Health benefits and possible strawberries

Strawberries are rich in vitamins. Thanks to this, they have a large number of benefits for the human body. They influence immune, nervous and digestive systems.

Strawberries are not only tasty, but they are also used for medicinal purposes. They are used, for example, for decoctions. Strawberries grow on slopes and lights with a lot of sun. In addition, they are very low in calories.

Fruit description

Strawberries are red berries with brown seeds. They can reach a height of about 20 cm. It is very common to find them exactly in the wild. Many years ago, people used it as a remedy for many diseases.

Even now, it has not lost all its beneficial properties. For medicinal purposes, various infusions and juices are prepared from the leaves, berries and roots of the plant. In the kitchen, strawberries are used to make jams, jams, ice cream and compotes.

Important: Strawberry leaves are poisonous. Therefore, raw or without treating should not be consumed.

Chemical composition

Strawberries contain many useful vitamins and minerals. They contain C and B vitamins, as well as organic acids. Strawberries are full of fiber and various substances, including: nitrogen, tannin and pectin.

They also contain ascorbic and folic acids. In addition, strawberries are rich in phosphorus, calcium, manganese and iron. The fruit leaves have an equally beneficial composition.

They contain ascorbic acid and tannins. All this makes strawberries one of the most useful products for the body. Its consumption will affect positively in human health in general.

Calories per 100 grams

Strawberries contain a lot of water, which allows you to qualify as no n-caloric product. In 100 grams of these berries there are only 41 kilocalories. At the same time, the water content is about 81 grams.

In addition, in such a portion of berries there are 0. 8 grams of proteins and 0. 4 grams of fats. A 100 grams strawberry will have just over 7 grams of carbohydrates.

Despite the low caloric value of the berries, with them you can earn a few more kilos. In this case, everything depends on the amount of carbohydrates. But for this you will have to eat enough berries.

The properties of strawberries for the human body

Because of its composition, a small berry like strawberry provides huge benefits to various human body systems. They can reinforce the human immune system and combat stomach diseases, intestines, kidneys and bladder.

Various decoctions are prepared to recover physical and mental strength. These are just some of the positive effects that strawberries can have.

Important: Strawberries have the highest calcium content of all fruits.

Benefits of the

Strawberries are very beneficial for human health in general. There are many recipes for the preparation and consumption of strawberries, depending on the human body system in which one wishes to focus. In addition, different parts of the plant, leaves, berries and cortex are used for different recipes.

For the immune system

Strawberries are used to reinforce the immune system and the general resistance of the entire body. A decoction is prepared with the leaves and fruits of the plant. The preparation consists in grinding the ingredients to boil them. About 20 grams of leaves are taken and, after grinding them, hot water is poured, for which only one glass will be needed. Next, you have to boil that broth for 10 minutes.

The important point is to infuse the broth. About 2 hours are needed. Up to three times a day, a tablespoon should be used. Before that, it is necessary to strain it.

The decoction will fill the body with vitamins and help reinforce the immune system. Especially, it will be an excellent remedy for prevention during flu epidemics in winter. The main thing is to prepare strawberries well.

For the musculoskeletic system

Strawberries also have a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system. They are rich in elements such as calcium and phosphorus. These elements are necessary to maintain the normal state of human bones. In particular, strawberries will be useful for older people.

Due to their composition, these berries help to regenerate the cartilaginous tissue. They favor the production of a special lubricant, essential for cartilage. A tincture elaborated from the roots of the plant helps with rheumatism. It has a positive effect on the joints.

For the cardiovascular system

Strawberries are very beneficial for the cardiovascular system. For a long time, the use of this beneficial product for the heart in general. It helps lower blood pressure and also slows heartbeat.

To do this, prepare a decoction of fresh berries. The useful components of the berries improve the heart, making it more robust and effective. In case of atherosclerosis or hypertension, it is recommended to eat fresh berries in abundance.

Or prepare a decoction infusing 20 grams of leaves in hot water for two hours. It must be taken 3-4 times a day with a tube tablespoon. They also help the body eliminate cholesterol. This will help clean the blood vessels of harmful substances. For anemia, a decoction of crushed leaves and berries is also recommended.

For the nervous system

For people who suffer from insomnia, strawberries are excellent. They help to calm the nervous system and get rid of nervousness. After a hard work day, you can drink a strawberry tincture to recover and calm down.

It will help you sleep well and get off the problems for a while. In addition, it tones the whole body. You can also take a decoction of leaves and berries to eliminate excess work.

For the sensory system

Since strawberries contain potassium and antioxidants, their consumption will have a positive effect on the view. They can help improve visual acuity and prevent various diseases in the future.

For digestion

Strawberries are very beneficial for the organism’s digestive system. They help to calm thirst and improve appetite. They are recommended for various stomach and intestinal diseases. Leaf infusions help to cope gastritis.

In case of stomach ulcers, the fruits of the plant must be consumed. They help eliminate ulcers. The berries contribute to the normal functioning of the intestines. They contain a lot of fiber, aimed at eliminating toxins from human digestive organs. In addition, they help improve metabolism.

For the urinary system

The use of berries of this plant helps improve the function and state of the kidneys. A decoction can be prepared to deal with urolitiasis and other urinary system diseases.

If a tincture is prepared with them, it will be an excellent diuretic. In addition, it will help you with night urinary incontinence. With your help, you can get rid of cystitis and various salt metabolism disorders.

Effects on pregnancy

Strawberries can be consumed during pregnancy if there are no specific health contraindications. It must also be remembered that each organism is unique and reacts differently from certain products.

Strawberries have a wide range of beneficial properties, which will have a positive impact on the health of the future mother and the baby. However, we must bear in mind that strawberries are allergenic, so you have to eat them with caution. It will be enough to monitor the status of your body to prevent any allergic reaction.

Pregnant women should avoid decoctions made with these plants. They can cause a thinning of the uterus. Strawberry consumption a few days before pregnancy is not the best solution.

In this case, the baby can be born with allergies that manifest in the form of a small eruption on the cheeks. Rarely, doctors will have to administer antiallergic medications to the baby.

In any case, you can eat strawberries during pregnancy. They contain vitamins and other useful elements. But it must be done carefully, so that all benefits do not become damage.

For the coverage system

Strawberries can be consumed not only in the form of decoctions or simply as berries. They can be used to make different masks. Mixed with other ingredients in the appropriate proportions, they have a positive effect on the general state of the skin and body.

You can also prepare berries, which helps cure minor injuries. Strawberries can help get rid of various eruptions and black points. It is recommended to use an unctuous cream after treatment.

Strawberries can not only be beneficial for the body, but also harmful. It all depends on the amount of berries that are eaten. Unfortunately, they have allergic properties, so excessive consumption can cause an adequate reaction of the organism. If such a reaction occurs, it is necessary to consult a doctor.


Contraindications include personal intolerance to the product. This is likely to be due to the allergy it causes. In addition, it is not recommended to consume strawberries to people with serious diseases of the digestive system.

Even taking into account how well the plant affects. If a serious illness is suffered, it is advisable to consult the doctor about the possibility of eating strawberries.

Peculiarities of the choice of a good fruit

Of course, it is better to collect fruits such as forest strawberries than to buy them in the market. But many people do not have the opportunity to walk among the trees. Then you have to know how to choose the right fruit. There are some basic rules:

  1. The smell. It must be very delicate.
  2. Color. The berries should not be opaque or mates: that is a sign that they are too mature. They must be brilliant.
  3. Shape. They should not have abolish.
  4. The berries must be completely dry. Otherwise, they will not have flavor.
  5. Pay attention to whether there are juice spots. This indicates good quality and freshness.

Important: Strawberries can be kept up to five days. Frozen they last up to ten months.

How to keep them correctly

Strawberries not only lose their flavor and aroma, but also all their healthy properties. To avoid this, you have to know how to keep them correctly. The best place to save them is the refrigerator. Otherwise, after only two days they will be unusable.

Strawberries can be kept in the refrigerator up to seven days. To do this, they must be classified so that they are not already spoiled, place them in containers and cover them with transparent film. Do not wash them before, because they spoil very fast.

Another way to conserve strawberries is to freeze them. They can be kept whole or chopped. To keep them whole for a long time, you have to pick them up, wash them, remove the stems and place them on a table.

The berries should not contact each other. Then, put them in the freezer up to one day. Next, extend them in small bags. You can chop the strawberries prepared in a blender and distribute them in containers. In this way, strawberries will also be kept for a long time.

Strawberries have many beneficial properties. Its positive characteristics are often higher than the damages they can cause. These fruits can be consumed by almost everyone. In addition to their health benefits, they have a surprising flavor and aroma.

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