Features application of sprouted walnuts

The walnut tree is a symbol of wisdom and strength. It grows wild in the Transcaucasus, where the fruit of this tree has been appreciated for many years – Caucasian cuisine is full of recipes with healthy nuts that give strength and health.

The nuts are used in cooking, cosmetics, and medicine. They have useful properties:

  • Fruits, saturating the body with nutrients and vitamins for strength and health.
  • The leaves, whose decoction has antibacterial and healing effects.
  • The bark of the tree, from which decoctions are prepared for wounds and tumors.
  • Septa, as a sedative and also to help lower blood sugar levels.

For many, seeds and nuts have a heavy effect on the intestines after a meal, all due to enzymes that inhibit the active growth of the seed until favorable conditions occur. These enzymes, which help digest proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, are protease, lipase, and amylase. Once in the human stomach, the enzymes begin to “fight” against the gastric juice in an attempt to preserve the main objective of the seed: a new life.

When the nuts have been allowed to germinate, the enzymes, which have already fulfilled their protective function, disintegrate and do not have such serious effects on the stomach. This is why sprouted seeds and nut kernels are so easy on the stomach to digest and are beneficial to the human body.

All the most important and valuable components of the walnut are multiplied by two when it germinates. For this it germinates. The fruit is used as food to revitalize and purify the entire organism.

  • They stimulate the growth of digestive enzymes necessary for good digestion.
  • They stimulate the growth of lactobacilli bacteria, very useful for stomach health and intestinal function.
  • Through fermentation, the proteins in nuts become easily digestible and provide maximum benefits to the body.
  • They increase the potential of nutrients, particularly vitamin B.
  • They eliminate toxins and help the symbiotic microflora to thrive in the intestines.

The properties of sprouted walnuts

The habit of eating roasted nuts is ingrained. Heat cooking kills many of the fruit’s beneficial “live” micronutrients and vitamins. Only raw fruits should be germinated, to obtain the greatest benefits. The sprouts are rich in

  • Fatty oils that enhance brain function and regenerate liver cells;
  • proteins, which are very useful to increase physical effort;
  • Arginine, which helps the organism produce growth hormones. Arginine is especially popular among athletes who wish to increase their muscle mass;
  • vitamins A k and p;
  • vitamins B;
  • amino acids;
  • Fiber, which helps the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Iodine, which normalizes thyroid function;
  • Zinc and iron, which help increase hemoglobin in case of anemia;
  • Omega 6, which helps the functioning of the heart and fights cholesterol;
  • phytohormones, which normalize female hormones;
  • Linolenic acid, which normalizes blood pressure and prevents atherosclerosis;
  • Melatonin, which improves sleep quality
  • Vitamin C, which has a reconstituent effect on the body.

The valuable property of nut sprouts is an ideal combination of vegetable fats and proteins. Fatty acids enrich the body with the valuable omega 3. and the protein, which in a grain is 15 g, constitutes 23% of the daily norm for the human being. In addition, the protein is vegetable, which means that it has a great benefit for the organism and the digestive system.


When consumed properly, the fruit is only good for the human body. If you consume germinated for a month, you will see the results:

  • Clean the body of toxins, which means that the skin is cleaned, hair and nails are strengthened. Improves the general welfare of the agency;
  • Rejuvenates, restores the nervous and immune system;
  • Clean the circulatory system and strengthens blood vessels;
  • Help in the treatment of genital diseases both in men and women;
  • Improves power (King’s nuts are a powerful aphrodisiac);
  • improves immunity; It is better to use germinated nuts for a month in spring, when the body needs an additional supply of useful vitamins and microelements;
  • They improve metabolic processes in the body, giving vigor and strength to man.

Nuts help with avitominosis and anemia, enriching a weakened body with all necessary trace elements and vitality. Vegetable proteins nourish muscle and bone tissues, and fatty oils saturate the body and prevent obesity, which is very useful in case of diabetes. Nuts prevent cancer and accumulation of toxins in the body.

The work of the nursing active substances can be seen on the third day of use:

  • improves the general welfare of the person,
  • Improves the status of the skin and hair,
  • good humor throughout the day,
  • sleep normalization,
  • an impulse of energy and positivity.

The taste of germinated grains improves, making the sweetest and most delicate fruit to taste. The stomach tolerates the sprouts better, since the skin has softened and has begun internal fermentation in the dry fruit. It is easy to get carried away by these delicacies. But eating them in excess is not worth it, since you can suffer swelling and intestinal discomfort. The daily standard is 6 nuts, preferably 3 in the morning and 3 at night. This is an optimal recipe that does not harm.

Peculiarities of use for rejuvenation

The main weapon to rejuvenate the organism with nuts are the antioxidants they contain. Due to their unique composition, nuts fight cell aging and cell damage. Antioxidants prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Only six walnuts a day will do wonders at the cellular level. Each skin cell will be replaced by a more “living” within one month thanks to the nuts of the nut. The fatty oils of the sprouts also enhance their properties, helping the hair to be bright and healthy, strong nails and radiant skin.

The squeezed oil of walnut sprouts moisturizes the skin, saturating it from all the necessary vitamins. It is not necessary to squeeze the oil with special presses, it is enough to crush the grains until they them into pulp, put it into a gauze and clean the clean skin with such a buffer.

How from the other way the grains can be used?

In kitchen, the sprouts of the fruit of walnut are used a lot

  • in first dishes;
  • Add spices to meat dishes
  • Ingredients in salads;
  • delicate sauces;
  • In pastry.

A great solution to use walnut sprouts is vegetable milk. It is enough to crush nuts in a blender with water in a proportion of 1: 3, if the natural sweetness of nuts is not enough – add honey to taste. This delicate milk for breakfast will like children and will bring all possible nutrition and energy.

Another recipe for little sweets is the dried fruits. Equal parts of germinated nuts and nuts (previously soaked in hot water for 10 minutes) Sultanas, apricot, raisin plums, dates. Dilute the mixture with lemon juice and liquid honey. Pasta can be smeared in toast or bread, or eat like jam with pancakes.

The nuts are very requested in cosmetology. Its truly magical properties help rejuvenate the face in the blink of an eye. The result of the masks with nuts is visible immediately after its application, and the dry skin is nourished and moisturized thanks to the nuts, and the fat dry. The mask with nursing sprouts simpler:

  1. Crush 4 outbreaks until you get a pulp;
  2. Add 2 egg whites, 2 teaspoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of oatmeal (crush the oats in the blender);
  3. Remove and apply on the face for 25 minutes.

Twice a week, pamper your skin with this mask and you will easily recover a tense facial oval and a youthful appearance.

To rejuvenate the hair, ground germinated nuts are used mixing a puree of 6 nuts with a tablespoon of honey and an egg. This rejuvenated hair mask is applied for 25 minutes, and hides your hair in a hot towel. They will thank you for a nice brightness and silkness.

To combat skin aging and cellulite, apply a germinated nut pulp mask, marine salt and coffee in equal parts. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and massage the mixture on the problematic areas of the body. The nuts of the mixture saturate the skin of healthy fats that tone and reaffirm the skin.

Possible contraindications

In addition to the errors of use, an allergic reaction of the organism may occur, since nuts are a powerful allergen. The amount of nuts should be reduced during the inflammatory skin processes.

Its use in acute diseases of digestive organs – colitis and pancreatitis is not recommended. With caution in case of high blood coagulation.

How to germinate nuts

The nut is the seed of a nut tree and contains latent active substances that help the seed to germinate in the tree. It is these active substances that give an impulse of energy and youth to the person who eats germinated nuts. When moisture penetrates the grain, the fermental nut, which helps the grain be more easily digested and assimilated by the body.

The germination of nuts lasts two weeks and is divided into several stages:

  1. Starch conversion into simple sugars. Foods rich in starch take a long time to digest; They can obstruct the intestines and hinder their expulsion. The decomposed starches in simple sugars are immediately digested in the stomach and enter the liver as simple sugars, distributing immediately in the bloodstream and in all the cells of the body.
  2. Protein reserves for outbreak are released and become amino acids.
  3. Fats decompose in fatty acids, which also contribute to the easy absorption of the product.
  4. In the last step of germination, all vitamins, micromacronutrients, active enzymes, antioxidants and flavonoids are arranged in the vegetable tissues of dry fruit in an ideal proportion to obtain maximum benefits.

Germination recipe

Normal germination of nut grains takes two weeks and does not require any special ability:

  • Rinse the fruits well, eliminating dust, dirt and green shell remains;
  • Place them in a bowl in a single layer and pour water on them to cover the nuts;
  • Place them in a sunny place, for example in a window of a window
  • Stir the nuts twice a day;
  • Change the water every two days and wash the nuts.

On the third day, the nuts that have not opened can be discarded, since they will not germinate. After two weeks, nuts are ready for use, should be washed and can be stored in the fridge in clean water for seven days.

The recovery period for the use of sprouts is one month. To consume the nuts continuously for a month, you have to soak them in several stages.

Fast soaking

On the third day of soaking, when the nut has opened a little and has shown its willingness to germinate, it already has much of its active ingredients. If there is no time to wait, then

  • Rinse the nuts and limit them of dust, dirt and remains of shell;
  • Place them in a bowl in a single layer;
  • Pour clean water on nuts so that they are covered;
  • place them in the sun;
  • stir twice a day;
  • On the third day, change the water in the morning and rinse the nuts at night and you can eat them.

On the third day they will be more useful than normal nuts, but of course you will achieve maximum benefit to the fourteenth day.

Sprinkled nuts are a unique recipe for human youth and strength. Nuts contain a perfect combination of all nutrients, vitamins, microelements. To maintain health and normalize the work of the digestive organs and the cardiovascular system, germinated nuts must be consumed regularly.

They are suitable for children, adults and the elderly, since they have a reconstitutional effect on all body systems. Nuts prevent many diseases, including cancer and anemia.

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