What material to choose the wrapper for a cake

You don’t get a chance to taste the cake in the store. That is why the proverb is good: “You know what you are wearing.”First we look at the cake wrapper, and only later at the date of manufacture and the contents of the cake.

Why do we need cake wrappers?

Visual impression is very important for manufacturers. It determines the popularity and competitiveness of the product against others. The packaging must meet a series of requirements:

    1. Rigidity. The integrity of the sweet depends on it. It must remain intact and not be deformed during transportation.
    2. A size slightly larger than a pie, cake, or set of cakes. Too much space between the box and the product can damage the dessert.
  • Exclusiveness. Often a visit to a guest is accompanied by the purchase of a cake. In this case, the type of container is important. It must not only be beautiful, but also reliable.
  1. Respect for the environment. In the world, more and more consumers pay attention to the quality of the material in terms of ecology. That’s why plastic is slowly going into the background. Cardboard is in the lead because it can be recycled.
  2. tightnessIt allows to withstand the storage conditions of desserts.

The boxes are made of cardboard and plastic.

Which cake box is better: the cardboard or the plastic one?

To answer this question, you have to compare the advantages and disadvantages of both materials. Cardboard boxes are characterized by:

  1. Esthetic. Today, brevity and simplicity are in fashion. Homemade baking is becoming more and more popular. That is why even the most famous pastry shops and chefs try to use the organic style. The box can be wrapped in paper, with a string. Or, for example, have a transparent lid. This will bring out the beauty of the sweets and not distract from them.
  2. Respectful with the environment. Cardboard not only breaks down quickly, but is also recyclable. It is an option to preserve the environment.
  3. Ease of storage. To keep the expiration date, the box must be ventilated. This eliminates the formation of excess moisture and does not compromise the taste characteristics.

The biggest drawback to cardboard is that it breaks when exposed to liquids. This can also have an irreparable effect on what’s inside. Part of the problem is solved with the use of corrugated cardboard. It has several layers and is thicker and more reliable.

Speaking of plastic molds, the advantages include:

  • reliable, the surface is rigid and it is almost impossible to accidentally damage the cake, very convenient for long transport;
  • Liquid penetration protection;
  • different ways; Not only can round products be stored, but also rectangular
  • cheap
  • Transparency, it is possible to evaluate the commercial aspect and beauty of dessert.

Of disadvantages – a sign of mass production. Plastic is not associated with homemade production. From the point of view of the environment, it is not safe, since it takes a long time to break down. In addition, if the seal is broken, condensation can be formed under the lid.

The advantages of cardboard boxes

Although pastry art has advanced a lot, simple rectangular boxes remain fashionable. They inspire consumer confidence because they remind homemade.

To these advantages the question of brevity is added. White containers carry the company’s logo or the signing of the pastry chef. This guy is popular worldwide.

Cardboard is a natural and breathable material. It is not only safe for nature, but also for the human being. Toxic cardboard boxes are completely safe. As for transport, it raises some problems. The background is reinforced depending on the possible load.

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