Benefits of red blueberries for the male organism

The red blueberry is a red and acid berry that is mainly found in the northern regions of Russia. For a long time, the red blueberry is famous for its beneficial properties, and foreign doctors even include it in the list of the most useful health products. This article analyzes all the advantages of red blueberries for male health, as well as their possible contraindications.

Chemical and vitamin composition of red blueberries

Red blueberries are usually called “North Limon” due to their acidic flavor and vitamin C. This flavor is due to different types of organic acids present in the berries.

Information blueberries contain benzoic acid, quinic acid, ursolic acid, citric acid, chlorogenic acid, malic acid and other types of acids.

In particular, benzoic acid prevents berries from spoiling during lon g-term storage and gives the product antiseptic properties. Ursolic acid is important for the organism, since it has a structure similar to that of many vital human hormones.

In combination with oleanolic acid, it has a powerful ant i-inflammatory effect. The most citrus acid contained in the berries has the ability to dissolve toxins and eliminate them from the body.

Blueberries also contain glucose, fructose and sucrose in small quantities. The pectin components of the berries allow to make gelatinous products. The red blueberry is rich in various vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, particularSilicon, magnesium, sodium, cobalt, iron, iodine and many other useful substances for the body.

Burned antioxidants help delay the aging process. The caloric value of 100 grams of red blueberry is 28 kilocalories, so it is recommended as a dietary product.

Properties of red blueberry for the male organism

The red blueberry is very useful for the male body, since its active components are an excellent remedy against various diseases and ailments. The red blueberry juice can help in case of colds, cough or chills.

In addition, blueberries help get rid of many gastrointestinal diseases, act as bile ducts and even help normalize the activity of the kidneys and liver.

Useful properties

The consumption of red blueberries helps men in the following ways:

  1. Red blueberries eliminate urinary tract bacteria and have a beneficial effect on renal function thanks to their enzyme content.
  2. Improves the nervous system by nourishing and activating the brain.
  3. Increase blood hemoglobin content.
  4. It helps to delay the walls of blood vessels, reduce cholesterol and reduce blood pressure.
  5. Reduce blood sugar levels.
  6. Help with gum problems, since it prevents bleeding and helps repair soft tissues.
  7. It helps eliminate skin bacteria, blueberry juice is used to dry sores and treat acne.
  8. It favors the cleaning and rejuvenation of the organism for its content in antioxidants, which accelerate metabolism.
  9. Help in the treatment of prostatitis and improves sexual function.
  10. Help in the fight against cancer and chemotherapy.
  11. The blueberry reinforces the immune system, enhances the effect of medicines and aid in case of vitamins.

Possible damage and contraindications

Despite all the positive and therapeutic qualities of red blueberries, there are also a series of contraindications for use:

  1. Allergic reaction to berries and their components, which can manifest itself as a cutaneous eruption, redness or itching.
  2. Blueberries are contraindicated in gout and urolitiasis, as they can cause salts and cause the exacerbation of the disease.
  3. People with weak or sensitive teeth should not consume red blueberries, since they are contraindicated for their strong acidic content.
  4. Red blueberries should not be consumed in case of ulcer, gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases, since they can damage the stomach mucosa.
  5. Do not consume red blueberries if you have low voltage.

Attention. Before consuming red blueberries you should consult a doctor to avoid serious consequences and complications.

How much should I eat for my health?

In the absence of contraindications and to saturate the body with all vitamins and trace elements, it is recommended to drink 1-2 glasses of blueberry juice diluted in water a day. This amount is equivalent to 1. 5 glasses of fresh or frozen berries or 2 tablespoons of dry blueberries.

This amount of red blueberries contains about 100 calories and 25 g of carbohydrates. This amount of red blueberries is even recommended to diabetic people due to their sugar content. However, before consuming it, it is necessary to take into account the cases in which the red blueberries are contraindicated.

Therapeutic use options

Blueberries can be consumed in any way: fresh, dry, frozen, juice or in snacks, made of jam, added to porridge, dishes and bakery products. To treat various diseases, blueberries are used.

In particular, it prevents the formation of renal calculations, helps with hypertension, the prevention of atherosclerosis, tones the organism as a whole.

For diabetes

The consumption of blueberry juice in diabetic men is recommended, since it stimulates the pancreas. It is necessary to consume the juice every day in small portions for 3 months, and then pause. A kefir cocktail and ground red blueberries is also useful for improving diabetes.

Arterial hypertension

For hypertension, blueberry juice mixed with honey can be useful. Red blueberries must be collected, washed and dryed. Next, you have to crush the berries with a blender and mix them well with honey.

This mixture must be placed in a jar and keep in the refrigerator. Take said product at the rate of 1 tablespoon before meals.

For heart and heart rate

The red blueberry has a toning and strengthening effect throughout the body, including the circulatory system. Regular blueberry consumption helps strengthen heart muscle and clean blood vessels, increasing its elasticity and preventing thrombosis.

One of the popular recipes for heart rate medicine is a mixture of red blueberry, honey and garlic. It is necessary to crush 1 kg of blueberries and 200 g of garlic, mix them separately and leave them for 12 hours. Then add 0. 5 kg of honey, mix it well and take 1 tablespoon twice a day.

For cystitis

Studies show that red blueberries are very effective in urogenital system diseases, including cystitis. The highest concentration of cranberry acids helps eliminate bacteria and viruses that cause cystitis.

When this disease can eat fresh berries, or you can prepare a bite of it. To prepare it, crush the berries, squeeze the juice, add water and sugar. Such drink can be used during the day in the treatment and prevention of cystitis.

To lose weight

Red blueberries are often used by those who are trying to get rid of the extra kilos. To do this, blueberry juice must be drink regularly, diluted with water, since blueberries contain a lot of acid.

Important: When making blueberry diet it is important to drink a lot of water, since there is a risk of dehydration.

Other ways to eat red blueberries

Red blueberries can not only eat fresh or frozen, but can also be used to prepare different juices and drinks. Tea with red blueberries and honey is an indispensable remedy for colds. To prepare a classic blueberry tea, macate the blueberries, add sugar and pour boiling water on them.

You can also prepare a tasty drink with blueberries, black tea and ginger. This drink is not only aromatic and tasty, but also has antimicrobial properties.

To prepare aromatic tea with blueberries and honey, crush the berries, pour boiling water and leave infusion for 15-20 minutes. When the drink cools, you can add honey to taste and take it hot. This tea will help increase immunity, relieve cough and sore throat.

When to collect and how to keep correctly?

Blueberries grow in swampy areas and must be collected at the beginning of autumn. You have to wait for the berries to be completely mature, since eating immature blueberries can cause stomach discomfort. It is then that the berries are saturated with all vitamins and trace elements that have absorbed the summer sun.

Bays can also be collected for the second time in early spring, once the snow is defrosted. Although they lose part of their nutrients, they become sweeter and tasty and are adequate to eat them fresh.


To keep fresh blueberries, it is not necessary to add sugar or other preservatives, or sterilize them. Before storing red blueberries, it is necessary to classify them, eliminate immature and broken berries and not necessarily wash them before saving them.

Due to its benzoic acid content, red blueberries can be kept up to several months, since acid prevents bacteria formation. However, to conserve them completely, they must remain ventilated. It is best to store them in wooden boxes, wicker baskets or perforated bags.


To keep the blueberries in a frozen state, roll them up with sugar in 1: 1 proportion, put them in jars or containers, take them well and put them in the freezer. Red blue blueberries can also be kept in wel l-closed plastic bags.

The number of blueberries per bag should not be too large so that they do not freeze again, since this would reduce its usefulness.

Shot red blueberries

Once soaked, blueberries should be stored in glass jars or plastic bottles. If there are too many berries, you can use enameled pots to store them. Blueberries are washed thoroughly and placed in prepared containers.

Next, blueberries are poured into boiled cold water and preserved in a cool place. Due to the antiseptic content in the composition of the berries, this mixture can be kept for a long time.

Information. When the berries are soaked for a long time, they can absorb water and become more aqueous, but do not lose their nutritional value.

Dry berries

Dry red blueberries can be consumed alone or added to salads, diverse dishes and baked products. Twelve at the warm roof station for a few days in the shadow. If the harvest is very abundant, it is better to use special closets for drying.

Dry red blueberries are much more caloric than frescoes, so they should be used with caution when diet to lose weight.


Burned blueberries have several advantages, such as a great flavor, which will like sweets, although they lose an important part of useful properties.

To prepare such a confit, it is necessary to wash the berries, pass them through the blender and mix them with sugar in the 1: 1 proportion. This mixture must be placed in containers, cover well with tapas and keep in the refrigerator or fridge chamber.

This product will be very useful for colds, throat pains and can be a delicious dessert in winter. Blueberries are good and useful for men not only fresh, but also frozen. The berries do not lose their useful properties in other forms of processing.

Red blueberries are indispensable for colds, cystitis and other diseases. But before using them, it is worth consulting your doctor to find out if they are contraindicated.

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