Benefits of the nut shell for the organism

Nuts are one of the favorite treats of adults and children. The rich flavor and benefits of the shell have deservedly become favorites in the kitchen and medicine of many villages around the world. Often, after eating the inner fruit, the hard and resistant peel is discarded unnecessary.

If you know the usefulness of walnut peels, you can greatly benefit from collecting and consuming this ingredient in everyday life. Walnut peels, whose use is known since ancient times, can complement and sometimes replace many medications.

The chemical composition of walnut shells

The chemical composition of walnut peels depends on the geographical situation of the tree and may not vary significantly with climatic conditions. In any case, modern scientific research has concluded that the hard shell is endowed with a huge number of biologically active compounds:

  • 61% fiber;
  • 1. 66% ash;
  • 0. 82% fat;
  • 2. 52% protein;
  • 35. 63% of no n-protein nitrogen organic compounds and free of nitrogen.

This single nutrient set allows the peel, generous in fiber, to possess a serious therapeutic power at the height of many modern medical preparations. Tannins and carboxylic acids intervene in the sel f-height of human blood.

Alkaloids, ascorbic acid, iodine and coumarins it contains help to fight chronic pathologies. Mineral elements and vitamins contained in shells provide invaluable help in the recovery of the human organism.

Walnut peel properties

The study of the composition of walnut shells has allowed scientists to understand their usefulness, whose use has become popular in recent times. Physicians, healers and running people know the properties of walnut peels and use them as one of the elements in the preparation of homemade priests.

The benefits of

Being a treasure of useful substances, nutscas used in various conditions have a visible positive effect on the human body. With a wide range of healing and strengthening actions, La Cáscara has held its place in many fields of medicine and cosmetology. The benefits of the peaks, apparently unnecessary, are undeniable in everyday life. Knowing the usefulness of the nutshell, you will hardly throw a hand.

Vascular cleaning

The pollution and thickening of the blood causes undesirable consequences in the form of vascular blood clots. Walnut peel tinctures are recommended for the prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases. Thanks to carboxylic acids and, of course, the tannins, the blood cleaning and thinning process begins.

In case of obstructions and atherosclerotic plaques, the active substances of the shells have a resolution effect. In general, the tinctures of this preparation significantly increase the resistance and permeability of blood vessels, helping to eliminate cholesterol from the body, which is quite harmful.

Treatment of cysts, tumors and salt deposits

Given the unique composition of the substances contained in the nut shell, the positive effect of decoctions and infusions of this product was revealed in the treatment of cysts of various organs, reabsorption of tumors and decomposition of deposited salts.

In most cases, to treat these problems in the body an infusion of vodka or alcohol is used. In addition, it is known that nut shets in combination with lemon relieve the toxic effects of medical treatment with strong chemicals.

Cervical erosion

The effectiveness of the use of a solution based on nut shell has been evaluated by women who suffer cervical erosion. Together with the pharmacological treatment, beneficial effects of the irrigation solution and vaginal showers were observed. To obtain positive results, it is necessary to regularly rinse the organs and treat the interior of the affected part of the woman’s body with a syringe.

Gynecological diseases

There have been numerous cases in which, after the application of decoctions and tinctures based on shells, women suffering from gynecological ailments have been able to avoid surgical intervention. The risk of polyps, cysts, myomas and other diseases of the female part is considerably reduced after the application of nut decoction. This popular treatment has a preventive and curative effect if a solution based on nut shells is used to make vaginal showers and wash your hands every day.

To treat mastitis and myomatous fibroma, a special popular remedy is often used. To prepare it, you have to drink 26 shells and a glass of alcohol. For 14 days, you must leave the solution in a special place for infusion. When the tincture is ready, you must drink before meals once a day as follows – 20 drops of nut tincture should be stirred in 50 ml of water. This method begins to work after two months of regular use.


Walnut peels are often used in cosmetic treatments. In addition to revitalizing, infusions based on shells give the curls an lush dark brown color. To effectively dye hair, only immature walnut fruits must be used, whose shells are green. There are two effective recipes that beauties use at home to change hair color:

  1. The green peel of the immature fruits of the hazelnut must be well shy until it turns it into dust and add water in such an amount that the usual consistency of the paint is obtained. Apply said dye with a professional hairdressing comb, drying every strand. 25-35 minutes is the optimal time for the composition to remain in the hair.
  2. Crush the immature peels until an so homogeneous dough can be squeezed. After squeezing 30 ml of juice, dilute it in a glass of alcoholic fluid. Tincture should be “played” for at least 2 hours for a good accumulation of the coloring pigment. Apply it in hair roots for 15 minutes to cover gray hair. When using this method, you have to be very careful with the application of the product, since it is very concentrated in its properties.

In addition to the dye, walnut peels are often used as a natural remedy to eliminate unwanted body hair. For this you have to burn nutscaches and put a drop of water on the resulting ash. This thick mass should be applied for 10-15 minutes in the place where you do not want to have hair. It is believed that applying this method regularly, you can finally get rid of the activity of the hair follicles in the selected area of the body.

A persistent cough remedy

Effective enough in the fight against the inflammation of the respiratory system and bronchial diseases is shown as a nut shell in combination with honey and saúco. To prepare a remedy against persistent cough, the crushed shells, berries and natural honey are taken in equal proportions. For example, each ingredient can be added in 20 g, stirring well.

This mixture must be boiled in a liter of water for 35 minutes, timing from the moment of boiling. Once the liquid has cooled, it must be sneaking through a double gauze and drinking a tablespoon 4 times a day between meals or adding to tea. Regular use of this medicinal drink will reduce cough and eliminate accumulated phlegm.


For those who care about colitis and intestinal polyps, the healers recommend a tincture based on peels. Five mature nuts are crushed and poured into a vodka bottle. It is recommended to take 15 drops of tincture diluted in a tablespoon of water and drink them before meals 2 times a day. To prevent these diseases, 15 drops can be taken in a large spoonful before breakfast once.

It is mandatory to use walnuts in any way – consult your doctor. It is possible to provide the body with not only benefits, but also irreparable damage, if it is involved in the use of the product in an uncontrolled and arbitrary way.

Apart from individual intolerance and the resulting allergic reaction, there is a risk of serious overdose consequences. In case of uncontrolled and unauthorized use of egg shells in any of its forms, they are possible unpredictable reactions of the body:

  • acne;
  • swelling
  • itching;
  • stomatitis;
  • eczema;
  • dyspnoea;
  • psoriasis;
  • stomach discomfort.

At the first strange manifestations of the agency, you must immediately stop using such remedies and inform your doctor.

How to peel the nuts

In contrast to the production scale, peeling nuts at home is not as difficult as it may seem. The good thing is that the experience has revealed the easiest methods of peeling nuts, when both the grain and the peel remain intact and in good condition:

  1. Pour hot water on nuts for 15 minutes, then limit them and place them in a hot oven during the same period of time. After this treatment with water and heat, the nuts will be easy to cascar.
  2. Wrap the nuts on a paper or fabric napkin and beat them gently with a small hammer. The shells will separate slightly into the joints and can cut the nuts with your hands.

Particularities and basic application rules

To achieve a positive effect of the use of nut shells, the standards of collection and preparation of complex compositions, infusions and powders can be followed. It is important to remember that due to the degree of effect such preparations are on par with broad spectrum antibiotics. There are several standard ways to prepare walnut peels.

Vodka tincture

If no individual vodka dye method is mentioned, a standard recipe can be used. For the tincture, 250 g of walnut peels are selected along with the walnut septums and half a liter of vodka are poured on them. This composition should be kept in a dark glass for at least two weeks. This tincture of walnut peels in vodka will be effective for the following problems

  • High levels of lymph sugar
  • Prolonged wound healing
  • inflammatory lesions on the skin
  • colitis;
  • intestinal disorders;
  • enteritis.

In general, the recommended dose is 7-10 drops of dye diluted in a tablespoon of water, before eating one to three times a day for 2 weeks. If necessary, continue therapy, after 14 days it must still be a break of at least 5-6 days.

Milk dye

The tincture of nuts of milk based on milk came to the Kalmyk herbalists. They often used it for insomnia, frequent dizziness and cramps. It is used cooled. To make it, you have to take 200 grams of shells, grind them well and boil them well in a liter of milk for half an hour.

Tincture with paraffin

People are grateful to a Moldavo scientist who was looking for a cure for sciatica. He succeeded with the help of the shells of the green nuts. In addition to the detected ant i-arts properties, this composition has other healing effects. You have to take well purified paraffin and milk nuts.

In a jar of a liter, pour two thirds of the ground nuts of military maturity and pour the upper part of the paraffin. Insisting this preparation at least 40 days in a fresh and dark basement. It is used externally, compressing or rubbing in the problematic areas as necessary.

Water decoction

For some treatments, soft infusions and decoctions are used in water with walnut peels. With regular mouth rinses with such composition, positive results for stomatitis, inflammation of the gums are observed. Dentists also point out that this method of oral care prevents plate and tooth decay.

For gynecological diseases, an infusion of walnut peels in water for vaginal showers and external treatments is also used. To prepare it, if another quantity is not specified at the source, the shells of 15-17 mature nuts are taken and are boiled in a liter of water. After cooling and straining the broth well used as follows – in the proportions of 1 part of tincture by 10 parts of distilled water.

Dust .

The healing properties of the dust of the nuts of the nuts have been known for a long time. For your preparation you must first dry, using the burning method in the oven. After natural cooling, the shells are sent to a blender or crusher for thorough grinding.

This grinding method results in fine grain powder that gives off its useful properties. As a general rule, pure nut dust is used to treat skin lesions by applying dressings with its content for several hours.

Cáscara Ash

In recent years, the use of shell ashes has been popularized, not only as a treatment, but also as a filter to disinfect and clean contaminated water. Preparing ashes at home is quite simple. It is necessary to heat the ground ashes in a pan until they carbonate, stirring all the time. In about half an hour the shells will become ashes, you just have to grind them until you get a dust.

This powder is mixed in the proportion of 2 tablespoons per glass of water. Drinking this remedy can get rid of the symptoms of poisoning and prevent peptic ulcers and even baldness. For the lon g-term storage of the ash of the nuts of the nuts it is necessary to ensure that the container in which it is stored.

Contraindications of use

To proceed to the application of any remedy, which includes nut shellfish, you should consult only with a medical professional. The fact that there are a number of contraindications that cannot be ignored to avoid serious consequences. Use is strictly prohibited without absolute need and without prescription preparations of a doctor based on people’s shells with high blood coagulation, intestinal tract injuries and pancreatic problems.

If the doctor has not prohibited the use of the product based on walnut peel, the first take should be done using half of the prescribed dose. It is very important to monitor body signals, if the medicine is not adequate, the body will communicate it with a cutaneous eruption or nausea.

Collection and storage

After reaping or buying nuts, it is necessary to ensure that the shells have been pretatized and stored properly for their future effective use. There are several ways to prepare the shells through intensive drying:

  1. Extend the dense outdoor material and distribute the shells in a single layer in a sunny place. Turn them over for 3-5 days to burn the sun well on all sides.
  2. In a well ventilated room, such as an attic, extend the wallets on a table for 8-10 days until they are completely dry.
  3. In an oven, place the desired nut shells on a tray and roast them at a temperature not exceeding 50 ° C for 3. 5 hours, leaving the open oven door. Then, ride them for half an hour more than 70 ° C.

Once dry, check that the shells are ready as much as you want. When they are very dry, the interior of the shells will be firm and completely dry to the touch. If gummy and unlimited areas are found, we must proceed with additional drying. It is better preserved in fabric bags or wicker baskets in a cool and dry place. If they are properly prepared and stored, walnut shells will retain their useful properties for 24 months.

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