Black nut benefits for the body

The black nut (American, Juglans Nigra) is very rare in Russia. It is found above all in botanical gardens. However, it has been used for a long time in popular medicine.

Today in pharmacies you can find capsules, ointments with your extract. What are the useful properties and contraindications of black walnut?

What is black walnut and what looks?

The black walnut comes from the eastern part of North America, also growing in the Canadian territory. In its homeland, it is located near the rivers and coasts of southern Ontario, in the west in the southeast of South Dakota, southern Georgia, northern Florida and southwest Texas. Thanks to human activity and agricultural demand, the tree extended to Europe, Central Asia and China in the seventeenth century. Cultivated initially as an ornamental plant, today it grows in some common parks.

Black walnut is a deciduous tree belonging to the Juglandaceae family and the genre Juglans. It is a robust, upright growth, that reaches a remarkable size. Its height exceeds the walnut (20-40 m high and 15-25 m wide), although it is botanically related. The trunk bark is furrowed, dark and is characterized by rhombu s-shaped drawings. The leaves are pinnate, pointed, arranged alternately in the branches, 30-60 cm long, with slightly dentated edges.

The black walnut is a monodomic plant, male flowers are pending brown, female flowers grow in 2-5 inflorescences, always at the ends of the branch.

The fruits are globose, very resistant, medium-large size (4-6 cm in diameter). The peel is greenish and aromatic brown.

The grains mature in autumn, from October to November.

Walnut vitamins and minerals

In addition to unsaturated fatty acids, black nuts also contain fiber, valuable minerals (magnesium, copper, potassium) and vitamins – complex B, vitamin E. Magnesium in combination with other nutrients has a positive effect on the psyche, nerve activity. Minerals also contribute to the quality of the skin, hair and nails. Nuts are also good for health because they contain sterols, phytoestrogens, flavonoids, etc.

Minerals (mg/100g):

  • Iron – 3
  • Calcium – 100
  • Magnesium – 9;
  • Phosphorus – 300
  • Potassium – 400;
  • sodium – 2;
  • Lutein – 0. 010;
  • Zinc – 3;
  • Magnesium – 150;
  • copper – 1;
  • Manganese – 3
  • Selenium – 0. 05;
  • Omeg a-3 – 9000;
  • Omeg a-6 – 38000.

Vitamins (mg/100g):

  • A – 20 IU;
  • В6– 0. 5;
  • С – 1, 2;
  • Е – 0. 9;
  • B9– 0. 01;
  • B5– 0. 8;
  • К – 0. 03;
  • β-carotene – 0. 011.

Caloric content and nutritional value

Nuts have a high fat content (up to 80%), so people tend to avoid eating them. But the fats they contain are healthy. They are represented by unsaturated fatty acids that favor cardiovascular health.

Nutritional value (g/100g):

  • KJ – 2700;
  • Kcal – 600;
  • Proteins – 1
  • Carbohydrates – 6
  • fiber – 7; Fiber – 7
  • Fat – 80;
  • Water – 3.

Black nut properties for the organism

Healing properties and effect of black nut on the body:

  • Increase immunity;
  • strengthens the organism;
  • Parasites elimination;
  • antibacterial action, ant i-inflammatory;
  • Improvement of central nervous system activity
  • Help to appetite;
  • beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system
  • prevention of atherosclerosis;
  • cholesterol reduction;
  • Boca inflammation treatment
  • blood purification;
  • Reduction of blood sugar levels;
  • intestine cleaning, stomach;
  • Promotion of weight loss
  • support for the treatment of gynecological problems;
  • Light decrease in blood pressure.
  • Acne treatment;
  • elimination of excessive sweating;
  • strengthening, support for hair growth and strengthening;
  • Acceleration of wound healing, various skin diseases.

What is it for?

Due to its high content of valuable fats, black nut not only reduces cholesterol levels, it regulates blood pressure, but also influences power, fertility, counteracts asthma, provides enough energy to brain. Like its close relative, nut, protects against the negative effects of stress and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. It is a good component of the chest angina.

Another useful quality is the support of the liver processes destined to get rid of harmful substances. Especially indicated for vegans and vegetarians, black nuts play an important role in paleo diets and help fight obesity.

For the women

Vitamin E is important for women. His chemical name, Tocoferol, It has a positive effect on germ cell production and increases fertility. Tocoferol is also recommended to menopausal women to enhance the effect of hormonal treatment. Help with menstrual irregularities.

Vitamin E is also a good fighter against wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging. Its specialty is to compensate for the damage caused by harmful sunlight and free radicals. It even contributes to collagen formation, which helps maintain the elasticity of the skin and prevents the signs of aging.

For man

This product has a high concentration of zinc, a substance that stimulates testosterone production. Combined with Omega-3, which purifies the body’s vascular system, black nuts favor erection and healthy sexual desire.

For adequate muscle growth, bodybuilders are advised to increase their vitamin E intake, which improves muscle function and reduces fatigue.

For children

The chemical composition of this valuable product is rich in healthy fats: unsaturated fatty acids. They are important for the children’s body and help prevent some diseases in the future.

Linoleic acid intervenes in the formation of nerve tissue, affects the production of antibodies. Linolenic acid prevents the development of inflammatory processes in the body. Black nuts are also rich in important proteins, minerals and vitamins for the growth of the child’s body.

Children’s nutritionists recommend introducing the consumption of entire nuts around 3 years due to the risk of choking. But nuts can give the child from the year of age.

Possible damage

It is not advisable to consume large amounts of black nuts. When using tincture, it must be taken into account that it contains a lot of tannin, which can virtually replace the stimulating effect of other substances. Therefore, if the intestinal function is altered, the tincture should be used in Marian thistle oil to avoid poisoning.

It is possible to suffer damage with an overdose of Mariano’s own thistle or its products. Side effects include abdominal cramps and dizziness. But it is not about lon g-term complications. After a temporary rejection of the useful product, followed by a dose reduction, they refer.


The black walnut has several contraindications. It is not recommended for hypertensive, alcoholics, people with liver cirrhosis and high blood prothrombin levels. It is also necessary to be careful with ulcers and gastric erosion.

How many black nuts can be eaten up without harming health

Due to their high energy value, nuts should replace other less healthy foods. The optimal dose is approximately a handful of nuts a day.

Can pregnant women and infant mothers eat black nuts?

Black nuts, unlike common nuts, are considered an unfavorable food for pregnant women and breastfeeding.

Use characteristics

Black nut is used mainly in the food industry. It is a wel l-known component of ice cream, bakery products and desserts.

Juglione, Plumbachin and Tanino dyes are natural dyes that have been used for centuries to dye hair.

In kitchen

The nuts are consumed raw, toasted, grated. With them you can prepare vegetable milk, used as a substitute for the traditional cow’s milk.

Grains added to baked products give them a new unconventional flavor. Butter is also popular as an ingredient of soups, sauces and potato puree. All these dishes can be prepared at home without any special device (except for a powerful blender).

In popular medicine

In popular medicine, the entire fruit (shell, almond) and leaves are used. The best known therapeutic effects are the ability to clean the body, reinforce the immune system, improve brain function, increase appetite, reduce cholesterol. Important qualities are the prevention of atherosclerosis, heart disease and vascular diseases.

Indian healers and shamans used purification rituals against parasitic infections, during which black nut extract was used. Its purpose was to clean the intestinal tract of multiplicated infectious parasites with a gradual improvement of the immune system.

Even before the era of synthetic vitamin and mineral complexes, the healing properties of black walnut were used to treat ulcers, wounds, scurvy and to make gargings for the throat. Throughout history, it has been used to clean wounds and treat external injuries.

Domestic popular medicine recalls the use of the pericarp for digestive disorders, cramps, acidity, flatulence, to stimulate the secretion of bile juices, to prevent cardiovascular disorders. Externally, the walnut has been used for painful wounds and acne.


The tincture (extract) is made from the immature fruits of the tree, handmade by hand. When they have the maximum concentration of active ingredients (determined by the laboratory), they are collected and processed thoroughly.

The unique improved recipe for professional dye production is quite complex. Especially problematic is the availability of freezers that freeze nuts a t-50ºC. Only then begins the remedy preparation process.

The production is carried out in several stages, which must be strictly observed to guarantee the maximum content of active substances in the tincture.

The leaching itself takes place at elevated pressure, without access of air, in complete darkness. Its duration is determined by the contents of the leach container. Once the leaching phase is complete, it is followed by a filtration phase and filling in dark glass vials of no more than 100 ml. Due to the complexity of preparing the product, it is easier to buy it than to make it yourself.

The production process guarantees an efficacy approximately 40% higher than that of ordinary tinctures prepared simply by immersing the nuts in alcohol.

The tincture is taken in the morning on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before food, and in the evening, at least 30 minutes after food.


Black walnut, whose use covers cooking, medicine and cosmetology, is a good raw material for making oil.

Black walnut oil is not as well known as other oils, but it has medicinal properties similar to those of the nut itself. It is made by cold pressing and brings vitality and health to the human body.

Due to the higher concentration of beneficial ingredients (the oil is superior to the nuts themselves), it is recommended to add a few drops, for example, to a salad or main dish.


Black walnut kernels are also used in the form of a decoction. Pour 750 ml of cold water over 1 tablespoon of the product, bring to a boil and boil for 10 minutes. Strain. Decoction drink prepared in 3 doses during the day. Do not use for a long time.

Creams and ointments

External remedies (ointments and creams) based on black walnut are especially suitable for treating psoriasis, eczema, fungal lesions and other skin conditions. The best known remedies are:

  • “Nuxenar
  • Ointment “Black Walnut” (Caucasian healer);
  • Ointment “Black Walnut” (Healing Herbs), etc.

pills and capsules

The internal intake of black walnut, whose benefits (and harms) have been known for centuries, can be done in the form of dietary supplements: tablets or capsules. The most popular capsules are “Black Walnut” (Nature’s Way).

  • Ingredients: 100% Juglans nigra, 400 mg/capsule; the cover is hypromellose. Vegetable capsules are suitable for vegetarians or vegans.
  • Recommended dose: 2 capsules per day for adults (approx. 75 kg of body weight). Take 20 minutes before food.
  • Conservation: In a dark and dry place, out of the reach of children.

The useful properties and contraindications of black walnut capsules are the same as those of the grains themselves. Be sure to read the package insert before using them.

in cosmetology

In cosmetics, black walnut is mainly used for hair – for hair loss, to strengthen it, to remove heavy grease. Washing can help get rid of acne. A homemade decoction can be used to revitalize hair and skin.

Pour 750 ml of cold water over 1 tablespoon of green peel and bring to a boil. Boil for 8-10 minutes. Let stand until cool and strain. Use it to rinse your face or hair.

How to shell a black walnut

The fleshy shell of the walnut fruit leaves yellow or dark brown spots on the skin, caused by the chemical juglone, typical of walnuts and walnuts.

The dark brown rind (deeply furrowed, peach pit-like) hides a tasty but small kernel. Due to their very hard but attractive shell, walnuts are used in the manufacture of costume jewellery.

It is best to cut the shell with a fine saw. In this way, not only a useful grain will be obtained, but also unique natural forms very suitable for making jewelry and talismans.

Peculiarities of storage of black walnuts

Nuts that are not intended for quick consumption should be stored completely dry, free of mold and odors. A healthy bean is white when cut and has a pleasantly sweet taste.

For long-term storage, it is recommended to leave the nuts in the shell. The shell creates a protective barrier for the almond and regulates the temperature and humidity inside the fruit. It also prevents the entry of oxygen, so the seed does not go rancid.

Clean beans require less storage space. Furthermore, they are immediately ready for use. But pre-storage cleaning has drawbacks. As the beans are made up of 70% oil, there is a risk that they will go rancid quickly if stored incorrectly.

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