Can I eat bananas every day?

Lately, people are increasingly interested in healthy eating. This includes regular consumption of organic products, natural fruits and vegetables without artificial synthetic additives. Bananas are a good option. In this article, we will understand if you can eat every day, why they are so good or harmful.

Can I eat bananas every day?

One of the most healthy and healthy desserts are bananas. However, this fruit has a high glycemic index, so bananas are not suitable for dietary foods. But supporters of the appropriate diet may well include bananas in their daily diet.

For smoothies, smoothies or dessert plates, this fruit is usually the main base. A dish with bananas is more nutritious and healthy. If pineapple or dates are also added, the result is a dessert caloric drink.

We have written a huge article about the benefits of banana for the human body, it is very interesting, read it without fail!

Consume or no n-bananas every day, each person decides for himself. It all depends on the ingredients that accompany it, on health status and even the availability of money. Nothing bad will happen if you add a banana to your oatmeal porridge in the morning. Only digestion will improve.

Why eat bananas every day?

Bananas have a high nutritional value. Just eat a fruit every time to improve intestinal function. This is because the fruit has fibrous substances and pectin.

In addition, banana holds the potassium presence record. This element is essential for the normal functioning of the entire organism and intervenes in the formation of muscle and bone tissue.

Many will ask why this fruit is so useful. We will explain it. A single banana contains 400-450 mg of potassium. This amount is sufficient to normalize the cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure and strengthen heart muscle, eliminate excess water from the body.

Improve your mood

Bananas are a vitamin treasure that can help you fight depression and bad mood. They have folic acid, potassium, group B vitamins and other micronutrients.

The most important element of this wonderful fruit is serotonin, considered a natural antidepressant. Upon reaching brain cells, it makes the person feel happier and calm. A banana can raise the mood even from the most gloomy person.

Group B vitamins also contribute to improving mood. The southern fruit is rich in tryptophan, a substance of effect similar to serotonin. It also has a positive effect on mood, relieving anxiety, aggressiveness and irritability.

Increase hemoglobin

Many nutritionists recommend bananas as snack, since these exotic fruits are loaded with healthy microelements. Among them are serotonin and endorphins, popularly known as “happiness hormones.”

In the middle of the last century, scientists discovered that, in addition to potassium, banana contains glandular compounds. If you regularly add bananas to your diet, you will not have to worry about your blood hemoglobin levels. This exotic fruit is an excellent preventive treatment against anemia and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Reduces blood pressure

Bananas are ideal to normalize hypertension. They have a high potassium content and a low sodium content. This tandem helps the person avoid the possibility of infarction in general.

It is generally accepted that bananas can be used as a preventive and therapeutic intervention in stroke situations, myocardial infarction or hypertensive crises. An important chemical element such as iron helps to supply oxygen to cells.

Relieve premenstrual symptoms

According to many gynecologists, women are advised to include bananas on their diet on the eve of the menstrual cycle. This exotic fruit will help relieve negative symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. It is also good to eat them before/after physical activity.

Slavic peoples often eat fresh bananas. Cubans, for example, include this fruit in many national recipes. Here bananas are used as garrison or cooked separately. Fritish bananas in a sauce can be delicious with a meat plate. Venezuelans love rice with banana.

Help with constipation

If one has difficulty emptying the intestines, bananas should be part of the diet. They are an excellent way to deal with intestinal obstruction.

This exotic fruit contains 12 g of hill. This substance prevents the gas formation process, and also helps burn fat. Probiotics are beneficial intestinal bacteria that feed on poorly digested carbohydrates containing fructose molecules.

Due to these properties, banana fruit has a positive effect on intestinal and digestive function. The best way to treat constipation is to eat green bananas.

Fight morning nausea

In the first trimester of pregnancy, it is useful for women to eat bananas to reduce negative toxicity manifestations. This exotic fruit does not have an acre smell or an unpleasant taste, and it can be quite satiating.

Due to toxicosis, many women cannot eat correctly. In this case, exotic fruit can be a good option as a light snack.

The organism of pregnant women is rebuilt, acidity increases, so stomach acidity may appear. The banana mass mitigates this situation covering the stomach walls with its mucosa.

Perfect as snack

Of course, everyone knows that banana has many health body benefits. But above all, this exotic fruit is appreciated by the fact that it can be satisfied using it as a healthy snack.

According to statistics, a banana contains up to 100 kcal. It contains enough fiber and potassium. These components help saturate the organism quickly and satisfy hunger.

Increase mental abilities

British researchers carried out an interesting experiment. Before an exam, a group of students (200 people) were feed bananas, while another group did the exam without eating the fruit. The control group obtained a significantly higher score.

The researchers explained this phenomenon for the presence of potassium in exotic fruit, and in large quantities. This element enhances memory and improves mental abilities. Scientists have repeatedly demonstrated that through bananas consumption, concentration and performance increases.

Help quiet smoking

As described above, exotic fruit is rich in potassium and magnesium. But apart from this, bananas also contain vitamins of Group B. These will help the person deal with the symptoms of tobacco addiction. For example, after eating a banana, the headache, the desire to smoke and nausea are reduced.

If a person decides to quit smoking, experts advise to eat some pieces of this fruit every day.

Relieve the symptoms of ulcers

Bananas have an extraordinary property: they can neutralize the increase in stomach acidity and also relieve the irritability of their walls. If these exotic fruits are regularly consumed, the appearance of peptic ulcers can be avoided.

Bananas contain protease inhibitors. The purpose of the latter is to help eliminate the harmful microorganisms that live in the stomach environment. Keep in mind that these foods cannot completely replace pharmacological therapy in the treatment of gastric diseases. Bananas can only be used as a preventive product.

Increase training performance

Very often, athletes or people who are dedicated to fitness prefer to chop bananas among training. This fruit is valuable for its nutritional and energy properties.

The connoisseurs affirm that bananas must be eaten both before and after exercise. This exotic fruit helps normalize blood sugar levels.

In addition, muscle cramps will not occur during exercise, which will help avoid injuries. Bananas are eaten after training to replenish energy and energy expenditure.

The banana is known for being a calcium provider for the body. This element plays an essential role in the bone system.

When is it better to eat bananas: in the morning or at night?

Let’s clarify together at what time of the day it is preferable to eat this wonderful fruit. The question is especially relevant to those who try to lose weight.

  1. It is desirable to eat bananas in the morning, since in this time interval the body is particularly in need of nutrients that will not be deposited in the fatty layers.
  2. Exotic fruit is eaten before morning and evening training to fill the body with energy. You can also eat a banana after physical activity.
  3. You should not eat the fruit just before bedtime, since you can gain extra weight.

The correct way to eat a banana

Even a small child can easily peel a banana in everyday life. Just peel it to enjoy the wonderful taste of this exotic fruit by biting small pieces.

There is a prescribed label on how a banana should be eaten at receptions. It is usually peeled and cut into portions. You have to click on a piece with a fork and take it to your mouth.

If the banana is too cut, you have to divide it into smaller pieces. A piece is easier to chew. Use a knife and fork to remove the shell and chop the fruit without peeling on the plate.

How many bananas can I eat at the same time without harming my health?

Researchers have carried out various experiments on bananas intake. The main objective of the work was to find out what amount of this exotic fruit is allowed to eat, so as not to harm health.

They reached the strange conclusion that up to 2 kg of bananas can be eaten per day.

The way of losing weight is attractive because of its simplicity. You don’t have to cook anything, do not bother to devise dietary dishes. Everything is simple here: you have to buy the fruit in the store, peel it and you can consume it. You just have to drink water without gas. Sweets or alcohol should not be consumed.

The essence of the experiment was to eat only bananas. The most common monkey was used. If bananas are an additional food in the amount of several kilos, in this case there is the probability that the person will increase a lot of weight. In addition, stomach acidity can occur due to such dessert.

The desired weight loss can occur only if the diet consists only of bananas. You can eat fruit in unlimited quantities. As dessert, it will suffice with a couple of fruits. Do not combine them with other foods, otherwise the stomach will have difficulty digesting them.

According to nutritionists, a single dose should not exceed 250-300 g. Otherwise, stomach walls could stretch. However, a single fruit is usually enough to quench hunger.

Without a doubt, banana can have many more beneficial properties, unknown so far by scientists. By eating this product, you just have to enjoy its unparalleled flavor. However, bananas should not be treated with bananas; For that there are official remedies.

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