Siberian pine nuts are a nutritional product and rich in vitamins that helps deal with various diseases. The benefits of pinions for women are huge: improvement of blood circulation, wound healing, relief during toxicosis. They can also be used by men, amino acids increase performance, strengthen blood vessels and vessels. But for the product to work, it should be used in the right dose.

Chemical composition and calories

Cedar nuts have a beneficial composition, which explains their high cost. The main component of the fruit is fatty oil, which has nutritional and ant i-inflammatory properties. The auxiliary components of the nut are:

  • Amino acids. They have a positive effect in all internal organs, improve metabolism, normalize blood circulation, reduce inflammation.
  • Group B vitamins strengthen the immune system, relieve the symptoms of colds and flu, have antipyretic properties.
  • Vitamin accelerates tissue regeneration, improves skin status, combat acne, grains, pimples, acne.
  • Minerals improves bone and muscle tissue, prevents vascular diseases, has a relaxing effect.
  • Fiber. This substance improves the functioning of the stomach, restores metabolism, eliminates body toxins, favors competent weight loss.

Piñones are well absorbed by the body and do not cause stomach discomfort. However, they have a quite high caloric value: 670 kcal/100 g. Therefore, it is recommended to consume them in accordance with the permitted standards.

Properties of Pine nuts for women

The pine nuts have a rich vitamin composition, beneficial for the woman’s body. Amino acids and macronutrients present in their composition help maintain the State in chronic pathologies.


The pine nuts are rich in protein, 100 g of the product contain more than in the chicken fillet. Because of this, the fruit is easily digested in the stomach, promotes weight loss and the restoration of metabolism. What is the usefulness of pine nuts for women:

  • Improves the nervous system, it has a relaxing and soothing effect, it relieves stress after a hard day, normalizes sleep.
  • Fight liver diseases, eliminates body toxins.
  • Improves the functioning of visual organs, helps recover vision in case of small anomalies.
  • It reinforces the immune system, enriches the organism with essential elements, which prevents the appearance of avitaminosis. The product helps the body recover during colds, relieves cough, nasal secretion and inflamed throat.
  • Improves the functioning of the stomach, clean the intestines, relieves cramps, improves depositions. The fruit of cedar helps deal with diarrhea, vomiting and nausea.
  • It relieves the symptoms of anemia, hemoglobin increases, improves the general state of the patient.
  • Block allergy symptoms, eliminates inflammations, skin rashes, skin irritations and has moisturizing properties.
  • It helps to deal with bladder diseases, prevents calculation formation and relieves pain.
  • It helps eliminate excess weight. Despite sufficient caloric content, the product has auxiliary components, which contributes to the rapid saturation of the organism. Therefore, a small portion of food is sufficient for a person to take a sacie.
  • Eliminates inflammations, pus and skin diseases. Fruit vitamins improve skin status, eliminate peeling, replenish the balance of collagen.
  • Improves the status of hair and nails. Mineral components fight hair breakage and nail fragility, reinforcing their structure.
  • Improves the state of milk during breastfeeding. In addition, the woman cleans the woman’s milk and favors her flow.
  • Normalizes the status of women during menstruation, eliminates bleeding associated with gynecological diseases.

Cedar fruits help women with varicose veins, improve vascular function, relieve swelling and pain syndrome.

Possible damages and contraindications

Despite the useful properties for women, pine nuts also have contraindications. The product is prohibited in the following cases

  • Allergy to some elements of the composition.
  • Lymphatic and circulatory system pathologies.
  • Acute peptic ulcer.
  • The first month after delivery.
  • Children under 3 years.

If you are prone to allergic reactions, before using it you should consult a doctor and pay attention to contraindications. What damage can the product cause human beings:

  • Abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting.
  • Fever, inflammation of lymph nodes.
  • Cutaneous eruptions, ampoules, itching.
  • Redness of the skin, swelling.

If adverse reactions occur, you should stop using nuts and go to the doctor.

How to choose when buying

In order for the product to be beneficial for the body, it is important to pay attention to its appearance when buying it. Cedar nuts are sold in several ways: peeled or without peeling. Experts recommend buying fruits in the second version, since in this way their useful properties retain longer. It is recommended to choose young nuts for the female body. The choice must be based on the smell and appearance of the product. What rules follow when buying nuts:

  • The color of the grain must be uniform. Spots, motorcycle and blurs indicate that the product is broken and has lost its useful elements.
  • The grain should not be too dry; This indicates the age of dry fruit and its lack of freshness.
  • All grains must be the same size.
  • If the tip of the fruit has obscured, it indicates that the product has been stored for a long time and it is not worth buying.
  • A normal grain should not have a layer in the shell, the opposite case indicates that the product is bitter.
  • Nuts should not detach an unpleasant smell reminiscent of flavorings.

How they peel

Nuts are cleaned in specialized factories with the help of specialized equipment. At home, the product is difficult to clean, but it is possible. To do this, it is recommended to previously toast the cedar seeds over low heat. This method is considered effective, but when roasting nuts some of its useful properties are lost.

The best option is to use a garlic peeler or a hammer. Experts recommend placing the grains on a slightly spread newspaper, cover them with a towel and pass a roller several times on the surface. In this way, the peel will burst, facilitating its tiny.

How much can be consumed per day

It is best to use the fruits of the cedar as an independent product between diets.

It is better if consumed in the morning.

Where to add and with what to combine to obtain the maximum benefits

The freshly made cedar seeds contribute the maximum benefits to the body. They can be added to various vegetable salads, desserts, pastry. Thanks to nuts, the dishes acquire an unusual flavor and a rich aroma. For salads they can be combined with cabbage, avocado and tomatoes. For breakfast, seeds can be added to the samples or cottage cheese. It is better not to combine them with meat products.

Use recipes

On the basis of the cedar seeds and its shell prepared various decoctions and infusions that help restore the work of the internal organs.

Seed application

Cedar seeds have a series of health benefits, nutrients and amino acids. They enrich the body with vitamins, reinforce the immune system and bone tissue. Cedro’s alcoholic tincture is also popular. This product not only combats pathologies, but can also be used as a drink for a Christmas whim. How to do the tincture:

  1. 500 g of nuts pour hot water, keep the water for 10 minutes and repeat the action. Thus dust and dirt is eliminated.
  2. Put the seeds in a jar, add a little orange skin, vanillin, 2 tablespoons of sugar and half a bottle of vodka. Mix all ingredients.
  3. Leave the drink in a warm room for 10-12 days. Then, pass it to the refrigerator and use it according to the instructions.

Readura ready recommends the use of 2 tablespoons per day. The treatment course should not exceed 2 weeks.

Use of the shells

Not only cedar grains have vitamins and macronutrients, but also their peels. The product is rich in tannins, which help get rid of viral diseases, frequent colds. A tincture based on cedar peels and is used to rub muscles and joints in cases of osteochondrosis and neuralgia. The product is used as a disinfectant. How to make a tincture:

  1. Wash a glass of shells in boiling water several times.
  2. Put them in a bowl and add a glass of vodka.
  3. Leave it in infusion for 10 days.
  4. Once time has elapsed, put it in the fridge.

Take a tablespoon a day before meals. The treatment course depends on concrete disease, usually does not exceed 30 days.

Oil application

Cedar essential oil is used to treat viral infections, skin diseases and internal pathologies. MAIN RECIPES OF USE:

  • For pulmonary pathologies, massage ointments should be used with the addition of the oil. Pour 5 drops into a massage ointment, rub on the patient’s chest and cover with a hot blanket.
  • Bathrooms with cedar oil are recommended for muscle tension. To do this, add 10 drops of the product to a bath with water and submerge the body for 20 minutes.
  • For fungal infections, it is necessary to fill a Palangana with warm water, add 4 drops of chamomile oil and the same amount of cedar oil, put the feet and steamed for 15 minutes.

In its pure form, the product can leave a burning sensation in the skin, so it is convenient to prove if it is allergic.

Use characteristics

Nuts are used in different doses for specific pathologies and body conditions, and the duration of treatment with decoctions and tinctures can also vary.

During pregnancy

Cedar grains help improve the status of a woman with toxicosis, reduce the degree of perception of strange odors. The amino acids of the composition contribute to the correct development of the fetus, the vitamins reinforce the immunity of the mother and fight against emerging infections. For the normal functioning of the organism of a pregnant woman, it is necessary to consume no more than 2 tablespoons of nuts a day. Consult the doctor before consuming them.

For breastfeeding

Cedar nuts help improve breastfeeding, purify milk and enrich the mother’s body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Doctors do not recommend consuming nuts immediately after childbirth, add them to your diet after 2-3 months after the child’s birth. No more than 60 g should be consumed.

To lose weight

Wife fruits help saturate the body and ingest less food. In addition, the vitamins and fiber that contain reestablish metabolism and clean the intestines. During weight loss, cedar grains are consumed better pure or salads. The daily dose should not exceed 50 g.

Mellitus diabetes

Nuts help reduce the level of blood cholesterol, normalize the work of the liver, the heart. This significantly relieves the condition of the patient with diabetes. In addition, the product has a healing property, helping to repair wounds and cuts that take too long to heal with diabetes. Up to 30 g of seeds a day must be consumed.

Gastrointestinal disorders

Caution should be taken if stomach problems are suffered and it is convenient to consult the doctor before consuming it.

If an adverse reaction occurs, you must stop consuming them.

How to keep them

In order for cedar seeds to retain all its useful properties, it is necessary to follow product conservation standards. Leave the nuts in a cool and humid place where the temperature does not exceed 17 ° C. This is better in a basement or basement. But a refrigerator door also serves.

The grains can be kept with shell up to one year, the peeled up to 4 months. Save the nuts peeled in a well closed jar or in a hermetic bag. During storage, check the nuts from time to time and discard those that are rotten.

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