Delicious Acini di Pepe Salad Recipe

Acini di Pepe Salad

Acini di Pepe Salad is a refreshing and delicious pasta salad made with small pasta pearls called acini di pepe. This type of pasta is shaped like tiny balls, similar to couscous. The salad is packed with vibrant flavors from fresh vegetables and a tangy dressing, making it the perfect dish for picnics, potlucks, or as a side dish for any meal.

The star ingredient of this salad is the acini di pepe pasta, which has a unique texture that absorbs flavors well. It provides a chewy bite and acts as a canvas for the other ingredients. The dressing is a blend of tangy lemon juice, zesty Dijon mustard, and olive oil, which adds a bright and creamy element to the salad. The vegetables used in this recipe include crisp cucumbers, juicy cherry tomatoes, crunchy bell peppers, and aromatic red onions, adding a variety of textures and flavors to the salad.


The Acini di Pepe Salad is made with a variety of fresh and vibrant ingredients that come together to create a delicious and refreshing dish. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Acini di Pepe pasta: This small round pasta is used as the base for the salad. It has a tender texture that is perfect for absorbing the flavors of the other ingredients.
  2. Cherry tomatoes: These small and sweet tomatoes add a burst of color and juiciness to the salad. They can be halved or quartered, depending on your preference.
  3. Cucumbers: Crisp and refreshing, cucumbers are thinly sliced and add a cool element to the salad. They provide a nice crunch and balance out the flavors.
  4. Red onions: Sliced red onions add a sharp and slightly spicy flavor to the salad. They also add a pop of color and texture.
  5. Black olives: These briny and savory olives add depth of flavor to the salad. They can be sliced or left whole, depending on your preference.
  6. Feta cheese: Crumbled feta cheese adds a creamy and salty element to the salad. It pairs perfectly with the other ingredients and adds richness.
  7. Fresh herbs: Fresh herbs like parsley or basil add a burst of freshness and flavor to the salad. They can be chopped and sprinkled on top.

These ingredients can be easily found at your local grocery store and come together to create a tasty and satisfying summer salad. The combination of flavors and textures makes it a great side dish or even a light main course.

Step-by-step instructions for making Acini di Pepe Salad:

To make Acini di Pepe Salad, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 cup of Acini di Pepe pasta
  • 1 cup of diced tomatoes
  • 1 cup of diced cucumbers
  • 1 cup of diced bell peppers
  • 1/2 cup of sliced black olives
  • 1/4 cup of diced red onions
  • 1/4 cup of chopped fresh parsley
  • 1/4 cup of crumbled feta cheese
  • 1/4 cup of olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • Salt and pepper to taste

1. Cook the Acini di Pepe pasta according to the package instructions. Drain and rinse with cold water to cool it down.

2. In a large bowl, combine the cooked pasta with the diced tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, black olives, red onions, and chopped parsley.

3. In a small bowl, whisk together the olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Pour the dressing over the pasta salad and toss to coat.

4. Sprinkle the crumbled feta cheese on top of the salad. You can also garnish with additional parsley if desired.

5. Serve the Acini di Pepe Salad chilled and enjoy!

Note: Acini di Pepe pasta is a small, round pasta that resembles tiny pearls. It is often used in soups and salads.

Professional Chefs’ Tips for Making Acini di Pepe Salad

When it comes to making Acini di Pepe Salad, professional chefs have some valuable tips to help you create the most delicious and visually appealing dish. Here are a few expert recommendations:

  1. Choose Fresh Ingredients: Selecting fresh produce and high-quality ingredients is essential for any recipe, and Acini di Pepe Salad is no exception. Look for ripe and flavorful vegetables, such as cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers, to enhance the taste and texture of the salad.
  2. Properly Cook the Pasta: Acini di Pepe pasta should be cooked al dente, meaning it should have a slight bite to it. Overcooking the pasta can result in a mushy texture, which is not desirable in this salad. Follow the cooking instructions on the package and test the pasta for doneness before draining.
  3. Add Dressing Gradually: The dressing is what brings all the flavors together in the Acini di Pepe Salad. However, it’s important not to drown the salad in dressing. Instead, add the dressing gradually, tossing the salad as you go, until the desired amount is achieved. This will prevent the salad from becoming soggy and ensure that every bite is well-balanced.

By following these expert tips, you’ll be able to create a delectable Acini di Pepe Salad that will impress your guests and leave them asking for the recipe!


I recently tried the Acini di Pepe Salad and it was absolutely delicious! The combination of flavors and textures made it a truly satisfying dish. The small, round pasta cooked perfectly and had a nice al dente bite to it. The addition of fresh vegetables like cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers added a refreshing crunch, while the olives and feta cheese provided a savory and tangy element.

What really made this salad stand out for me was the dressing. It was light yet flavorful, with a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. The lemon juice and honey gave it a bright and citrusy taste, while the Dijon mustard added a subtle kick. The herbs and spices used in the dressing also enhanced the overall flavor of the salad.

Not only was this Acini di Pepe Salad delicious, but it was also very easy to prepare. The recipe was straightforward and the ingredients were readily available. It was a great option for a quick and healthy meal. I will definitely be making this salad again in the future and would highly recommend it to others.

The Acini di Pepe Salad is absolutely delicious! I recently tried this recipe and it turned out to be a big hit with my family. The combination of flavors in this salad is phenomenal. The pasta is cooked perfectly and the dressing brings everything together. It’s a light and refreshing dish that is perfect for a summer barbecue or potluck.

First of all, the pasta itself is a star in this dish. The Acini di Pepe pasta is small and round, making it the perfect bite-sized addition to the salad. It has a great texture and holds up well with the other ingredients. It’s not too heavy, which is great for those hot summer days when you want something refreshing but still filling.

The dressing is what really sets this salad apart. It’s a combination of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and herbs. The flavors are bright and tangy, with just the right amount of acidity. It adds a nice depth to the salad and complements the other ingredients perfectly. I also love that the dressing is light, so it doesn’t weigh down the salad.

The other ingredients in this salad include cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and feta cheese. The cherry tomatoes add a burst of sweetness, while the cucumber brings a refreshing crunch. The red onion adds a bit of sharpness and the feta cheese adds a creamy and tangy element. All of these ingredients work together harmoniously to create a well-rounded and delicious salad.

I highly recommend trying the Acini di Pepe Salad recipe. It’s easy to make, full of flavor, and perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or looking for a light and refreshing lunch option, this salad is sure to impress. Give it a try and enjoy!

I recently tried the Acini di Pepe Salad and it was absolutely delicious. The combination of the tiny pasta pearls with fresh vegetables and tangy dressing was a perfect balance of flavors.

The Acini di Pepe pasta cooked up perfectly, with a tender yet slightly chewy texture that added a nice bite to the salad. The pasta absorbed the flavors of the dressing and the vegetables beautifully, creating a harmonious blend of taste and texture.

The vegetables in the salad were crisp and refreshing, providing a nice contrast to the pasta. The cherry tomatoes added a burst of sweetness, while the cucumbers and bell peppers added a satisfying crunch. The dressing was light and tangy, complementing the flavors of the pasta and vegetables without overpowering them.

I was also impressed with the versatility of the recipe. While I enjoyed it as a side dish, it could easily be turned into a main course by adding some grilled chicken or shrimp. The salad held up well in the refrigerator, making it a great option for meal prep or picnics.

I would highly recommend the Acini di Pepe Salad to anyone looking for a refreshing and satisfying dish. It’s a perfect choice for summer gatherings or a light and healthy lunch. I will definitely be making this recipe again and again.

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