How does sea buckthorn benefit the female body?

The sea buckthorn genus belongs to the lochovia family. It is a shrub from the temperate regions of the Eurasian continent. The therapeutic properties of the plant have been known for a long time. The Greeks mentioned it for the first time. They also gave their name to the genus: Hippophae, which is interpreted as horse shine (hippos – horse, phaos – shine).

Sea buckthorn was used as a fodder plant and the horses became healthy and shiny. The belief that it had medicinal properties was firmly established. It is used in medicine, cooking and cosmetology. Many female problems are solved with their help. Modern research has explained this phenomenon. It is due to its chemical composition.

The chemical composition of the plant

It is believed that eating 100 g of sea buckthorn, a person receives the daily rate of many essential substances. Provitamin A up to 1. 5 mg.


  • B1 (thiamine) 0. 03mg;
  • B2 (riboflavin) 0. 05mg;
  • B3 (PP, niacin) 0. 36mg;
  • B6 (adhermin);
  • B9 (folic acid) 9 µg;
  • C (ascorbic acid) 200mg;
  • E (tocopherol) 10. 3mg;
  • K (phylloquinone);
  • H (biotin) 2 µg.

Organic acids (malic, tartaric) up to 2. 5%.

macro and micronutrients

  • potassium 71. 5mg;
  • calcium 28. 8mg;
  • magnesium 19. 7mg;
  • sodium 3mg;
  • phosphorus 5. 8mg
  • iron 400 µg;

small amounts of boron, zinc and copper.

  1. Tannins (a dozen).
  2. Alkaloids (hypophine or serotonin) up to 0. 4%.
  3. Sugars (glucose, fructose) 3-6%.
  4. pectinaceous substances.

Fatty oils (contain saturated and unsaturated fatty acids): pulp up to 9%, seeds up to 12%.

Sea buckthorn can be considered a multivitamin crop. This low-calorie product. 100 g contains from 50 to 80 kcal. Recommended for women who want to lose weight.

Useful properties for women

Sea buckthorn is used by women not only as a medicine, but also as a cosmetic product. Lotions, scrubs, masks from sea buckthorn fruits cleanse and moisturize the skin, smooth wrinkles. The use of sea buckthorn stops hair loss. The hair becomes shiny and silky.

Regular use of sea buckthorn fruits increases immunity. Improves the functioning of all organs and systems.

Benefits for bones and blood vessels

Sea buckthorn contains substances necessary for the functioning of the bones. It is a fat-soluble vitamin K, the elements of calcium, phosphorus. With their participation, the transformation of the protein osteocalcin in the bone tissue itself occurs. With its deficiency serious problems occur: fractures, osteoporosis. In addition, vitamin K strengthens blood vessels, prevents bleeding.

Importance for reproduction and gynecology

Determined by the content of vitamin E. The name of vitamin E, Tocoferol, indicates its involvement in the reproductive function. The word is of Greek origin. Means: “offspring”, “gestation.”Improves the function of the sexual glands, intervenes in the formation of the placenta.

With a lack of vitamin can lead to involuntary abortions, infertility. As a powerful antioxidant, tocopherol slows down the aging process. The vitamin of youth, fertility, longevity is often called. Healing wounds, antimicrobial properties of yellow barple products are used in gynecology. Appointed in cervical erosions, inflammation of the appendices.

In ophthalmology.

Used successfully in the treatment of conjunctivitis, senile cataracts, restoration of the cornea. Reduces inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, improves vision. The body absorbs the carotene along with the fats. The yellow thorn contains both components.

Protect blood vessels and intestines.

Vitamins C, P, K affect the elasticity of the walls of the vascular system, reducing its permeability. It reduces cholesterol levels, preventing the formation of blood clots. Cortex remedies and yellow barbecue sheets Stabilize blood pressure, is indicated hypertensive.

Inhibition of pathogenic microflora, the establishment of metabolic processes – the intestinal response to the use of yellow thorn.

Anticancer effect

Biologically active yellow barbecue components mobilizes human defense mechanisms, improving immunity. This increases the organism resistance to cancer.

Important: Use only the cortex, the leaves. Serotonin that contains brakes the growth of tumors.

Yello w-gun oi l-based medications facilitate the tolerance of antitumor therapy.

In gynecology

Yellow barple reduces tissue inflammation and has antimicrobial properties. Help in the treatment of inflammation of the vagina, endocervitis (inflammation of the cervix), erosion, apotas. Improves the function of the glands, improves the reproductive function of the female body. It is indicated for use when the appearance of ag e-related disorders, menopause.

In gastrointestinal tract diseases.

The healing components of the plant helps in gastrointestinal tract diseases. This is explained by its cool, coating, astringent action. Gastritis with reduced acidity, stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers. Improves the secretory function of the liver.

When hemorrhoids.

It has a laxative effect. Help with constipation. It is a drug component for the treatment of hemorrhoids, proctitis, anal fissures.

How to use yellow thorn in women?

There are several good drinks with beneficial health effects.


The yellow barbourse is a vitamin drink. It differs from juice in its lower concentration. It differs from the compote that it does not boil. Women during pregnancy, breastfeeding, people with the weakened immune system and children are recommended.

In the first place you have to crush the berries well washed. Then sweeten, pour boiling water, cover, let stand. Mors drink cold. For the preparation of 1 liter of snacks are 100 g of yellow barbecue. Sugar, honey to taste. MORS can be done not only from fresh berries, but also frozen. This method retains all vitamins.

Yellowpine juice

The juice is a product with a high concentration of useful components. Yellow barium juice has a higher caloric value than other juices. But also benefits for the female body is much more. This is explained by the concentration of fatty acids, oils and many other biologically active substances.

For juice preparation, quality raw material is selected. The berries must be bright orange, firm, without spots. They are washed, juice are squeezed.

  • Freshly squeezed, as a multivitamin, cosmetic and medicinal product;
  • canned, as winter. In this case, it is diluted with water, sugar is added and boiled. For example, 500 g of yellow barrel, 500 ml of water, 5 tablespoons of sugar. It can also be combined with apple or carrot juices. This improves the taste of the drink.

It is recommended for postpartum anemia, weakened immune system. During pregnancy, breastfeeding juice will fill with vitamins not only the mother’s body, but also the baby.


In winter, hot drinks cannot be dispensed with. Tea is the easiest and fastest drink to prepare.

2-3 tablespoons of gently crushed washed berries, pour boiling water. Sweeten to taste, preferably with honey. You can give tea a spicy flavor. Just add a spine of cinnamon, grated or nail ginger. Leave it in infusion for 5-6 minutes. Bébel hot.

The daily use of yellow barbecue tea will strengthen the immune system. It gives the body the strength to fight against acute respiratory infections, flu and other infections. Relieve fatigue, calm. It brings vivacity, optimism and, therefore, beauty. It is very important for women.

Yellow Espino Tincture

The word “tinture” indicates the peculiarity of the preparation. The raw material insists on alcohol, factory or homemade vodka. The preparation is simple:

  • Take a 1 liter jar, fill with the peeled and rinsed berries. Then pour alcohol or vodka. Let stand in a dark and fresh place for 2-3 months. After this raw material, it is squeezed slightly. Water, sugar or honey is added depending on how strong the drink is desired. For external use it is prepared without adding sugar;
  • Take a 1 liter jug, pour 500 g of crushed berries, 4-5 tablespoons of sugar, let ferment. After 3-4 days pour vodka or alcohol. Leave 2-3 months in a dark and fresh place. Strain, add water, sugar or honey. The tincture will be cloudy, with an oily film on the top. It is used to reinforce the immune system;
  • Take a 1 liter jug, pour 600-700 grams of leaves and crushed bark. Pour alcohol or vodka. Insist 2-3 months in a cool and dark place. Recommended for cancer prevention.

Contraindications for the use of yellow thorn

The yellow thorn is a powerful remedy. Starting the use of products based on it must be careful. Take into account the peculiarities of the impact on the body. Contraindicated:

  • In case of individual intolerance in allergic people. It is due to a high carotene concentration;
  • In acute pancreatitis, cholecystitis, duodenal inflammation. The high acid content can complicate the condition;
  • In Urolithiasis. Yellow barbecue consumption increases the acidity of urine;
  • People suffering from diarrhea. The yellow thorn acts as a laxative.

Peculiarities of the collection, harvest and storage of the yellow bar

The moment of yellow barrel collection depends on what is going to do with it. For juice, snacks, jam are adequate immediately mature berries. They must be bright orange, firm and easily separable from the stem. This occurs in the first half of September. Such yellow spino has a high concentration of vitamin C. harvested later, it contains a greater concentration of fatty acids. Adequate to make jam and yellow overthone oil.

The moment of collection depends on regional, climatic and weather conditions. The collection can last from the third decade of August to the first frost of October. Yellow barrel collection is difficult. The berries are firmly tight against the stem. The branches have sharp thorns. That is why you have to prepare a little for collection:

  • Wear work clothes, mittens. The berries are easily crushed. The collection without getting dirty will not work;
  • Use special devices. Various variants of the tool have been invented: “comb”, “loop”, “cobra”, “tube”;

There are several ways to collect:

  • Collect by hand or with a special tool. The yellow barrel collection is carried out from the top of the branch to the base;
  • Cut the branches. This method serves to rejuvenate the plant;

IMPORTANT: Cut in moderation. Otherwise, it can cause damage to the plant.

Fresh yellow thorn is very healthy for consumption. They must be kept at 3-4 °. The expiration is 1 month. What can be done in winter when they are no longer available? There are several ways to prepare healthy canns of yellow thorn:

  • Whole fruits covered with sugar. Rinse the berries, sequence them on a towel. Sugar them with sugar at a rate of 0. 7 kg of sugar by 1 kg of berries. Keep in a cool place;
  • Fruits rubbed with sugar. Bays previously peeled pour the sugar, chopped through a meat chopper. The proportion of sugar and berries 1: 1. stored at 8-10 °;
  • Freezing retains all the healing properties of the plant. Gently rinse the yellow barrel, let dry. Freeze in a thin layer, using a flat tray. The already frozen berries can crush. If a lot of storage space is available, entire twigs can be frozen;
  • The canned is a good way to diversify the winter diet. Thus compote, juices, jets and jams are elaborated. This method implies the heat treatment of raw materials;
  • Drying is used for leaves, cortex and berries. The leaves are collected during flowering. The cortex is collected during the collection of the berries. It dries away from direct sunlight;
  • Yellow barbecue oil is prepared as follows: Clean and dry fruit is made. It is poured into refined sunflower oil 1: 1, it is infused for 2-3 days. It sneaks and another portion of the cake is poured. The oil acquires a bright orange;
  • aqueous, alcoholic infusions. Purified fruit plant is poured water or alcohol, then infusion.

Such a variety of methods of preparation, storage, use of the yellow thorn plant testifies to its great value, demonstrated by time. You can call a gift from nature, a source of health, youth and beauty for all women.

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