Can I eat peanuts to lose weight?

Each type of peanut has advantages and disadvantages according to its purpose. Let’s find out why nutritionists and sports doctors recipe peanuts to lose weight, despite their caloric content.

What are the benefits of peanuts. How to take it correctly to part with the extra kilos. In this article there are recommendations of nutritionists to lose weight.

Can you eat peanuts while you lose weight?

Peanuts do not become an issue in weight loss forums for nothing. Grains can really get rid of excess weight.

Despite the energy value, it is peanuts that has advantages over other brothers. The earthy fruit has a good proportion of components for people who lose weight. It contains many more proteins and much less fat. And the caloric value is the lowest of all grains.

Peanuts have a composition that professional athletes also appreciate. The answer to the question of whether you can eat peanuts while thinning is positive. It is only necessary to know how to eat them, how much to take and with what to combine them. Nutritionists advise people who lose weight that consumption standards follow;

  • With a daily caloric value of 1500 kcal it is possible to include in the daily diet no more than 50 grams of raw peanuts, which is an average of 250 kcal.
  • Peanuts should only be consumed raw. Fried and salty grains containing synthetic additives are excluded.
  • To lose weight it is not recommended to combine peanuts with light carbohydrates, such as honey.
  • It is recommended to take peanuts between breakfast and food. As a snack, hunger satisfies and brings to the body the necessary vital nutrients.

As an alternative, instead of peanuts you can take peanut butter in a specialized store. To diversify the diet, thin people can consume peanut halva instead of the sweet.

Calories and chemical composition of peanuts

Botanically speaking, peanut is not a dry fruit. His scientific name is Arachis Hypoagaa. Its composition is similar to that of legumes such as beans, lentils and peas. Each pod contains 1 to 4 grains.

It is worth observing the process of growth and maturation of the pods. First the yellow flowers flourish in the form of a moth. After fertilization, they bend the twig very close to the ground. The ovary from them is embedded in the ground, where the grain develops.

Those who wish to benefit from nuts should choose peanuts. The fruit provides energy and contains biologically active components necessary for life.

Nutritional and energy content in 100 grams of dry peanuts
Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Caloric value Starch Food fibers Ash Water
28. 3 г 45, 2 г 9. 9г 552 kcal 5. 7 г 9. 1 г 2. 6 г 7. 9г

Peanut proteins have an optimal proportion of amino acids, which are well absorbed by the human body. Peanuts are especially popular among bodybuilding athletes, since they have the highest protein content of all nuts. This protein helps develop muscles.

The peanuts are composed of 100 grams and contain a large number of substances that the body needs, as analyzed in the following table.

Vitamins Amount OLIGOEMENTS Amount
PP 13. 1 mg Calcium 7. 4 mg
B1 0. 72 mg of calcium Magnesium 184 mg
B2 0. 10 mg Selenium 7. 1 mg
B5 1. 6 mg of selenium Sodium 21 mg
B6 0. 3 mg of sodium Match 344 mg
B9 250 µg Potassium 656 mg
C 5. 2 mg Zinc 3. 3 mg
E 10 mg of iron Iron 5. 1 mg of iron
Hill 52 mg of hill Manganese 2 mg of manganese
Copper 11. 38 mg

Peanuts are rich in oils, most of which are healthy unsaturated fatty acids:

  • OLEICO (Omega 9)
  • Linoleic (Omega 6);
  • peanut;
  • stearic
  • Palmitic;
  • Láurico;
  • lignocuric acid.

By the way, cholesterol increases not only in the elderly, but also in young people when they gain too much or follow an unhealthy diet.

Cacahuete Properties to lose weight

The product has a composition that guarantees the coordinated operation of all organs during weight loss:

  • Replenish vitamins C, E, PP, Group B levels, which are essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Nicotinic acid dilates blood vessels. By diluting blood, it improves circulation. Ascorbic acid reinforces immunity. Vitamin E (Tocoferol) is essential for the operation of the reproductive organs.
  • Magnesium, calcium and phosphorus strengthen heart, vascular and skeletal muscles.
  • Amino acids facilitate calcium absorption, accelerate the recovery of the epidermis and the mucous epithelium. They increase the elasticity of the skin, avoid the skin sagging that occurs during weight loss. It is an important property for women.
  • Phytosterols, inhibiting the growth of atypical cells, protects the cancer body. After all, weight loss reduces the immunity of the person, which increases the risk of malignant tumors.
  • The consumption of peanuts in reasonable amounts relieves the nervousness experienced by all familiar people. Increase physical resistance during exercise in the gym.

Contains polyphenols, antioxidants that protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. These compounds prevent cancer, premature aging and heart disease. Due to their antioxidant properties, peanuts are on a par with blackberries and strawberries, only surpassed by pomegranate.

The benefits

The benefits and harms of peanuts for women with weight loss associated with its composition. A large amount of protein and fiber creates a feeling of satiety and helps prevent overeating. It takes the body two hours to digest peanuts. While simple light carbohydrates (flour products, sweets) are absorbed after 30 minutes. Therefore, they are deposited on the sides in the form of life preservers.

The low glycemic index, less than 20, makes it possible to introduce peanuts into the diet of people suffering from diabetes and metabolic syndrome. They provide long-lasting energy and reduce cravings for junk food.

Only fresh peanuts are good for people who lose weight. In this form, the grains retain their valuable components. Fried, salted and flavored with synthetic additives and flavorings, the product is deprived of useful properties.

Harms and some contraindications

The possible harms of peanuts to lose weight are due to the additives or the way in which they are prepared for sale:

  • Salty grains cause fluid retention in soft tissues. They promote swelling of the face and joints.
  • Roasted peanuts in oil provide extra calories. In addition, it overloads the stomach and can cause digestive discomfort or exacerbation of cholecystitis. Burnt peanuts are harmful to the liver.
  • Artificial flavoring additives make it more palatable, but cause weight gain rather than loss.
  • Allergy-prone people are better off eating peanut kernels without skin. They may develop hives and itchy rashes.
  • It is not recommended to eat peanuts in cases of arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout and urolithiasis due to their purine content.
  • Some women like glazed peanuts. However, this candy is not suitable for weight loss, since it contains a higher amount of carbohydrates.
  • People with pancreatitis should not eat peanuts. Pancreatic enzymes are not enough to digest fats.

How to choose a quality peanut when buying it

Peanuts are mostly sold roasted, dried, or shelled. To lose weight, it is advisable to buy shelled peanuts. It is better to buy them in large stores or in large markets. This is how you can judge the quality of the peanuts visually and by smell:

  • Pay attention to color and smell when you buy in bursts. The shells must be dry and have a uniform color, without stretch marks, cracks or spots. The presence of a greenish yellow layer on the surface indicates fungal infection.
  • When pressing the peel on the quality product, a crunch is heard. The shell can be easily opened without additional effort. If theThe grains will be rancid inside.
  • When you buy packed peanuts in transparent bags, check if there is condensation inside. A wet product can be infested with fungi.
  • If the bag is stirred on the ear, the sound must be deaf. Too dried nuts emit a rattling sound. This means that grains have dried a lot for inappropriate storage.
  • Descascarillado peanuts must have a pleasant smell.

Indian peanuts have the best flavor. Despite their small size, peanuts have a rich flavor. In the market there are thick grain peanuts. Some varieties are tasteless.

Daily amount

Daily calorie intake can guide when losing weight. However, due to its fat content, it is easy to be wrong and overcome the recommended daily caloric intake. Attention. Nutritionists from the Rational Nutrition Center recommend consuming 30 grams or 10 pieces a day in the snack. This dose corresponds to 165 kilocalories.

What can be combined

Peanut contains useful proteins, food and micronutrient fibers. The peaning peanut diet is used successfully in combination with other foods:

  • Lean turkey meat, rabbit, chicken;
  • comprehensive cereal porridge – Sarracene wheat, rice, barley or barley granons
  • fresh fruits and vegetables containing pectin and fiber, which eliminate saturated fats from the intestine
  • Dairy products with a fat content of 2. 5-3%, without milk or sugar.

Peanut butter for dressing salads is useful in the diet. Meals should be divided into portions 5 times a day. See the example of a diet:

  1. Breakfast consists of Sarracene wheat, pears and 5 peanut grains.
  2. A banana and two pieces of whole wheat bread with peanut paste are good for the snack.
  3. Lunch includes 200 grams of grilled turkey or baked. For garnish, fresh coll pica and carrots, sprink them with lemon juice and peanut butter.
  4. To snack, just Ryazhenka or Kéfir (2. 5% fat).
  5. For dinner, 200 grams of caste to 4% and a peanut butter sandwich are recommended.

Conservation characteristics

In their peel, peanut grains retain their useful ingredients up to one year, provided they are kept in a dry and fresh place. Attention. If stored in a humid place, afflictoxins are produced. Once ingested, the mold infects any weakened human organism.

The useful life of peeled peanuts is reduced to 6 months if they are preserved in refrigerator. The product should be kept in a glass, earth or porcelain container with airtight lid.

The purified product, bought in its own bag, can be kept until the specified period, if the container is not broken. Once the polyethylene is opened, pour the peanuts in a glass jar, close it well with a lid and place it in the refrigerator. In the freezer, the useful life increases to 9 months.

Before using peanuts bought in the store, you have to rinse the grains. The exception is roasted and salty peanuts.


Peanuts are a healthy product for silhouette and health. The nutritionists of the weight correction center include it in the diet of their patients who are thin people. Peanut helps to lose weight when consumed correctly.

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