Bird cherry benefits for health

Bird cherry is an aromatic tree with dark fruits. It is a plant widely used in popular medicine. Not only cherry berries have a series of beneficial properties, but also their leaves.

Chemical composition

The composition of the cherry tree includes a sufficient number of useful elements. Among the main ones are:

  • Iron.
  • Cobalt.
  • Copper.
  • Pectin.
  • Tanninos

The berries of the plant contain sugar and fenolcarboxylic acids. The leaves and cortex are rich in flavonoids and essential oil. Bird cherry is quite caloric, with 260 kcal per 100 g.

What vitamins contain?

The plant, with its leaves and fruits, has been thoroughly studied by doctors. Studies have shown that bird cherry is rich in vitamin C, which reinforces the immune system and has a preventive effect, avoiding the appearance of colds. In addition, it is saturated with fatty oils and glycosides.

Bird Cherry Properties

Macronutrients and vitamins contained in the product have a general strengthening effect of the body, prevent the development of certain pathologies and have an ant i-inflammatory effect.

The benefits of

The positive effects of the plant on the body are broad:

  • The plant has a positive effect on the functioning of the stomach and eliminates the toxins of the organism. Thanks to the tannins, it eliminates the symptoms of diarrhea and swelling.
  • Pectins stimulate intestines and improve the function of smooth muscle.
  • The blueberry has antimicrobial properties, protects the organism from germs and bacteria.
  • Beneficial effect on the circulatory system, helps purify blood, increase hemoglobin levels and reduce cholesterol.
  • Bird cherry has pronounced ant i-inflammatory properties, fights the inflammation of internal organs, eliminates symptoms of viral infections.
  • The abundance of vitamins and trace elements in its composition increases immunity and has a preventive effect, avoiding the appearance of colds.
  • The fruits of the plant normalize blood circulation, reinforce the walls of blood vessels and prevent the appearance of infarcts and blood clots.

During the flu, an infusion based on cherry berries helps to block cough, eliminate the irritation of the throat and reduce body temperature.

For the women

Bird cherry has a positive effect on the female organism. It helps combat the symptoms of avitaminosis in winter, improves blood circulation and relieves dejection and apathy. In addition, based on the inflorescence of the bird cherry, various lotions and facial masks are made, which hydrate and tone the skin. Thanks to the vitamins of its composition, it improves the complexion, clean the rough skin and return its elasticity.

For man

It is believed that bird cherry can improve sexual function in men, of course, if used in moderation. The fruit of the plant has a toning effect on the body, energizing and toning the muscles.

For the child

Bird cherry fruits eliminate infections symptoms, improve children’s immunity. The decoctions based on the inflorescences of the plant fight diarrhea and diarrhea, help restore acid-alkaline balance in case of poisoning.

Damage and contraindications

Bird cherry is not considered a harmful product and has few contraindications. However, everything depends on the peculiarities of one or another organism. The main contraindications are:

  • The gestation period and before the desired pregnancy, otherwise there is a risk of fetal development problems.
  • Children under 4 years.
  • Diabetes.
  • Allergy to certain ingredients.

Important: To rule out the possibility of an allergic reaction, you must try the product and wait for a while. If you have not given any side effect, decoctions and infusions can be used as prescribed.

It should be noted that fruit should be consumed without seeds, otherwise there is a risk of poisoning. Adverse reactions may include:

  • Eruptions, redness of the skin.
  • Stomach irregularities, swelling and constipation.
  • Increased fatigue, blood sugar elevation in diabetes.

During the appearance of negative symptoms, it does not undertake sel f-treatment, it is necessary to urgently contact a doctor.

Peculiarities of the application of bird cherry

In order for the product to give a positive effect, it is necessary to know some nuances in its application, calculate the correct doses for decoctions and infusions, mix with the appropriate components.

In popular medicine

In popular medicine not only the fruit of the plant is used, but also its cortex and its inflorescences. Based on dried raw materials, various drinks are made that have ant i-inflammatory, diuretic and tonic properties.

Bird Cherry Decoction

The decoction based on the plant is a universal remedy that is used for various diseases:

  • Colds
  • Exacerbation of gastritis.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Headaches.

To cook you need:

  1. Crush the bark of the tree, pour a glass of hot water (a glass per tablespoon of raw material).
  2. The resulting mixture on the fire and cook over low heat for about half an hour.
  3. Remove from the heat and leave to infuse.

Take the decoction in a strained form, a tablespoon three times a day. With regular use, the first result will be noticeable in a few days.

Important: it is necessary to make breaks between doses of the drink, the course of treatment should not exceed 2 weeks.

Bird cherry infusion

The infusion is used for focal purulent infections, open wounds or inflammation on the skin. To prepare it you need

  1. Pour boiling water over the dried inflorescences (a glass of water per tablespoon of raw material).
  2. Leave to infuse for a few hours.
  3. Strain.

Use a cotton pad to treat the affected areas several times a day.

bird cherry tincture

The tincture helps to dilate blood vessels and normalize blood circulation. The product is made from alcohol, so it should be used with caution. Method of preparation:

  1. Carefully inspect the berries and collect them, remove rotten and spoiled ones.
  2. Put the ready ingredients in a jar.
  3. Put a few tablespoons of sugar and shake.
  4. Then add the alcohol base (500ml) and shake the jar again.
  5. Cover the resulting mixture with a tight lid and put it in a dark place.

Drink a tablespoon 2 times a week, taking breaks. The tincture can be kept for up to a year in the cellar or pantry.

Bird Cherry Blossom Tea

Tea from inflorescences helps to get rid of the first symptoms of colds and get rid of avitaminosis. How to prepare it:

  1. Add a tablespoon of dried inflorescences to a regular teapot.
  2. Pour boiling water.
  3. Let rest for a while.

Take several times a day during exacerbations.

in cosmetology

Infusions and masks from the plant help to eliminate acne and inflammation of the skin. In addition, bird cherry strengthens hair and eliminates dandruff. To prepare a hair rinse, you need

  1. Pour hot water over the dry leaves.
  2. Leave to infuse for a few hours.
  3. Rinse hair after washing it.

After the procedure, it is not necessary to rinse the hair additionally. The dried leaves help to get rid of acne and pimples. To prepare a therapeutic solution, you need

  1. Pour 250 ml of vodka over a tablespoon of dry raw materials.
  2. Stir well and leave in a dark place for a week.
  3. When the time comes, wipe the affected areas with a cotton pad soaked in the solution.

Let the product infuse for a week and then shake it occasionally.

In the kitchen

The berries have been used for various desserts since ancient times. With them, jams, jams, stuffed for cakes, jellies and jelly are elaborated. Dry berries are also used as a flour additive.

They are ground and added to ordinary flour to make cakes and cakes. The leaves are used to make dietary salads together with vegetables and spices.

How much bird cherry can you eat up to date?

To avoid adverse reactions, you have to respect the recommended daily dose of the product. Adults can eat up to 350 g of fruit per day, children from 4 years – up to 200 g.

Cherry collection and storage

To preserve all useful properties of the plant, store it dry. For the collection, place the berries collected in the balcony and always put newspaper or cardboard below. After a few days, place the berries slightly dry in the oven for 10 minutes and then put them in boxes or jars.

During the summer, berries can be dried naturally. To do this, extend a newspaper on a balcony, place the berries in a single row and sequence for about 5 days. The fruit must be turned periodically. On a sunny day, open a balcony window so that the berries dry faster. Dry bird cherries can be kept for several years, in the idea of infusions – up to a year. The dry and crushed cortex will be kept for 5 years.

Bird cherry is a universal herb, which helps cure many ailments. Bird cherry is actively used in medicine, cosmetology and kitchen. However, if you want you to have a positive effect on your body, you must take into account the peculiarities of your body, observe the recommendations for use, the allowed dose and perform an allergy test.

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