Chemical and vitamin composition of red blueberries

After reading this article you will know all the real properties of red blueberries, their calories and their chemical composition, and will learn the best recipes for various diseases, made based on fruits and red blueberries leaves.

Plant description

The red blueberry is a perennial leaf bush with agrio red fruits. The useful and medicinal properties of the red blueberry were known at the end of the 18th century. This small and discreet berry has surpassed red and blue blueberries in the number of healthy substances present in their composition.

The uniqueness of a fruit consists in the conservation of all useful substances and properties after any type of processing. The berries and red blueberry leaves are widely used in medicine, cosmetology and kitchen.

Chemical composition of red blueberry

The chemical composition of red blueberry leaves:

  • Arbutina – 9. 2%;
  • Hydroquinone (has bleaching effect);
  • Vaccinine (antiseptic properties);
  • Metilarbutin (diuretic effect).
  • Vinic and Galic;
  • Quinine;
  • Ursolic;
  • Elagogo;
  • Alkaline and Manzano;
  • Acetic and benzoic;
  • Citric acid;
  • Pyruvic and oxipirúvic acids;
  • Oxyglutarian acid;
  • Glioxylic acid.

In addition, the composition contains:

  • Quercitrine and isoquercitrin;
  • Kempferol and routine;
  • Avicularina and Hyperina;
  • Tanninos – 5 to 31%;
  • Catechins;
  • Macro and useful micronutrients;
  • Sugar – 9-11%;

Red cranberry seeds contain between 28% and 32% of fatty oils that include linolenic and linoleic acids in high concentrations.

What vitamins contain red blueberries?

Vitamin composition of the fruits of the red blueberry per 100 grams:

  • Ascorbic acid – 1. 2 mg – 16. 9%;
  • Vitamin A – 9 micrograms – 0. 10%;
  • Betacarotene – 0. 05 g – 1%; E 1 mg – 6. 8%;
  • Vitamin B1 – 0. 002 g – 0. 8%;
  • Vitamin B2 – 0. 003 g – 1. 2%;
  • Vitamin PP – 0. 003 g – 1. 7%.

Calories per 100 gr of product

100 g of red blueberry contain 0. 6 g of fat, 8. 4 g of carbohydrates and 0. 8 g of proteins. The caloric value is 47 kcal per 100 gr.

Benefits and damages of red blueberry

The red blueberry berries and leaves have many beneficial properties, among which the following stand out:

Gastrointestinal benefits.

Red blueberries have the property of improving appetite. From ancient times, the capricious children and with little appetite were given red blueberries or a cake stuffed with their fruit, after which the children ate well. The berries stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and normalize metabolism.

This effect of red blueberry fruits can be easily explained by the large amount of organic acids in its composition. They promote the formation of large amounts of saliva, as well as the production of enzymes and digestive juices – thanks to the activation of these processes, it feels a strong feeling of hunger.

Thanks to enzymes and a sufficient amount of digestive juice, food is absorbed and process more quickly when they reach the stomach. Another advantage of small berries is its high pectin content, which improves intestinal peristalsism and its general state.

The pectin also acts as a cleansing broom from the entire body, since it eliminates toxins, harmful substances, free radicals and accumulated bad cholesterol.

Important! If you suffer from gastrointestinal tract diseases, which are accompanied by an increase in the level of acidity – the use of red blueberry berries and leaves in your case is strictly contraindicated, since it can have adverse effects on the stomach and intestines.

The red blueberry is good for view

Another useful property of red blueberries is its beneficial effect on the eyes, especially on the retina. The chemical composition of red blueberries improves the bloodstream of the retina and the vision organs in general; In addition, many remedies are elaborated with the fruits of the bush to improve visual acuity.

Reference. The red blueberry berries and the preparations made from them improve the vision in the twilight hours thanks to a compound as useful as bet a-carotene, necessary for the normal and adequate functioning of the vision organs in the dark.

Benefits of red blueberries in antihelmintic therapy

Red blueberries can help you in the fight against guests as unforgivable of the body as the Helmints. Antihelmintic therapy with red blueberry is widespread in remote villages with poor infrastructure and economy, where getting medications is an impossible task. The red blueberry helps to deal with such a task, with components such as:

  • Essential and alkaloid oils contained in the berries in large quantities;
  • Several acids.

To eliminate body worms, berries are included in the patient’s daily diet, fruit composition creates unreal conditions for worm survival.

Prevention of viral and bacterial diseases

Ascorbic acid contained in the berries – reinforces the human immune system and also increases the organism’s defenses, helping to fully resist various infections, harmful microorganisms and diseases.

The rich acid composition of the fruit disinfects the urinary ducts, accumulating in small quantities. In addition, regular consumption of red blueberries can disinfect the bleeding areas of the body.

Benefits of red blueberries for the cardiovascular system and blood vessels

The red blueberry has a beneficial effect not only on the immune system, but also especially the blood circulation process. These properties are due to the components that integrate red blueberries, such as:

  • Potassium – an element that helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve their elasticity. In addition, potassium normalizes heart rate and heart muscle work. If you include blueberry in your daily diet you can stabilize your blood pressure.
  • Iron is an essential ingredient to normalize blood hemoglobin levels and prevent the appearance of anemia. Once an high dose of iron enters the bloodstream, it begins to supply oxygen to the body and the organs more quickly, thus providing the individual with an explosion of energy and vitality.
  • Fiber clean blood vessels. It helps to get rid of harmful cholesterol accumulated in them, and also eliminates cholesterol from the whole body.

The red blueberry as a remedy against stress, fatigue and depression

Since ancient times, red blueberry leaves have been used as a powerful and safe way to calm the body, and this effect is due to its sedative action on the body.

Specialists in the field of medicine recommend an infusion or tea based on red cranberry leaves for patients prone to neurotic states and even for depressive.

Important: Only the leaves of the plant have sedative properties – remember it. Red cranberry leaves also contain a high concentration of alkaloids and essential oils that help calm and relax.

Other beneficial properties of red blueberry fruits are that they have antipyretic, ant i-inflammatory and strengthening properties. Red blueberries are used to prevent and combat joint diseases (rheumatism) and salt deposits.

In addition, small berries are used in the treatment of respiratory diseases, dysentery and enteritis.

Cranberries are one of the few hypoallergenic and harmless berries. They have a low sugar content, which allows people with type 1 or 2 diabetes to consume them in any quantity.


Do not overdo it – you risk overloading the fruit with too many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

As with any other healthy berry, there are a number of contraindications to consuming cranberries. It is not recommended to eat these berries for those who have a history of the following ailments:

  • Kidney stones. In the presence of this pathology, it is not allowed to eat lingonberries, as it can lead to a worsening or exacerbation of the disease;
  • Ulcerative and erosive processes in the gastrointestinal tract. Such diseases are accompanied by an increased level of acidity, in which the consumption of berries is contraindicated, due to the higher content of acids and their variety;
  • Diseases of the kidneys and the urogenital system. Before consuming berries, always consult your doctor to avoid adverse effects on your body;
  • Low blood pressure. Cranberry is known for its ability to lower blood pressure, so its consumption is not recommended for people who suffer from hypotension. Even a small amount can lower blood pressure to a critical point.

For the women

Effect of cranberry on the reproductive functions of women

In folk medicine, cranberry fruits are widely used to improve women’s reproductive health. If you have not been able to conceive for a long time, this berry will save your life and help speed up the conception process and make her dream come true.

The berries of the plant help to establish the menstrual cycle and normalize the hormonal background of a woman.

Benefits of berries during pregnancy

Such a beautiful stage as pregnancy is often accompanied by unpleasant symptoms, such as: edema, toxicosis, neurosis, and a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood. Cranberry will help you prevent all of the above symptoms, and reduce them if they have already appeared.

Also, it is recommended to drink cranberry juice regularly in small amounts during pregnancy. It can help in the treatment of colds and relieve muscle fatigue. Another directly beneficial property for the baby is the correct formation of the bone apparatus.

Cranberry fruit for menopause

Thanks to their rich composition, red blueberries reduce the hyperactivity of the sweat glands and are a preventive measure of diseases such as varicose veins, in addition to combating the neurotic symptoms that appear during menopause.

Red blueberry and skin pigmentation

Regular plant consumption of the plant will be an excellent prevention against changes related to skin and severe pigmentation. The berries have this effect thanks to the arbutin they contain. They turn off “an enzyme that activates the skin pigmentation process.

skin care

The red blueberry protects the skin of the harmful UV rays thanks to the Zeaxatin, a powerful antioxidant of natural origin. It is also good to detoxify the body of accumulated and free toxic substances.

Skin status

The red blueberry contains many antioxidant substances that saturate the skin, improve blood circulation and reaffirm the skin. Acne and premature wrinkles are prevented thanks to vitamins E and A. The red blueberry mask moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and prevents premature aging.

Effect of red blueberry on hair

The hair masks of red blueberry leaves revitalize and hydrate the hair, providing shine, volume and softness. If you suffer from constant dandruff, be sure to include red blueberries in your daily diet. They can help you fight dandruff.

For men

Lately, thanks to the research work of scientists in the field of medicine, another useful property of the red blueberry has been announced. The leaves and fruits of the plant have been widely used for the prevention of prostatitis, and have been included in many medications for prostatitis.

This is easily explained by the fact that red blueberries and their components have diuretic properties, as well as antiseptics and disinfectants. In order to prevent a disease such as prostatitis – take a handful of red blueberries every day, which will help you strengthen the body, saturate it with vitamins and minerals and maintain virility.

For children

If your child has little appetite and needs all its time, energy and imagination to feed him, red blueberries will be his indispensable help. They increase the appetite and at the same time increase the defenses and immunity of their child.

Synopsis. In popular medicine, berries are used for the prevention and treatment of colds and the tendency to constipation and intestinal obstruction in children. When they have kidney problems, decoction can help with red blueberry leaves, which can even be administered to children under one year.

How and in what amounts should red blueberries be consumed?

Despite the mass of useful and therapeutic properties of berries and leaves of the plant, which needs to know how to use them correctly in the presence of a particular disease.

  • Red blueberry for colds. Take 250 g of fresh or dry berries, fill it with 500 ml of boiling water, leave in a warm place for 1 hour, add 30 g of honey. Use the infusion after meals at 70 ml 3-4 times a day.
  • When the symptoms of anemia. Take 45 g of dry red blueberry leaves and 25 g of fruit. Pour them in 500 ml of hot water, leave in a warm place for 10-15 minutes, then strain through a gauze. Add 2 tablespoons of honey, drink 50 ml 4-5 times a day.
  • To improve the condition in hypertension 4-5 teaspoons of dried cranberry leaves, pour 0. 5 liters of boiling water, after an hour, strain through a gauze or sieve, drink instead of tea, 150 ml 3 timesup to date.
  • With diabetes. Take in equal proportions dry blueberry leaves, red blueberries, strawberries, orgas, white thorn fruits and black sauco flowers. Add boiling water to the mixture, maintaining the proportion 1: 5. Slowly and boil. Strain, cool and leave in a warm place for 2-3 hours. Use 3-4 times a day before meals, 75 ml.
  • When inflammatory processes in the lungs. Take 20 g of dry red blueberry leaves, 15 raspberries and 5 g of oregano and sail each. Add 500 ml of boiling water to the dry mixture, leave in a warm place for 2 hours, then strain. Take 2-3 times a day for 200 ml after a meal.
  • In kidneys and urogenital system. Take in equal proportions dry red blueberry leaves, as well as rosemary, cumin, juniper berries and strawberries. Add 500 ml of boiling water, leave in a warm place for 20 minutes, then strain. Take 200 ml 2-3 times a day.
  • To relieve swelling. Take equal proportions of fruit and cow berry leaves and pour 250 ml of water, then boil for 10-15 minutes. Let cool and strain the decoction through gauze. Consume small sips during the day until the swelling disappears.

In this article we have tried to answer as much as possible to all questions about the red blueberry and its healing and healthy properties. If you want to improve immunity, obtain a powerful impulse of vivacity, strengthen all organism systems and replace vitamin and mineral reserves, include red blueberries in your daily diet. This little berry is an irreplaceable source of benefits for you and your family.

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