Can I eat peanut paste to lose weight?

Since the early 21st century, peanut paste has become one of the most popular products, especially among young people. It was invented and “consumed” previously by the Americans, who took this course from their national cuisine to countries around the civilized world. Originally, peanut butter was offered to people as a remedy for a weakened body, in order to help them recover without taking heavy meat dishes.

The United States is still today the main exporter of peanut paste around the world. More than half of the harvest is used to produce this paste in different flavors. It is called peanut paste to a homogeneous mixture of mature peanut grains crushed with vegetable oil and salt.

There are also sweetened peanut paste varieties, which can contain natural food ingredients such as sugar (alive or in syrup), chocolate or honey.

Caloric content and chemical composition of peanut paste

The vitamin, mineral and chemistry composition of peanut paste is identical to that of the peanut itself. It is worth highlighting the percentage composition of carbohydrates, fats and proteins of this paste:

Fats 55%
Proteins 3. 4%
Carbohydrates eleven%

If we stop in the chemical composition of peanut butter, we can say that it contains all the micronutrients that the human body needs. Among them: phosphorus with sodium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, iron, calcium, copper and selenium.

It has a complete range of vitamins of the “B” group. There are RR vitamins, E, K and Colina. As you know, peanut butter is very caloric. If you calculate the amount of calories per 100 grams, the result will be at least 570 kcal.

How to use

Peanut butter is a nutritious food. It can be used as a single dis h-for breakfast, smeared in the PAN -, as well as in the preparation of sweet confectioneflavors of unusual products.

Only a small amount of peanut paste is needed per day to be satiated, since it is a very nutritious and incredibly healthy ingredient.

What can be combined

Peanut taste can be eaten with:

  • With bread, both white and black (rye) if you make a sandwich with it. If they eat at breakfast, these sandwiches will be healthy, nutritious and delicious. To season the peanut butter sandwich, you can add a slice of cheese, fresh fruit slices or nuts.
  • The pasta can be smeared in cookies to make this kind of tasty roasted or create a layer structure as a sandwich. If the cookie sandwich stuffed with peanut paste is allowed for a while, it will be soaked and much tastier and more soft.
  • Peanut paste can be used to cover pieces of fruit and vegetables, which gives them a much more interesting taste and gives a new voice to known dishes.
  • Peanut paste can be used as a layer and filled with various pastry products, including baked.

Can you eat peanut paste to lose weight?

Surprisingly, despite its quite high caloric content, the answer to the question of whether you can eat peanut butter when thinning should be affirmative. It is a very nutritious and beneficial product for the human body. Especially since the sweet and creamy peanut product requires very little to eat. This is why this pasta is gaining more and more public, which does not deny the pleasure of eating it at breakfast every day.

The benefits

Peanu t-based paste has a huge variety of beneficial properties for the human body. In addition, it is one of the recommended basic foods for those who lead a healthy life and follow a healthy diet. In addition, the scent of peanut that gives off the pasta stimulates the interest and appetite for it.

The benefits for the human being of regular consumption of peanut paste can represent:

  1. Substantial strengthening of the immune system in the human body.
  2. Decreased level of bad cholesterol in human blood, resulting in a risk reduction in the appearance of an unpleasant disease as type 2 diabetes and in the development of senile sclerosis.
  3. Through a daily peanut butter breakfast, you can improve your memory, affect cardiovascular and nervous systems, restore normal metabolic function, improve liver health and strengthen cartilage, teeth and bones.
  4. For vegetarians, eating it at breakfast is a ful l-fledged substitute for meat, which gives them energy for the whole day. And the great athletes will surely consume some peanu t-based paste to accelerate their increase in muscle mass, using it as a source of protein.

Benefits for women

Peanut paste is especially useful for women when losing weight. Peanut paste is a nutritious, nutritious and very tasty product that can give you energy for a whole day if you eat at least one sandwich or a snack with it. If you eat it regularly in small quantities, a woman can keep her youth for a long time due to the large number of antioxidants contained in the pasta.

And due to the presence of vitamins and trace elements in this pasta, it can not only maintain its natural beauty, but also improve the attractiveness of women and avoid problems with skin, hair and nails. To the same through the regular consumption of peanut butter can improve the hormonal state, increases the probability of a child’s conception and contribute to the good development of the child in the uterus (a large presence of folic acid in peanut butter).

Benefits for men

Peanut paste is incredibly beneficial for men of all ages. Thanks to their composition, men who remain “fit” by practicing any of their modalities, at a professional or amateur level, properly develop their body during intensive training, burning fat and gaining muscle mass. Thanks to its regular consumption “at breakfast or dinner” the testosterone level can be raised in men, restore power and thus increase the “male power.”

But all the beneficial properties of peanut paste can be obtained only if there are no contraindications for peanuts and if consumed in moderation. Otherwise, peanut paste can be harmful to the body.

Damage and some contraindications

If you take into account the composition of peanut paste, irreparable damage to the body can be caused if consumed in excess, since it can contain harmful preservative additives if it is cooked

  • hydrogenated vegetable oil, which leads to hormonal imbalances and causes inflammatory reactions of diverse kinds.
  • Excessive addition of artificial sweeteners instead of natural honey, syrup, sugar and peanut essence. It is clear that these types of additives can cause a series of unpleasant diseases.
  • An individual intolerance may occur to nuts and peanuts in particular. In this case, the allergy manifests itself with chip and cough itching. In some cases, symptoms may include mild urticaria in the limbs and a feeling of intolerable itch. But the worst can be an edema of Quincke and a rapid decrease in blood pressure.

Categorically forbidden!

  1. People suffering from salt deposits in joints, arthritis and osteoarthritis should not eat peanut paste.
  2. Eat peanut paste in excessive quantities. This will inevitably lead to obesity.

How to choose good quality paste when buying

When choosing a peanu t-based paste, choose a manufacturer who does not have flavor potentiators, emulgent/dyes in the finished product and use high amounts of preservatives.

Norm a day

The benefits of peanut paste to lose weight are undeniable.

In some diets, peanut paste is one of the main dietary foods that moderately saturate the body of nutrients and vitamins.

Many nutritionists point out that such a healthy and tasty product entails huge benefits for the entire body. If you eat peanut paste regularly, you will not only make your body satisfy, but also cause the activity of some internal systems. It is important to remember that peanut paste, whose benefits will be significant for a person, must be developed only from natural products and without adding unnecessary components, such as sugar, vegetable fat and salt.

But the main advantage of peanut paste is that it does not contain harmful cholesterol, which is a dignified quality for people who adhere to the rules of healthy and adequate nutrition.

Peanut paste for weight loss is a product that saturates the body with fiber, vitaminized composition and healthy fats. Due to the fact that this product has a positive effect on the nervous system, peanut butter in the menu of people who diet helps them cope with nerve and depression attacks that accompany a fairly long weight loss process.

Nutritionists have developed a special diet based on peanut paste, which allows them to enjoy the delicious dessert every day, thus satisfying the body and tone the human body.

The properties of peanut paste to lose weight

It is important to remember that a diet based on peanut paste is strictly individual. It depends on the individual characteristics of the organism that the use of peanut paste causes body remodeling or internal organ disorders. That is why it should be followed with caution after consulting with a dietary specialist.

Although the nuts have always been considered an extremely caloric food, peanut paste to lose weight is used lately quite frequently. This is because eating peanuts while diet is very quickly induced a feeling of satiety, suppressing appetite. A diet of this type does not require strong restrictions in food and lifestyle, but also gives less impressive results than more strict.

The use of peanuts in the diet does not mean that you have to eat only them. There are no significant restrictions in the diet, you should only give up a large amount of fried and fatty foods.

Throughout the day, it is recommended to eat a fixed quantity of pasta, spreading it in salty cookies or whole wheat bread. This product also combines well with fresh berries.

You also have to eat fruits, vegetables and cereals. These products are of great value to lose weight. At the same time, we always have to count the calories, so that at the end of the day we do not realize that we have gone from the norm.

How to make your own peanut butter

Internet and kitchen books are full of recipes and tips to make your own peanut paste from nuts such as peanuts. But the best of them is a simple and easy recipe that, if it follows, can result in a delicious and healthy product.

Nutritionists recommend eating peanut paste in the morning, since the nutrient organism is perfectly saturated and enhances internal energy.


  1. Peanut grains – 300 gr
  2. Salt – 10 gr
  3. Honey – 30 gr
  4. Sunflower oil – 30 gr

Preparation algorithm:

  1. Briefly toast the peanut grains peeled in a perfectly clean and dry wide pan over minimal heat. They must change color: brown. Remove the peanuts from time to time, turning them over and over again.
  2. Put the cooked peanuts in a bowl and cool.
  3. Place peanut grains cooled into a blender/blender and crush until you get fine powder.
  4. Mix chopped peanuts with salt and honey in a bowl. Remove and return the mixture to the blender/blender bowl and continue to spot for a quarter of an hour until the peanuts become a paste of the chips.
  5. Add sunflower oil to the pasta and continue crushing with the blender/blender. The crushed paste must have the consistency of a thick sour cream.
  6. Put the peanut butter paste freshly made in the prepared bowl: a small glass jar with airtight lid and save in the fridge.

Recommendations for this recipe:

  1. To prepare this dish at home, it is necessary to buy a blender or a kitchen robot with greater power.
  2. If the nuts are not peeled, you have to peel them well. Peanuts should not have peel.
  3. You can also prepare the paste with peanuts that have not roasted.
  4. Peanuts can be brown not only in a pan, but also in a preheated oven at 180 degrees, extending raw peanuts evenly on a dry oven tray. Peanuts should not remain in the oven for more than a quarter of an hour.
  5. Keep the freshly cooked peanut paste in a glass jar in the refrigerator for a maximum of 15 days.
  6. If the peanuts are not peeled, you have to peel well.

Only peanut paste cooked at home has all its healthy qualities.

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