Chucrut: secret recipes, benefits and losses that everyone is silent

The most popular dish of Russian cuisine Col Kvenaya is worshiped by its benefits in the form of vitamins A, B, C, K for the human body, as well as its excellent compatibility with absolutely all products. This is a very popular dish, which can be bought easily in the store and prepare at home without any difficulty. Who, when is it harmful and insecure to eat Chucrut? In this article we will reveal the most important public secrets to be known at this time of life.

A Russian cannot imagine an ordinary banquet without the main “star”, that is, the Chucrut. And we don’t exaggerate. In autumn and winter it is a popular finding with pleasant acidity and a refreshing and vigorizing flavor. And, strangely that it seems, complements the meat dishes in all types of rations better than any garrison.

The chucrut is usually added carrots, blueberries, apples, beets, black pepper, salt, grapes and laurel.

The main advantage is that it does not need cooking, so all the macronutrients it contains remain intact. That is why it has no negative effects on the body. Due to lactic fermentation, the product ingests a huge amount of useful vitamins.

It is also scientifically demonstrated that chucrut is useful in symbiosis with vegetable oils (and even better – with cold pressed oils) and can do wonders: improve immunity, provide digestive work prevention, stomach ulcers and even prevent your body fromAging too soon! Of course, do not run to the supermarket, at least until the end of this article, because where there is a positive side, surely there is a negative one.

The chemical composition of the product

Few people liked chemistry at school, but now we see signs of it everywhere. For example, even in the composition of the Chucrut a true treasure of useful vitamins, macronutrients, organic acids, pectin, proteins and fiber was discovered.

Calcium, sulforafano, vitamin complexes A, B and K – They prevent many diseases of the digestive tract. Therefore, it is especially important that people suffering from this disease add Chucrut to their diet daily.

Living probiotics – microorganisms produce amino acids that form the immune system of the intestines, so they also keep the cholesterol levels moderate and prevent allergies in the initial development phases.

In the finish line, the chucrut surpasses oranges, lemons and kiwis in terms of ascorbic acid content. Always have this dish at your table and will not suffer deficiencies of vitamin C. An indisputable advantage is that it is low in calories. If you are pending outdoor life, Chucrut cannot be missing in your daily diet. Not only does it provide you with a fresher and firm skin, but also stimulates your metabolism.


A treasure of vitamins, macronutrients and tiny calories that have earned the hearts of millions of people. But we reach the most important thing, that is, the benefits of the Chucrut and the mechanism of the effect of the product on the body.

Taking it regularly:

  • Improves hemoglobin production;
  • strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
  • The regeneration of the body’s cells
  • Metabolic processes are accelerated.

From the medical point of view, the beneficial substances of the CHUCRUT inhibit the growth of tumor cells. Think about it.

The benefits of Chucrut juice

Chucrut juice strengthens heart muscle and immune system. Also in traditional medicine, this dish prevents bronchial diseases and provides first aid for hemorrhoids. After all, the main cause of this humble ailment is poor circulation. Hot juice lotions help relieve symptoms. Sufficient amounts of complex carbohydrates eliminate swelling, since the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract is stabilized. Chucrut brine is also useful and can be used as a bactericidal agent in wound treatment.

How do you think that, by losing weight with few calories, the organism is saturated with all kinds of useful substances? Thus, it is enough to add to the diet of a person who thinns or keeps a healthy Chucrut. It is demonstrated that with its systematic use, up to 5 kilos of more can be lost, because an acceleration of metabolism occurs.

Many people observe that by adding the Chucrut to their daily diet, their gums and bones have been significantly strengthened, their vision, sleep and mood patterns have improved. Chronic fatigue disappeared without a trace, and physical and mental activity increased considerably. In our normal rhythm of life, we no longer notice as trivial processes as the digestion of meat and the assimilation of quality proteins.

Benefits for women

The beneficial properties will not be expected, especially for women. During toxicosis, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, is especially important to support the action of this product. Chucrut reveals the benefits in the ability to get rid of the negative hormonal background effects on the body and mood of women.

Benefits for men

This ecological product also has a positive effect on men: it relieves the hangover, improves erectile function and has a beneficial effect on the prostate gland.

Benefits for older people

Chucrut is recommended for anemia, bronchial asthma, dissbacteriosis, gout and cholecystitis. People who regularly consume this dish notice significant changes in the state of their body. Adding only 100 grams of Chucrut to their daily diet, you will notice that it reacts differently to previously irritating factors and that it is more stress resistant and depression.

By improving blood circulation and blood coagulation, the beneficial substances of the CHUCRUT prevent the body of destructive processes in the form of cholesterol plates, coagulous formation or development of atherosclerosis. It can also be forgotten forever from anemia, since the product enriches cells and the organism with oxygen and increases hemoglobin.

How to lose weight without damaging the organism

Broadly speaking, Chucrut is not a national treasure of any country. Varieties can be found in the core of the hosts of the homes of Ukraine, France, Bulgaria and Poland. Its undeniable utility and ease of preparation is what has conquered the hearts and stomachs of men and women.

Chucrut improves intestinal peristalsism, starts metabolism and activates digestion. Fermentation produces tartric acid, which helps decompose fat reserves and inhibits its subsequent storage. Consuming every day not only stimulates metabolism, but also saturates the organism of essential vitamins. In case of obesity, doctors advise drinking brine of Col to help the body get rid of accumulated toxins and fat deposits.

However, on the other hand, there are opinions that claim that thinning with vinegar will do more bad than good. If you exceed, you can suffer kidney diseases and pancreas problems. As always and in everything you must maintain a nutrient balance, since only harmony with slow carbohydrates, appropriate proteins and fats can guarantee lasting results without harming your health.

How to use Chucrut in Cosmetology

No aestheticist will tell you the secrets to combat acne and age stains, but you can learn them now. Once you have tried a natural mask, you will never want a store mask again. You can apply coiled cabbage brine after noticing the first age spots or hated freckles. For 2-3 weeks, after a work day, you can lie down for 10-15 minutes with gauze applications soaked in the juice. After spreading your face with cream and admiring in the reflection, the effect is guaranteed!

To tone and saturate the skin, we recommend the following: Mix chucrut juice and yeast 1: 1. Put the sour and creamy mixture in a sauna. Do not place it on the fire, but on a hot water bath. While the fermenta mixture, add vitamin A (approx. 15-20 drops) and the same amount of E, camphor oil. Apply the mask on the face and neck before sleeping for 15-20 minutes, and wash it first with sour juice and only later with warm water.

Another simple recipe.

Match and squeeze the juice of the Col, put the resulting mixture on the face in a thick layer, give time to rest the skin for about 20-25 minutes. A egg white mask can become your favorite, be careful. Beat the egg white to snow. Meanwhile, itch 4 tablespoons of chucrut in a meat chopper and squeeze excess juice. Mix all the ingredients until you get a homogeneous mass along with 1 tablespoon of flour, which will add density. There should be a thick consistency mass. Apply on the face and clarify after 10 minutes with cold water.

What will enhance the healing properties of Chucrut

The appreciated and wel l-known cucumber is undoubtedly excellent because its useful properties can be enhanced with those of other fruits. Carrots will undoubtedly enrich the dish with the necessary carotene, apples with the useful vitamin P, red blueberries with benzoic acid, which has antimicrobial properties.

It is also important to enrich the pickled colt with valuable oils and phytoncidas by adding anise, pepper and laurel grains.

Chucrut’s damages: all the secrets exposed

We can talk without stopping the benefits of this pickle, but what damage are we going to do to the body, eating Chucrut? Remember that this product is unique, since it combines prebiotic and probiotic properties. A complex of microorganisms, without which the intestines would have difficulties. and factors that accelerate the production of their own intestinal microflora – combined in a single product at your vacation table. Despite this, the Chucrut is not recommended if hyperacidity is suffered, due to the possibility of stomach burning. Also in case of renal failure and bile calculations due to a content that is too high of organic acid.

Due to the high salt of the Chucrut salt, there can be an increase in blood pressure. Therefore, it is better that hypertensive people do not get carried away by Chucrut. Do not forget the allergic people, for which this food can be deadly. It should also be noted that Chucrut inhibits iodine absorption, so those who suffer from thyroid diseases should limit the intake of this dish. If you are diabetic, before putting Chucrut on your dish, ask if sugar has been used in preparation.

Do not forget that you should not abuse any dish, not even the Chucrut. Excessive consumption will activate fermentation in healthy people and cause obvious gases and flatulence. It will be especially uncomfortable when visiting guests.

Abstain Chucrut during breastfeeding, since the baby can suffer cramps.

How to prepare the chucrut

In the classic way. The cabbage is shredded, it kneads and lies. For the colm to release enough juice, it must be placed under a sheet in barrels. Fermentation lasts 3 to 7 days. Once the time has elapsed enough, the cabbage must be stored in a cool place so that even the neighbors can hear the crunch and juiciness.

What dreams of Chucrut?

When you want Chucrut and you have even dreamed of it, be sure that it is a good sign. So fate tells you that you trust the future, because you are waiting for a monetary gain and the most lucrative offer of your life. Finally, all your hard work will be appreciated and you will be rewarded with a lucrative reward.

If Chucrut is eating in dreams, it will soon achieve an important objective: material or spiritual. For women, sleep foreshadows a happy marriage or pregnancy. For a man, the Chucrut anticipates success in business and the imminent offer of a new job.

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