morning coffee. They will nourish your body with essential vitamins and trace elements and give you an enormous energy. They also contain a lot of fiber, which accelerates metabolism and eliminates body toxins.

Regular consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables helps recover from surgical intervention or a serious injury. Let’s see in more detail what freshly squeezed juices can be prepared at home and what are their benefits and damages.

The chemical composition of fresh fruits and vegetables

The grape is very beneficial for the body. It is rich in various elements and iron. Dark types have strong antioxidant properties. We cannot dispense with bet a-carotene. The latter is in large quantities in carrots. It contains vitamin K that stops bleeding and accelerates wound healing. Beets are rich in vitamins of group B. They have positive effects on the nervous system and brain function.

All fresh juices contain:

  • Carbohydrates. They are a source of energy.
  • HormonesThey improve the operation of the organism.
  • EnzymesThey drive the chemical processes of the organism.
  • Organic acids. They stimulate the production of digestive juices.
  • FITONCIDAS. They have antimicrobial properties.
  • FlavonoidsCapable of modifying the organism’s response to allergens and viruses.

The caloric value of freshly squeezed juices can be seen in the following table:

Cool Caloric value
Pineapple 50
Orange 47
Grapefruit 40
Cabbage 35
Lemon 23
Carrot 55
Beet 61
Apple juice 45

Apple and tomato juices are prescribed during diets. They favor rapid weight loss.

Health benefits of newly squeezed juices

Fresh drink will not only nurture the body with useful substances, but will also accelerate metabolism and normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood. The positive effects on the body are noticeable after two weeks.


Citries contain a lot of vitamin C, so they reinforce the body’s defense functions. Doctors recommend drinking a glass of citrus juice per day during autumn and winter. This will help resist colds.

Fresh fruit and vegetable drinks are low in calories, so they are usually taken in diet days. Pomelo juice is highly requested among the thinning ones. Accelerate the metabolism of the organism. Grape juice helps prevent blood clots.

Damages and possible contraindications

The consumption of freshly squeezed juices can do as well as badly to the organism. And, in addition to its health benefits, the fruits and vegetables used can contain pesticides. These pesticides are used to keep fruits for longer. If the fruit is not properly prepared, the harmful substances will end up in the glass with the drink.

Many fruits contain strong acids that attack dental enamel. They soften and then destroy the dental enamel.

It is not a good idea to take citrus fruits. Citrus fruits can alter the formulation of the latter. Pomelo juice contains nininginine, which retains the elements of medicines in the liver, preventing its elimination from the organism. This causes organ poisoning.

If a person is prone to allergic reactions, he must refrain from orange, grenade and beet drinks. Banana, grape and tangerine sodas raise blood sugar. That is why they are not suitable for diabetic people or those who want to lose weight.

If you suffer from renal disease, you exclude beet soft drinks from your diet. Acid drinks should not be taken with gastritis, pancreatitis and ulcers. They can aggravate the disease. Do not drink fresh juices even if you have diarrhea. This will aggravate the problem.

How to squeeze fruit or vegetable juice

Doctors recommend that only freshly squeezed juices prepared at home be consumed. They will provide the highest benefits as they are prepared with quality products. A signsor should be used for juices. If you do not have a slide, a blender or normal gauze can serve. In any case, the drink will have a better flavor than that of the store.


The vegetables or fruits are washed, peel and scratch with a fine grater. Next, the dough is placed in a double cape gauze and press by hand. In this way you can make tomato, peach, apricot and orange juice. A collapse for cabbage or pumpkin is not adequate.

If strawberries, strawberries, cherries, blueberries or red blueberries in fresh fruit will be converted, a strainer can be used. First the fruit is passed through him and then puts himself in a gauze. Then squeeze the juice with your hands.

The polishing

The rinsed and peeled fruits are cut into pieces and are placed in the slide output compartment of the squeezer. In this case, you must first eliminate the hard cucumber of fruit and vegetables.

In the blender

The fruit is washed, peel and cut into small pieces. Then, they are put in the blender bowl and crush until they acquire an octopic consistency. The mixture is put in gauze and squeezes.

Carrot, apple and potato juices look good in the blender. It will be problematic to prepare the col, celery or beet. It is difficult to extract juice from these products.

What fruits and vegetables can be squeezed?

To make juice at home you must take cultivated fruits in the region where you live. They should preferably have their own garden or garden. The fruit must be ripe, firm and without signs of rot.

If the fruit is bought in the market or in a store, it must be removed in clean water for half an hour before using it. They must be processed without peeling. Beet juice should be diluted slightly with water. Some people have intolerance to this product.

Tomato juice can be combined with fruit juice. The proportion must be 1: 3. Bone fruit juices should not be combined with other fruit juices. Bay and fruits juices can be well combined.


Orange is rich in vitamin C. Orange can be used to prevent colds, for example after a stressful day or to treat people who are in a high emotional state. Orange juice is useful against atherosclerosis, hypertension and liver diseases.


Pomelo juice helps to resist hepatitis C and various viruses. Clean the liver of toxins and improves sleep. Nutritionists often recommend it to women because they can eliminate cellulite.


Carrot juice is prescribed to treat the liver and kidneys. It can prevent the development of lung, breast and colon cancer. The daily dose is 0. 5 liters of juice. Contraindicated for ulcers and diarrhea.


Beet juice helps deal with thyroid disorders, ischemia and atherosclerosis. Eliminates radionuclides, reduces blood pressure, inhibits the growth of cancer cells.


Tomato juice prevents cancer cells and cardiovascular diseases. Strengthens the vascular wall, normalizes the metabolism of cholesterol, improves vision and helps to get rid of excess weight. Tomato juice can be taken in unlimited amounts. NO SALS SHOULD BE ADDED TO BE THE BEST POSSIBLE.


Doctors recommend pumpkin juice for the acute phases of colds. It has an antipyretic effect and improves intestinal function.


Apple juice strengthens bones, eliminates organism toxins and delays the aging process. It is often used to combat urolithiasis. Its regular consumption can help prevent cholesterol plates. It is recommended to drink up to 1 liter of juice per day. The drink is prohibited in case of ulcers and gastritis. The best varieties for juice are anise, Antonovka or Grusovka. They are the most juicy.


UVA juice is recommended to intellectuals, schoolchildren and students. Improves concentration, memory and stimulates thought. The elements contained in the grapes improve the human condition in case of gout, rheumatism, kidney disease. It can normalize blood pressure.


You can use freshly squeezed lemon juice. Strengthens the immune system, eliminates harmful substances, normalizes blood pressure, improves the functioning of the heart and complements the body with vitamins C, E, pp. It is rich in zinc, manganese, phosphorus and many other substances. In case of teeth pain, it is recommended to dilute lemon juice in water in a proportion of 1: 1 and rinse the mouth.

Special uses

Fruit and vegetable juices retain their useful substances up to half an hour. The vitamins of citrus drinks begin to decompose at 10 minutes. That is why it is recommended that almost all squeezed juices be consumed immediately after their preparation.

If the juice of a certain fruit or vegetables is consumed daily, it should not be included in the diet. It is advisable to take fresh fruit or vegetable juice in the first half of the day. The juice should be consumed 40 minutes before the main food. It will quickly absorb the stomach and enter the biochemical processes. Do not drink fresh fruit with an empty stomach, as it will cause stomach burning.

Newly squeezed juices should be introduced in the diet gradually. You have to start with 50 ml twice a day. When the body gets used to, you have to increase the dose.

Drinking large amounts of carrot juice can be harmful to the body. Therefore, more than one glass should not be taken twice a week. Granada juice is aggressive for intestines and dental enamel. It must be diluted in clean water before drinking it.


Women should consume pomegranate juice with losing weight pulp. They inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates, fill the food fiber body and give a feeling of satiety. To lose weight, women should take grapefruit, tomato, cucumber and pineapple juices. They are low in calories and accelerate fat burning.

A woman should not drink more than 0. 7 liters of fresh juice per day. All freshly squeezed juices are allowed during pregnancy. They enrich with vitamins and micronutrients and threw the thirst well.

In order not to cause an allergic reaction in the baby, infant mothers are advised to drink only pure water, chamomile broth and soft tea. Any food should be introduced in the diet gradually. At the same time, you have to monitor the baby’s status. If cutaneous eruptions or digestive problems appear, the product must be discarded for a while.

Apple juice is the most useful for breastfeeding. It restores the iron level of the female body and increases the baby’s hemoglobin.


If a man weighs about 80 kg, he can drink up to 2 liters of apple juice per day. When its weight is 120 kg or more, normal are 2. 5 liters.


Children should take carrot, melon and apricot juices regularly. They contain carotene, which improves vision and stimulates bone growth and formation.

If your child has gastrointestinal problems, you should not give freshly squeezed fruit juices. They are not beneficial during a cold. They stimulate mucus secretion, which will worsen cough and nasal drip.

Conservation conditions of juices

The newly squeezed juices must drink immediately after their preparation. The leftovers must be poured into a glass jar with hermetic lid and save themselves in the refrigerator. They can be kept in the refrigerator up to 24 hours. There are some exceptions.

Lemon and pineapple juice can be kept up to 3 days, while juice made with carrots, Col and Granada will lose all its healthy properties in half an hour. Not even a low temperature will save them.

To prolong the useful life of apple juice or apricot, you have to add a few drops of lemon oil. If the juice freezes, it can be kept up to six months. The juice retains all its nutrients and vitamins.

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