Honeycomb honey and why it is healthier than common honey

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of honey for human health. Its healing, antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties have long been known. In addition, it is actively used in the manufacture of cosmetic, massage products, for various spa treatments.

Bees produce propolis, bast, pollen, royal jelly, and bee venom. Each of these products is in high demand. But today we are going to talk about honey in combs. How is it different, what are its benefits and much more.


Let’s start specifically with the beehives. How are they built? The bees form them by combining them into garlands, producing wax and passing it down the chain to a bee near the hive. Thus begins the process of building a hexagon.

The bees are then divided into hive and forager individuals and perform different tasks. The latter collect and bring the nectar, while the collectors place it in the honeycomb. The bees smear the cells with propolis before filling them. They then place the processed nectar in sterile wax cells, where it matures under special covers.

There are several types of honeycomb:

  • Cells for bees. They are used for the collection of bees and honey.
  • Carpenter cells. They require more wax to build as they are larger. They are only used to store honey.
  • Of Transition. Built in places of transition from beehives to trumpet combs. Its shape is irregular.
  • Uterus. The largest. It is used to raise nurse bees.

What is comb honey?

It is a valuable and tasty product, which has many useful properties. One of the main advantages is that it is a natural and sterile product. Comb honey is not pasteurized or filtered. Other advantages are its content in propolis, royal jelly and bee pollen.

Characteristics and chemical composition

In general, the product has a sweet taste and a specific aroma. The main components are sugars, but they are easily digestible. It is classified as a product that withstands prolonged storage.

Depending on its biological origin, a distinction is made between meadow honey, flower honey and mixed honey. Depending on the flowers from which the bees collect the nectar, its quality and taste depend. Let’s get acquainted with this classification in more detail.

Flower honey is classified as:

  • Honey honey. In a pure state, it is light or light yellow. The color also depends on the region where the linden grows. When bees add nectar of other plants, the color can become bright yellow. Its flavor is delicious and very aromatic.
  • Heather honey. It is considered one of the healthiest madreselva honey. It is rich in protein. But there is division of opinions about its flavor. It has an acidic flavor, even with bitter touches. Its flavor is strong and its color varies from light brown to reddish brown. Its texture is jelly and crystallizes slowly.
  • Sarracene wheat. It contains a large number of vitamins and trace elements. Dark color and slightly acidic flavor. If you try it, you can feel a slight burning or lazy throat. Crystallizes more easily than other types.
  • Acacia honey. Its main components are glucose and fructose. It has a pleasant taste. Its color is light yellow or, often, transparent. The product favors weight loss. If used correctly, you can eliminate more kilos in seven days. Help against insomnia and neurological disorders.
  • Sunflower honey. A common type of product. It is distinguished by a high content of amino acids involved in protein synthesis.
  • Donberry. An unusual variety. It has vanilla flavor, pleasant taste, the color of the product is almost white. Especially popular in the US. Its structure becomes coarse grain, since it crystallizes very quickly.

Autumn honey is the result of processing the molasses and molasses that bees collect from the leaves and stems of the plants. It contains less glucose and fructose. Minerals, potassium and phosphorus predominate.

Mixed honey is a natural mixture of fallen honey and flower honey.

Together, it is a complex chemical composition product, with about 300 substances and elements. The main substances are carbohydrates, namely: glucose, fructose, maltose, erlosa, isomaltose, melibious. It also contains proteins and various acids. The product contains a lot of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, sodium, magnesium, iron, copper and cobalt. The caloric value is 304 kcal per 100 grams of product.

In what benefits the human being the honeycomb?

Some people wonder if the honeycomb with honey is useful.

Let’s find out. It is a unique product that contains useful substances, vitamins and trace elements, including:

  • A wide range of organic acids.
  • Proteins
  • Folic and pantotenic acids.
  • No n-protein nitrogen compounds.
  • Enzymes
  • Fructose.
  • Glucose.
  • Saccharose.

Warning. The honeycomb is quite allergenic. Therefore, if you are prone to allergies, you must be careful with this product.

The benefits of the honeycomb for the organism are huge. The components listed have a positive effect on all human organs and systems. With its regular use

  • It favors the cleaning of blood vessels and prevents the development of atherosclerosis.
  • Improves the gastrointestinal tract, regulates the rhythm of metabolic processes.
  • Stabilize blood pressure.
  • Relieves the symptoms of colds.
  • Protect the eyes of inflammation.
  • Once in the stomach, a small amount of wax acts as an absorbent and helps clean the digestive tract.

However, healing properties only manifest if consumed in moderation. The product is quite caloric. The recommended daily amount for adults does not exceed 100 grams, and 40 grams for children.

Potential damage

In order not to harm health, the honeycomb should not swallow frequently. Because the high wax content in the gastrointestinal tract causes mechanical damage to the mucous membranes and the appearance of obstructions.

Remember that honey is a strong allergen. If you have any problem in this regard, you must refrain from consuming the product.

Taking into account all these points, you can decide whether honey in honeycomb is more beneficial or harmful.

How to store and extract honey in a honeycomb

The process of extraction of the honeycomb takes a long time. Previously, beekeepers install the pictures in the hive, with inserted bees. This will be the basis for creating new cells.

The choice of the method to extract the honeycomb depends on the volume of the planned product. If a small amount is expected, it can be extracted by pressing or using a sieve. For major amounts, it is better to use a honey extractor.

For beekeepers, the following signal indicates that the time has come to extract honey: bees begin to seal the honeycomb with wax. It is advisable to start the collection of honey in the morning, when bees fly the nectar, with sunny time. The remaining bees will be infected with a smoker and shake with a soft brush. The extracted pictures should be placed immediately in a wooden box with lid. Otherwise, bees will begin to uncover the honeycombs and eat honey.

Let’s talk about the pressed method. It takes a long time and is as follows: the cadres honeycomb is cut, crushed and placed in a container. Next, honey is crushed with a wooden deck and placed in a sieve. The honey begins to drain through the sieve towards the prepared container. The remaining wax is washed and dries. Subsequently, it can be used to make candles.

But sometimes it happens that honey will suggest and it is difficult to separate it from wax. In this case, you have to resort to a water bath. Upon heating, the wax will rise and retire with a spatula. To finish the process, the nectar sneaks for a sieve once melted.

If large amounts of the product are processed, it is necessary to use a honey extractor. In order for the extraction process to succeed, it must be done immediately, without letting honey stand for a long time. Once cooled, it becomes thick, which makes pumping very difficult.

But if you want to save honey in the honeycomb, you have to prepare a clean and dry ceramic container with a lid. Divide the honeycomb into small strips and place them in the container. Sealed with a layer of wax, honey retains its beneficial properties up to one year. Honey should only be cut before using it directly.

Honey gum

The Zabrus not only serves to seal the honeycomb. It is also called honey rubber. It contains a unique composition of biologically active natural substances. It is used for preventive and therapeutic purposes. Zabrus is an excellent prevention of nasal secretion, maxillary sinusitis, upper respiratory disease diseases. It is used in the treatment of periodontal diseases, hay fever, otitis media.

An intelligent choice for diabetics

Diabetes is a serious endocrine system. It is characterized by metabolic disorders and, consequently, organic dysfunctions. One way to keep blood sugar lows is diet therapy. Most doctors agree that they can be consumed with type 1 and 2. honey components are slowly absorbed and do not raise blood sugar levels.

In addition, its chromium content helps to the proper functioning of hormones, blocks the formation of fatty cells and reduces sugar levels. Chrome use reduces the side effects of medications, wounds and cracks cure faster. Regulates metabolic processes, strengthens the nervous system.

Benefits for men

It is known that men tolerate stress worse and worse than women. This causes them insomnia, nervous breakdown and depression. Its regular consumption helps relieve these symptoms by having a soothing effect.

Another weakness of men. Myocardial infarctions, stroke and hypertension are more frequent in strong sex. Regular product consumption gives good results. Simply ingest 1 soup tablespoon.

Recommendations are only given as a supplement. Recommendations are only given as a supplement to medical treatment, or after consulting the treating doctor.

So important and significant for men. Also in this case honey helps solve problems. It has a positive effect on the prostate gland, helps reduce inflammation, improves output flow and blood flow. In combination with real jelly, it helps restore the hormonal background in gland dysfunction. It also improves the quality of seminal fluid, has a positive effect on power.

Benefits for women

As with men, the benefits of bee nest for women is a beneficial effect on the nervous system. It helps relieve tension, fatigue. Regulates blood pressure and strengthens heart muscle. It also helps with problems of the genitourinary system, namely:

  • Erosion.
  • Cystitis.
  • Infertility

WARNINGS. Pregnant women should be cautious when using it. Quantity and dose is better to stipulate with your doctor.

Honey to lose weight

Honey can be included in diets for those who wish to lose weight, but with sensible restrictions. It is better to give preference to dissolved honey drinks. When combined with cinnamon, positive effects are observed. It can be used as an infusion drink by dissolving 1 teaspoon of cinnamon in boiled water and adding a tablespoon of honey. The mixture also serves as pasta.

Another recipe option is to mix it with lemon. To achieve a weight loss of up to 4-5 kg, it is advisable to drink liquid with lemon and honey in the morning.

Combining it with apples is also useful for weight loss. The peeled and cut fruit is poured with honey and is cooked in the oven. The cooked dish must be consumed at several meals. Physical activity must be observed.

Improvement of liver function

A positive effect on liver function occurs. The gland function is normalized due to the general cleaning of the toxins organism. The repair of the tissues is accelerated and the inflammatory processes are weakened. It is recommended for liver diseases, due to its moderate choretic effect. In these diseases, Rosa Mosqueta honey is recommended, it is considered the most useful.

In coronary heart disease.

As is known, the main cause of cardiovascular diseases is a carbohydrate metabolism disorder. In this sense, experts advise to follow a diet rich in various carbohydrates for a long time. The daily diet of patients should include up to 50 grams of honey, while restricting the consumption of flour products, dairy products and eggs. The menu must be dominated by cereals, vegetables and fruits. This will help normalize the metabolism of carbohydrates, improve general wel l-being and solve health problems.

After a heart attack and a stroke

Onion juice and honey mixed in equal proportions after a heart attack is recommended for rehabilitation. The mixture should be taken in 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day. Black cranberry, red blueberry and garlic can also be used. The proportions and application methods are individual.

Use in cosmetology

It has a wide range of uses in this field. The masks, creams, shampoos and various oils that contain it are very popular. It has beneficial effects not only throughout the body, but also on the structure of the skin and hair. This is achieved thanks to its ability to

  • Retain moisture.
  • Close the pores.
  • Hygienize.

The healing components penetrate the skin through the pores, retaining their qualities. Given its antioxidant properties, it is actively used in mature and dry skin care products.

It is also actively used by masseuses in their work. It is actively included in ant i-cellulite massage programs. The heat effect improves blood flow and helps detoxify the skin. It is an excellent exfoliant. But it should be noted that this procedure is quite painful.

The radius of honey is impressive. The benefits and damages of the honeycomb vary from one person to another. In the absence of contraindications, pay due attention to honey and can protect yourself from many health problems. What could be better?

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